Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Calm an Upset Stomach Naturally

So you have an upset stomach and it’s late at night, don’t know exactly what to do about it. Hi.

So you have an upset stomach and it’s late
at night, don’t know exactly what to do about it. Hi my name is Mark Brinson doctor of Oriental
medicine and physical medicine specialist. Some of the best products that you can keep
on hand in the kitchen are things with ginger in them for upset stomach. Whether it’s a
natural ginger ale, and I say natural because most ginger ales although the fizzy quality
can help your stomach a little bit, they don’ t really have ginger in them. So something
with a good ginger in it. Also teas that are just little packets that just sometimes have
brown sugar added, those are really good for upset stomach as well. Ginger has been used
for thousands of years to cure just that. You’ve maybe even noticed that it’s given
in sushi, the ginger is supposed to be curative for seafood poisoning as well as have antimicrobial
and antiviral effects. One of the oldest sayings in eastern medicine is if you want to live
a hundred years you should have a piece of ginger after every meal. Now granted that
comes from a time when food wasn’t of the same quality or the same freshness as it is
today. In addition to ginger type products, one of the better things that you can do during
and around the time that you are having problems with the stomach is to keep your food choices
very simple. So things that are warm, things with a maybe a soup or a stew quality to it
or that have either chicken or rice that are easily digestible is probably your best bet.
My name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine, physical medicine specialist wishing
you a happy healthy and balanced day.

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