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I have been suffering from asthma since I was a child. My parents really struggled to get me to take.

I have been suffering from asthma since I was a child. My parents really struggled to get me to take my medication everyday. However it was crucial for my wellbeing, and still is today. Both my parents are doctors. They come across children with medication adherence issues everyday. Sadly, there is no existing tool they could recommend to their young patients. Three years ago, as I completed my degree in medical product design, I decided to meet the challenge of designing a playful solution to help children with asthma. At the time, we found that asthma affects one in ten children around the world. Millions of little boys and girls are struggling with their daily treatment. The challenge was huge, and we were up to it. Our mission was to design an easy-to-use solution that perfectly fits a children’s need. A reliable tool, approved by doctors, that could help both the parents and the children. We designed Meyko. Meyko is a playful medication reminder for your child. It makes it fun to take treatment and motivates them day after day. Through simple interactions and emotional communication, Meyko ties a strong affective bond with your child. By taking care of their little Meyko, they also take care of themself! Meyko adapts to your own pace and allows you to customize your child’s treatment schedule. Thanks to the associated mobile app, adjust Meyko’s daily behavior to match your family’s activities. Check the long-term follow-up and see your child’s progress! Meyko takes care of your child while the mobile app helps you keep an eye on their health! Since day one, we’ve included patients and doctors in the design process. We worked in team with the best children’s hospitals in France. We’ve also build up a community of more than a hundred young patients to validate every aspect of the product. Thanks to our users’ feedbacks, we were able to enhance the product until it perfectly fits the family and the children’s needs. Meyko helps improve medication adherence in children. There’s no struggle to get your child to take their meds anymore. They’re more involved in their own care. Meyko is designed and made locally, here in France, with renowned manufacturers. Together, we work with high quality materials and reliable processes. At this point, we have already obtained the certification marks demonstrating conformity with European Standards. We’re all set up to manufacture YOUR Meyko. Our goal is to make your everyday life easier. Taking medications everyday doesn’t have to be so hard anymore. To reward your support at this turning point of our journey to help children feel better, we’re offering exceptional discounts for early backers. So back us now on Indiegogo,

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