Multi-Dose Packaging Is Making It Easier to Take Medications

[Narrator] Medication is confusing, dose changes, dose regiment changes, manufacturer changes, all those things create a lot of confusion. [Derek].

[Narrator] Medication is confusing, dose changes, dose regiment changes, manufacturer changes, all those things create
a lot of confusion. [Derek] One of the biggest issues with medication is compliance. There was a study where
40 to 50 percent of patients do not take their
medication as prescribed. [Lena] My problem came in when I started to miss meds. I would run out before it was time for me to run out and then
I let my doctor know. She said I’m gonna put you on the multidose packaging. – [Laura] Multidose packaging was developed to provide a way for patients to better manage their
prescription medications. This is a method that
ensures that they’re able to maintain the accuracy and dosing of their medications. It was developed to make
complex medication regiments more simple for our patients instead of dispensing medications
and prescription vials, the medications are in packets. [Lynn] Everything they need
for each time of day is there packed together with their name and information about the medication. The prescriber, lot numbers, expiration dates, are all there for the patient. [Lena] I’m getting the right doses, the right amounts, the right time of the day. All I have to do is pull out the little leaflets and I look on there and I see okay I take this then
it makes it very easy. – Hi how are you today? – [Rhiannon] Here at the regional customer care center, we handle all of the patient intake. We help get them set up, we help synchronize their medications so they’re all aligned to be filled at the same time each month. [Male narrator]
There’s a bunch of safety measures and multiple
steps just to make sure that the patient is getting the correct medication. [Zenia] We’ve filled all their prescriptions for a month, there’s no multiple
visits to the pharmacy. They don’t have to worry about this medication that’s running out, this one is not, they just get all the medications at once. – We hear not only from our patients but from caregivers how much this has impacted them. For a lot of patients and caregivers, it has been life changing. – It might keep somebody at home instead of having to go to some assisted living facility. – [Rhiannon] Caregivers enjoy having that convenience of knowing that their parents or their children or whomever their taking care of can easily manage their medications on their own. – So we’re calling in regards to two prescriptions. [Kelly] We are available to our patients 24 hours a day seven days a week. On a daily to monthly basis we’re reaching out to
patients and providers to basically assist with
anything that’s needed. [Laura] The biggest difference between CVS multidose packaging
and another competitor is that our core business is pharmacy. We’re doing what we have done for years, we’re just extending a different type of service to our patients. – I think the biggest
advantage of our service that we provide is the
support we have from our local pharmacies. [Male narrator] It’s always good to have that connection with the local store. If we run into any
issues with their orders it’s just nice having that backup system. [Female narrator] I see
multidose packaging as the way of the future. – I’m getting my meds, I’m taking them on time. If your doctor wants you to take multidose packaging go ahead and do it. You’d be so happy that you did it.

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