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Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I provide online therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression, OCD and.

Welcome. My name is Peter Strong and I provide online
therapy for the treatment of anxiety and depression, OCD and many other common emotional psychological
problems. As an online therapist for anxiety I specialize
in teaching mindfulness skills for managing the anxiety and the reactive thinking that
supports the anxiety. Mindfulness therapy is extremely effective
for helping you break free from those automatic habitual patterns of reactive thinking that
fuel anxiety and panic attacks and other anxiety disorders. When we learn how to apply mindfulness we
actually learn to sit with our emotions, we learn to meditate on our emotions. So, I will teach you exactly how to do this,
how to sit with your anxiety, how to meditate on your anxiety, without becoming overwhelmed
by it and without becoming reactive. This is the essential training that’s needed
to change the habits of reactive anxiety. The real problem is that we simply are not
conscious of this habit of becoming caught up in reactive thinking we get lost in patterns
of worrying, of rumination and excessive thinking, which simply feeds the anxiety. But with mindfulness training you learn how
to become an observer. You learn how to sit with the emotions and
with the thoughts without becoming lost in them, without becoming overwhelmed by them,
without becoming essentially controlled by your emotions or your thoughts. This process it isn’t quite easy to learn
if you get good guidance. You have to learn how to meditate on your
emotions. Common mindfulness meditation practices usually
involve meditating on the breath and this is a good relaxation exercise, but it will
not really help you with your anxiety. You have to meditate on the cause of your
anxiety, which is your relationship to your emotions and your thoughts. If that relationship is unconscious then your
emotions and thoughts will govern you, you will be controlled by them. They’ll be little choice. But once you start to develop more consciousness
around the anxiety and the thoughts then you begin to break free from them. You begin to neutralize the effects of emotions
and thoughts on you. If you’d like to learn more about mindfulness
therapy and you’d like to schedule a session with me as an Online Therapist for anxiety
to help you, then please go to my website and send me an email, and we can schedule
Skype therapy session at a time that works for you. Online anxiety therapy is extremely effective. Most people can expect to see significant
improvements after the first three to four sessions. I will teach you mindfulness techniques that
you can use at home between sessions, and in this way you will gain more and more experience
and confidence in the mindfulness approach for healing anxiety. Please go to my web sites and e-mail me now
to schedule an online therapy session. Thank you.

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