Miracle drinks herbal products – Manufacturing unit/Factory profile

Miracle drinks is the state of art manufacturing unit located 40 kilometres from Bangalore International Airport. the factory is in.

Miracle drinks is the state of art
manufacturing unit located 40 kilometres from Bangalore International Airport. the
factory is in the midst of hundreds of acres of lush green forest. not only is the
process 100% mechanized but both GMP and WHO certified. the unit produces about two
lakh bottles per day with 14 product variants. and is equipped to increase
production as per requirement. SAP implementation of the process is
complete both for inventory and sales the project is financed by IFC I & KSFC.
the vision of the company by 2020 is .. To impart the lives of the people across
the globe with Ayurveda which prevents and cures many incurable diseases Miracle Drinks – what I can say that herbal
drinks – I have invented, and the definition of miracle Drinks how it came,
it may be surprised to know that.. those who used to take this medicine, they used to say that mr. Raju this is a miracle sir ..this miracle,, then I thought that why can’t I
keep this drink like a miracle drinks..? so like that this new nomenclature came..
initially of course whatever I have used to prepare for ourselves only..
later on I thought that why can’t I bring this medicine to the entire
mankind of the world?.. because nowadays.. the whole world is suffering from
various incurable health disorders… So, therefore I gave this formulae to one company, and that is Mallur Flora private limited.. with the condition that
they have to spend 50 percent of the profit to the poor meritorious
children’s in Gurukula Ashram concept by inculcating Vedic literature and all.. our product has received the license
from AYUSH, government of Karnataka .. we have received the license for 14
products. a factory is 100% mechanized when you speak about mechanized way of functioning, first the raw materials that the herbs are being washed nicely, in the
washing machine… then the herbs are being passed to the conveyors
to the boiler sailos. in the sailos the raw materials get mixed and with the help of PLC the badge coding is being done then the herbs are being passed through to a
big basket and from the basket it is further mov tedo the reactors. in the
reactor at the temperature of 94 degree centigrade, the herbs are boiled for 3 hours. when the whole extracting will being taken the extract is being passed on to
storage tanks.. before passing it is being cooled and the room temperature. we store it in the storage tank and before we bottle the medicine we pass this
medicine from the storage tank to the bottling plant. automatically
the bottles are washed.. after washing the medicine gets filled. the caps are being
attached then the bottles move for labeling. they get the batch code then we
move it for cartening. then 12
bottles of mono cartons are being packed in the mother carten automatically. this is
how the production takes place here we test all our product as per
miracle drink quality policy.. that is raw material, intermediate, and finished
products on rotational basis. we send our samples to NABL accredited laboratory
for confirmation right from receipt of raw material at
production unit tili and delivery to consumer, through various channel… the
entire supply chain management process is automatic. our
objective is to ensure miracle drinks product reaches to the consumer across
the globe in most efficient manner Miracle Drinks has partnered with
leading logistics service providers to fulfill the dynamic and fast evolving
market requirement Miracle Drinks is an Ayurvedic proprietory
medicine licensed by AYUSH government of Karnataka as an OTC product ..Miracle
drinks can be consumed for various ailments.. any individual can consume
Miracle drinks for prevention measures we can prevent diseases like
osteoporosis, arthritis, thyroid, cholesterol etc with medical drinks.
Miracle drinks can be consumed by any individual as it does not have any side
effects. it is an herbal product made up of 100% organic materials .. this can also
be consumed with your allopathic medicines. for any queries or advice on a
particular disease or problems feel free to contact us on our customer care
numbers… we will be happy to help you thank you

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