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Welcome! I’d like to talk to you today about Online Therapy for PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. Now PTSD is quite.

Welcome! I’d like to talk to you today about
Online Therapy for PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder. Now PTSD is quite common, actually,
and basically it refers to the stress and anxiety that are experienced when we witness
a traumatic event, and a trauma is simply an event that we are unable to process. It’s
basically a situation where there is sensory and emotional overload. The mind is unable
to process that memory and resolve it so that it just becomes part of past experience. We
find ourselves reliving events over and over again. So working with PTSD will involve some
from of psychotherapy and it is very important that you seek help. There are many sources
of help available and this form of psychotherapy that I am offering now is called Mindfulness
Therapy, and this is a very good way of helping you change the way you relate to emotions,
and that’s very important, because if you fight your emotions or try to avoid them,
or seek other behaviors to stop yourself facing your emotions, they are not able to heal,
and it is very important that your emotions are allowed to heal. That requires that you
learn to sit with your emotions, that’s the term we use in Mindfulness Therapy…very
important indeed, and that’s what I teach. So, if you are interested in Online Therapy
for helping you with your PTSD, please visit my website, fill out the Contact Form, and
ask your questions, and then we can discuss if Mindfulness Therapy would be a good choice
for you. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Online Therapy for PTSD – Online Therapist for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”

  1. I see a PTSD therapist and he is not helpful at all. All he tried to do is make flattery type remarks, showing he does not have much insight. I am looking for info on a serious problem I have. That I cannot find on line. I only find things on line for night terrors. No mention anywhere for day terrors when you are awake. I literally go into a nightmare when awake. Though I have seen comments on flashbacks and reliving it awake. My problem is I go into a screaming bout to the point I love my voice and feel pain in my nerves and in my face. As though I describe it as I have a scream in my face. Its not only that I scream, it feels like my whole body is screaming, and its felt in my face as its like my face is screaming. It hurts that much. 

  2. Yes. You just referred me to your site to contact you, after my request.
    I am not going to be able to get money to contact you til Friday, but I do not have a skype at this time. I have a skype account, but after they changed it. I was not able to reconnect it.
    The thing is. I am not sure I want to do this, because I have been violated by another therapist.
    I don't really need guidance on my emotions though. I know them well. Not sure what you can do. I find much of what therapist learn in seminars are just non-sense, and uninsightful. People don't suffer because they are ignorant. People suffer because they were attacked by someone or something violating their life.
    I am really sick and tired of the psychiatric association blaming us why we suffer and claiming its our fault, because of something we are doing wrong.
    I have had it with correcting these type of bafoons and paying money just throwing it away, to people who are actually the ones who need guidance. I'm not saying I know everything. I do have many questions. …but no one seems to have the answers. In the meanwhile people are getting rich and living it up by playing the counselor, when in reality, it should be the other way around.
    The last guy had no insight and no experience to suffering from PTSD, and going to seminars and such, is not experience. I saw him for over a year, and it was just nothing but insult and ignorance. He was payed much more than what you are asking, and did nothing but take my money. He claimed to be a PTSD specialist and did so much damage to me. I don't know if I want to see a male anymore..or even on line. Of course a female to be just as uninsightful and insensitive is just as disgustingly insulting if not more. I only expect a male to understand less. The female I just think she really deserves one hell of a B** smack.
    Anyway. Since last Sept. or 2014 I have been drinking. Though I am not a drinker at all. (Though I tried it a few times in the past, i was not my thing.) I have been in so much pain, from my PTSD and also my injuries. and suffered this pain with no medication or other uses, and could not handle it anymore. I tried to commit suicide about a year ago, as a deliberate act on their part using my PTSD to torture me.
    People do not want to deal with me and my issues, because my PTSD stems from church abuse, police abuse, and domestic violence who are all tied together. I have become a targeted individual through gang stalking for being a victim and witness of police brutality, and the cult that is emerged with them.
    They contact many people I have encountered or encounter to keep the ball in their courts, so to speak. I have had many acute stress traumas prior to my PTSD, but had not have PTSD, though I was prematurely diagnosed with it, based on experiences of abuse, not symptoms I had. My PTSD was a snap of that last straw of another traumatic experience. I realized later that my other earlier traumas that I considered healed and overcome. Merged into later traumas, after officially obtaining PTSD.
    I have read your web site and I also know for a fact that it does not take 3-4 or [a few more sessions] to make this healing change. If people claim this is true and it does work, than they never had PTSD in the first place, and are full of crap. I am also getting really sick and tired of so called therapist convincing people they have PTSD just because they went through something traumatic. Then they make the claim for themselves how many people they helped and we are drowned out, and pushed out, because we actually have serious injuries of PTSD.
    I am also tired of militant claiming to have PTSD because they are trained monsters. Only to be an insult to real victims, only trying to justify or pitty the abuser still leaving the victim stomped on and rejected. Trying to make us out to be the same as them and we are not.

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