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Welcome. My name is Peter Strong, and I am a professional registered psychotherapist. I offer online therapy, try to help.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong, and I am
a professional registered psychotherapist. I offer online therapy, try
to help people work with anxiety, depression, stress, and other difficult
emotions. Online therapy via Skype, allows you to have a one-on-one
session with me, where we can talk and see each other at the same time.
This is a very convenient way for people who can’t see a local therapist or
who would prefer to see someone different than their local therapists. It’s
also very convenient for people who are traveling or living abroad. In fact,
many of my clients are expats living abroad. The online option is a great one to consider
if it’s difficult for you to travel away from home to a therapist’s office,
for example, if you are living abroad and can’t find a local therapist,
or if you don’t like the local choices available in your area. The style of therapy that I offer is called
Mindfulness Therapy, which is a very exciting, very unique, alternative approach
to the more traditional talk therapies that you’re probably familiar
with. The whole focus of Mindfulness Therapy is to help you establish
the right kind of relationship with your emotions so that you don’t become
overwhelmed by them. Once you establish a Mindfulness relationship with
your emotions, then it’s possible to start to look at the structure of those
emotions and find out how they work. This often involves imagery. For example, when a person feels overwhelmed
by an emotion, right there, we have a clue in that language as to how they
see that emotion internally. If they say, “I feel overwhelmed. It’s getting
on top of me,” chances are they literally see that emotion inside as being
above them, at a higher position to them. They see themselves as a small person
with this looming emotion above them. Seeing this kind of structure
really is very, very helpful because when you see it, then you can begin
to change it. Once you change the structure of the emotion, the emotion
itself changes. This is one of the many of the unique principles
behind Mindfulness Therapy. If you’re interested in exploring
this further, please send me an email. Visit my website, use the contact form,
and send me your questions and describe the issues that you are working
with, and we can begin an email correspondence to see if this is right
for you, then go ahead and schedule a Skype session. Remember, my policy
is that if you schedule a Skype session and you find, “No, this isn’t
right for me,” there’s no charge. You only pay after a session and if
you want to continue with online therapy with me. There’s nothing to
lose for you. Please, send me that email, and let’s discuss
if online therapy is right for you. Thank you.

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