Liver Cirrhosis, Ascites, Kidney Failure – Alternative Treatment With Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

Greetings Sir, Greeting ma’am. Greetings Sir. I welcome both of you to the Planet Ayurveda Centre. What is your name?.

Greetings Sir, Greeting ma’am. Greetings Sir. I welcome both of you to the Planet Ayurveda Centre. What is your name? Chander Bhan What is your name ma’am? Asha Where have you come from? Moradabad Sir, what was your health problem, due to which you contacted Dr. Vikram sir at Planet Ayurveda? I was suffering from liver cirrhosis and ascites. When did you come to know about it, what were the symptoms and when it was diagnosed? Abdominal bloating was there and my stomach was accumulated with water. You wouldn’t felt hungry then? Yes How old is this problem? How long have you been dealing with this? From 3 years. And what other problems did you have with it? I had kidney and liver problems and water had accumulated in my stomach. Well you had kidney problems, liver cirrhosis and ascites. Yes. How did you come to know about Dr. Vikram? I saw him on YouTube. Ok, so you watched videos on YouTube. Yes How long has your treatment continuing from here? It’s been three months. How much relief do you have now, and what problems have been cured? Minimum 80% relief is there. Okay, ascites has been completely cured? Liver cirrhosis is improving? Yes Now you don’t have any physical problem? Yes, I don’t have any physical problem. You treatment is still in progress? Yes Where did you go for treatment, before consulting Dr. Vikram? I went to Delhi, Moradabad but even after taking medicine, my problem increased. Then I came here 3 months ago. What medicines did Dr. Vikram prescribe you? He gave me Yakrit Plihantak Churna. This gave me great relief. Ok, you took this Churna daily. Yes, daily. Along with this, what other medicines were there? Ok, these are the medicines that Dr. Vikram has prescribed you for the coming days. Yes This is the diet chart, you’re following. Yes And these are some old prescriptions. Okay, you find Yakrit Plihantak Churna very beneficial product. Yes sir, it is very good. I got a lot of relief in three months. What changes have you made in your diet? I did avoid fry and spicy foods and eat very light food. Ok, You took light food? Yes Now you are fine upto 80%? Yes We have viewers who are watching this video right now, what message do you want to give them? I just want to give a message, it is very effective. You will get the right treatment here. You want to say, the people who are watching this video, they should come here for treatment. There is a very good treatment here. Yes. I got a lot of relief from here. There was a time when I lost hope of recovering; even I wanted to do suicide. But now I am completely fine and everything is normal now. Thank you for giving your time and important information to our viewers. Thank you. Thank you.

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