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My name is Kati Morton and I’m a licensed therapist. Today is *drumroll on table* a coffee and a chat!.

My name is Kati Morton and I’m a licensed therapist. Today is *drumroll on table* a coffee and a chat! (sings) *Ee!* So I have three questions today as well as a journal topic, so stay tuned for that. And without further ado, um, here we go! Am I sick enough? What can cause us to be traumatized? Struggling with depression isn’t something we can just snap out of. Hey everybody, happy Thursday! – And we think, this is all it’s going to be, and it’ll never get better, But it will. I keep your questions in this huge document, don’t think that they’re going unanswered or lost. All eating disorders are dangerous, do you hear me? Hey Kati, I want to show my therapist my self-harm cuts. The first myth is that anxiety isn’t a real illness, everybody feels anxious sometimes. It’s that time of year again: back to school… *Eugh!* Today we’re talking about PTSD. So the question is – There is hope. There are people out there to help. You are not alone. It’s my belief that BPD is often caused by trauma or lack of attachment when we were young. All of us have dealt with a broken heart – Hey everybody, happy Thursday! Today is another episode of coffee and a chat with Kati, oh yeah! No matter where we live or what language we speak, we all have a voice and we all deserve to be heard. That’s why I also love YouTube, Not only do I get to see each of you grow and change and become better people, But I’m also challenged to learn more. I know reaching out for help in real life can be scary and sometimes overwhelming, So think of my channel as a wonderful resource full of information, so you can educate yourself And get the best help that you or a loved one needs. And click here to subscribe, and I look forward to having you be part of the Kinion community.

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