Madonna & Cher – Couples Therapy #Unapologetic

Hi, I’m Saffron Blue and I’ll be guiding you through this mediation process so that we can resolve our issues.

Hi, I’m Saffron Blue and I’ll be guiding you through this
mediation process so that we can resolve our issues with each other who would like to go first? eventually Are you Strong Enough to Express Yourself? Do
you believe you can Cherish each other’s opinions? Are you friggin kidding me? how does being in the same room as Cher make you feel? Younger! Screw you and the teenager you rode in on! okay, okay! So Cher, how does it make you feel being in the same room as Madonna? Talented in the past year each had nice
things about each other in interviews so maybe you’re just having a
difficult time doing it in person so why don’t we try speaking to these dolls instead Cher, when Madonna moved to New York as a teenager to pursue her dreams you were already a huge TV star so is
there anything you’d like to say to young Madonna? Shave your armpits! okay, well that’s not what I had in mind.
Speak to the doll… Give young Madonna some advise. Take Singing Lessons! Yeah, well at least I don’t sound like a man. Yeah, well at least I don’t have arms like a man! Try and keep it positive. Oh, I’m positive she has man arms. Look The dolls made from the same cheap plastic you are! Do you really want to go there Miss hamster cheeks, they’re more inflated than your ego Look at me, if I could turn back time i’d be on Noah’s Ark Helloooo, Iggy Pop called, he wants his body back. try and find something
nice to say something……… anything! Well, I guess she was okay in Moonstruck
Thanks Oh, I love that movie, good that’s very good, great start. now Cher what is you favorite Madonna
film? oh….. ah…… gee stop pretending you don’t know any of my
movies I’m not, I’m just trying to think of one I
can pretend to like How about Dick Tracy? Desperately Seeking Susan? Swept Away Oh, Swept Away. That’s my
favorite movie… to watch when I have insomnia.. Yeah, well at least I can dance! Yup! yes you can.. but you can’t sing at the same time… You’re both adults, you have children, try being nice to each other Well, I really liked her big curly hair in the If I Could Turn Back Time video and I don’t think she looked like she’d been thrown in glue and dipped in a
bucket of pubic hair Madonna how about saying something nice
about Cher’s new album? I’d rather grill my nipples with a curling iron than listen to that. And I’d rather scrub my hemmeroids with a
rusty wire brush thank listen to yours .. Oh, really? Well I’d rather set of a bear trap with my vagina and let wood land creatures eat me out than listen to you. You have got to be the
most pathetic immature little children I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with Mel Gibson and Piers Morgan
you’re selfish, self-centered, egotistical.. Hold on a second you’re talking about one of the most
influential female recording artists of all time and she’s a friggin Queen of Pop!
And SHE’S been breaking down barriers for women decades she’s won an Academy Award.
A Grammy Award an Emmy Award.. and three Golden Globe Awards and she’s Goddess of Pop, you know we’re so similar really when it comes down to it. Apart from the Oscar
well similar I mean when it comes to things that really matter Oh It matters. Can you think of
anything you have in common? Yeah, we both find you annoying! I know, what kind of therapist keeps dolls of their clients? I was thinking
the same thing. It’s kinda creepy come one, let’s get out of here , let’s go get a drink. Sure honey, you buying? Anything you want I love you Cher! I LOVE you Madonna you’v got such gorgeous eyes, YOU’VE got such gorgeous lips.. Gimme those you freak! to see more of charlie’s videos you can hit the subscribe button right
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