No Scientific Evidence for Alternative Medicine?

If I lift my hand up like this and squeeze it I can feel it. And I’m pretty sure of.

If I lift my hand up like this and squeeze
it I can feel it. And I’m pretty sure of that. But if I ask you to prove this scientifically
have a go, how would you do that? Prove scientifically that I can feel my hand clenched like this.
How would you do it? The answer is that you have to ask me “Can you feel you hand?” and
I can say yes or no. The point is that there is no way of proving scientifically our internal
experience. If I can feel my hand that’s an internal individual experience that me alone
I alone can feel. And guess what? Now I can’t feel it any more because the experience has
changed. I’m not focussing on my hand. It doesn’t mean that my hand has gone or that
I have lost my marbles it just means that my attention has changed and I have moved
on into a different experience because we human beings are like a constant flow of shifting
experience. Our thoughts from one moment to the next are completely different they appear
out of the blue and they disappear back into the blue the body acts at a much slower pace
than the mind the mind goes at lightening speed the body is much slower but still aches
and pains come and go and we are constantly shifting and getting older and everything
is changing. So if you are a body-based therapist like me for example I’m a craniosacral therapist
I do hands on body-work I’ve got over 6000 hours experienceof bringing people out of
tremendous states of activation fight or flight adrenaline mental stress body-aches or pains
if I do this every day and I help people settle and relax and their health improves vastly
at the end of the day all I have to go on is “Hey are you feeling better? How are you?”
And the client says, “God yes, my symptoms have gone. I feel much much better. My headaches
have stopped I can sleep better.” That’s the only scientific evidence we can have because
its impossible to track shifting personal experience that’s moving from one moment to
the next. So my message is if people say there is no scientific evidence for this work its
really interesting because what they are in fact saying is that I don’t believe this I
don’t want it I’m probably not interested in exploring it and more importantly I’m afraid
to try this because I need to see in black and white evidence that this works. And what
I say to you is the only thing that you can go on is other people’s testimonials and people
saying that this has worked for me. If you are an alternative practitioner like myself
you are working in a private practice. So people come to you because it works. That
is proof that it works. Saying that there is no scientific evidence for this and that
craniosacral therapists are a group of charlatans or are making it up is very unhelpful. I’d
like to say to this scientific community that I really love science and that I’m all for
science but please know that internal experience is constantly shifting and constantly shifting
and you cannot be scientific about that. It has to come down to a simple relationship
thing of “Hey how are you? Are you feeling better?” And that’s good enough.

One thought on “No Scientific Evidence for Alternative Medicine?”

  1. What a powerful statement, Julian. I wonder how folks will respond to this video. One thing I found wasn't initially clear was your "this" in I don't "believe" this–it's possible that your proposal that fear is the motivator behind "scientifically backed" disbelief could use some investigation. Also, this video may be the beginning of a bridge, because it's possible that experience will wind up validated as scientific…especially when we reference Steiner, Heller&B, things like CTO, etc.

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