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hi guys my name is Claire this is Clareminded and today’s video is about the kapha body type characteristics so.

hi guys my name is Claire this is Clareminded and today’s video is about the kapha body type characteristics so
briefly what I’m gonna go over in this video first I’m going to explain what
the kapha dosha is according to ayurveda and why it’s important to know your
dosha then I’ll tell you the elements and the qualities that make up the
kapha dosha and then share with you the physical structure the digestive system
and the elimination system as well as a the personality traits of someone
with a kapha dosha alright so let’s get started
so according to our ayurveda that there are three different body types you have the
vata the pitta and the kapha and everyone has these three body types
within their body and their structure and everyone has their unique imprint
and the kapha dosha rules muscle growth it rules the structure in the body as
well as your immune system and it’s so important to know your dosha or whether
your kapha, pitta or vata because by knowing your dosha you’re
better able to practice tendencies and actions that will kind of help bring you
into a healthier life by finding that balance that is so unique to you so the
elements that make up the kapha dosha are earth and water and the quality is that
these elements are very heavy they’re cold and moist just like
earth and water they’re very stable they’re strong
they’re structured like the kapha dosha we hold the structure in the body so the
qualities are very structured they’re very stable heavy earthy qualities so
we’re the physical structure of someone with a kapha body type dominancy you are
going to be someone kind of with a thicker structure and you’re going to
have a stockier bones you’re gonna have larger prominent features so your face
will kind of be more of a circulatory shape you’re going to have thicker
features you’ll have big eyes a larger nose bridge or just a
larger lips you’re gonna have thick lush hair everyone wants loves that copper
hair and so full so lush and so awesome your hands are going to be more of a
palm a square palm but then your fingers are going to be a little fleshy ur have
just a thicker structure as well someone with a kapha body type dominancy is
going to have somewhat of a slower digestive system so kapha dosha because
you have all these like heavy qualities already in your body that’s gonna take a
lot more time to digest things that you put into your body as well
so for kapha’s you want to be focusing on countering those heavy qualities with
light qualities in your diet and your lifestyle practices so kapha’s tend to
have a slower digestive elimination speaking you tend to only have one a day
it’ll stay consistent but usually just once and it’s kind of like sluggish a
little bit to get out moist possibility for some mucus in the elimination so the
personality of someone with a kapha dosha body type when you’re in balance you’re
gonna be very calming you’re gonna have a lot of compassion because you carry so
much water element is you as well you have these earth features so you’re
gonna be very stable you’re gonna be super reliable obedient in the sense of
the office that is just you kind of just do your work get kind of through it
you’re very loving towards your friends and very just structured and your work
and kind of just move about your day in a very calm quiet manner however when
the kapha dosha body type is out of balance your personality is gonna
reflect those heavy structures in a deeper sense so you’re gonna become very
stubborn you’re gonna have very slow time making
decisions your speech just gonna become a little extra slow you’re gonna deal
with sluggishness and lethargy and just kind of be moving in a slower pace when
you’re out of balance so we want to avoid that by bringing in countering
balances to kind of help us stay up on our feet and stay active so you want to
find movement you want to be eating lighter warmer foods to kind of help
keep you moving if you’re a kapha dosha out of balance so a quick recap of what
we went over in this video about the kapha body type characteristics so kapha
is one of the three body types according to ayurveda and kapha rules
structure and muscle growth and the immune system in the body
the kapha dosha is made up of water and earth so the qualities that you carry
are very heavy they’re moist they’re solid and stable so the physical
structure reflects us as well so you tend to have thicker stockier bones
thicker features on the face rounded shapes the kapha body type digestive
system is tending to be a bit sluggish so you’ll deal with a bit of slower
digestive system and your elimination tends to be sluggish as well maybe
eliminating one time a day for the personality of someone with a kapha dosha
is going to be those who are very calm they’re very sweet compassionate people
a little quiet and very reliable however when you’re out of balance the
kapha dosha body type will be very stubborn you’ll deal with love
sluggishness lethargy slow to make decisions and slow speaking so this is
all about the kapha dosha body type characteristics if you’d like this video
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