Natural Skin & Hair Care : How to Apply a Fruit Facial

Hi I’m Noopur on behalf of Expert Village and I’m here to talk about skin and hair care by natural.

Hi I’m Noopur on behalf of Expert Village
and I’m here to talk about skin and hair care by natural and traditional ways. In this clip
I’m gonna tell you how to do fruit facial at home. For this you can take any fruit.
Now I have taken three fruits, papaya,
banana and some oranges. Now you need to transfer these fruits into a big bowl to make a thick paste. Mash it well. Now I
have a paste formed out of these three fruits. Now I’m gonna apply this. Apply it all over
the face and the neck area very very gently. Massage it well for ten minutes. This will give you a nice glow. It will help
you make your skin soft, smooth, and supple. So this is the way you can do fruit facial
at home and take care of your skin. Thank you.

28 thoughts on “Natural Skin & Hair Care : How to Apply a Fruit Facial”

  1. Sorry rachaelbadrat,I'm afraid you're incorrect on your facts. Some sugars ARE good for topical application. "Ingesting it" is bad for the skin. Fresh fruits contain fructose, enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins,"pore clearing" fruit acids,etc. Sugar cane produces glycolic acid, an AHA which is a natural exfoliant & HELPS CLEAR THE PORES. Honey was used to heal wounds during the Civil War because it helps to prevent infections while promoting healing. Your welcome!

  2. There are certain fruits that contain acids that are actually exfoliating and good for those with acne prone skin.

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  4. yeah same! im drawn to accents, i love them! im watching like all of these videos because her voice is very calming and nice haha

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