Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Do a Colon Cleanse

So, you think you want to do a little bit of a colon cleanse? Probably a good idea. My name’s.

So, you think you want to do a little bit
of a colon cleanse? Probably a good idea. My name’s Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental
Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist. The colon is one of the biggest
sources of toxicity that gets into the body, and doing a periodic cleanse can be great
for your overall health; possibly even allergies, skin conditions, and just to remove the toxins
that are put in by daily life. So, you can do it one of many different ways. One of the
first is going to a professional to get a series of colonics. The series usually starts
with three, and then maintenance can be performed once every maybe four or five months. A good
colon hydrotherapist will also give you products that will help replenish what the colon hydrotherapy
is taking out of your body. Now, a second way is that you can either do home enemas,
or something called a colema, which is similar to an enema, except it goes a little bit higher
into the digestive tract. That, in combination with diet and water intake can really help
considerably. If those are a little too extreme for you you can also go with just diet. There
are certain foods that can help to increase intestinal motility, and can also help to
cleanse the colon naturally. I do recommend putting those into your diet on a daily basis.
Some some of them are in the vegetable category, as well as certain nuts and seeds. If you’re
having problems with significant constipation though that’s something that you need to take
care of first, and cleansing products that are on the market that also help to clear
you out, in addition to increasing motility. And by that, what I mean is they’ll increase
the frequency of bowel movement, but they won’t give you any type of loose stool or
diarrhea. Also, fasts of other sorts are are really good for the colon as well, so whether
you’re fasting for one or up to seven days, seven to ten days I should say, that’s going
to help to clean out the digestive system, or a twenty four to forty eight hour juice
fast, and for the intestines I highly recommend either an apple juice or an apple cider natural,
or a grape juice, natural of course. My name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine,
wishing you a balanced day.

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