OSHO: Therapy-Group (समूह चिकित्सा)

To rise above psychological disorders like anger, greed, desire, obsession and egotism; Buddha, Mahavira and all the Indian saints have.

To rise above psychological disorders like anger, greed, desire, obsession and egotism; Buddha, Mahavira and all the Indian saints have only used methods like mindful meditation, praying-singing, satsang etc. But why do you, out of what knowledge are adding new methods like therapy groups along with other methods for Indian friends– Please help us understand.
Narendra! Time has not ended with Buddha. The journey of the divine continues. The divine has not ended with any teerthankaras or prophets. Flowers will continue blossoming, new fragrances will be spreading. But your minds become stuck to the well-trodden path. You just go on clinging and sitting there. And because of your clinging . when the new morning dawns you are unable to see it; when the new Buddha comes you simply cannot recognize him. You are so full of the old image of Buddha that a new Buddha’s image is not understood. You just want to see the old Buddha again and again. You are so stereotypical you will want that a Buddha who came before should come again exactly the same way. Just think, this world would have been filled with boredom, if there was only one kind of Buddha coming repeatedly! Just think of Gautam Buddha if he would come again and again, this world would be filled with boredom! This world is very beautiful. Sometimes a Krishna comes, and what has Buddha to do with Krishna? Have you seen Krishna meditating under the tree? Is there a statue of Krishna sitting under a tree in the lotus posture? Yes we have definitely seen him dance. In the full moon night, under the trees, playing the bamboo flute. And there is Mahavira, his ways and manners are different. And there is Christ and there is Mohammaed, there is Mansoor, Moses, Zarathustra, Lao-Tzu, Chuang-Tzu, Kabir, Nanak, Sarhapa. Many different ways… But your insistence that you want all Buddhas should come from the same mold. If a little change happens then you are in trouble. Just look closely, no Buddha has been repeated. Gautam Buddha came once, not twice. And neither did Jesus come twice, just once. And neither Mahavira came twice, just once. Do you understand something from this or not? That the divine takes new forms each day, new manifestations happen daily. Waves form in the ocean, have you seen two waves that look alike? The ocean generates new waves each day, sings new songs. You cannot find two identical pebbles on this entire planet, two twin brothers also you cannot find exactly identical, then how will you find two identical Buddhas? I am not saying something unique. Those who had worshiped Krishna must have questioned when Buddha came that Krishna used to play the flute, where is the flute? And those who worshiped Mahavira must have questioned Buddha, because both were contemporaries. Those who worshiped Mahavira have asked Buddha why you do not let go of clothes? That is why Jainas do not consider Buddha to be at the same heights as Mahavira is considered. Mahavira is a teerthankara. Mahavira is god. Buddha — a saint! He is just a little further away, about to arrive. He will arrive. He is a saint, not god! Why? Just that one piece of clothing is stopping the saint from becoming a god. Buddha is wearing a piece of clothing. A piece of cloth! That is an obstacle otherwise he will also become a god. A deity is without clothes! And this has always been happening. This example I take is of one country; if I take examples from other places it will be even more difficult. What Jesus has to do with Buddha? There is no match. Both have different processes, different points of view in life, different messages for life. The news came to Jesus that Lazarus has died, and Jesus ran, picked up Lazarus from the grave and resurrected him. Can you think of Buddha doing such a thing? An incident happened around Buddha also. A woman’s son died. She had only one son. The husband had died. The son was the apple of her eye. She was wandering around crying. People said: what can we do, but Buddha is in the village, why don’t you go to him? He is a compassionate one, perhaps he will be kind to you. The woman took the child and place him at Buddha’s feet. Now just think, if she had placed him at the feet of Jesus then like he had said to Lazarus, ‘rise Lazaraus’ and he woke up– the same way he would have said to her also and the story was finished. But what did Buddha do? Buddha said to the woman that okay, your son will wake up, rise up; but do one thing first. Bring some mustard seeds for me. She said mustard seeds! You know, that this village cultivates mustard. The fields of this village are filled with mustard. How many do you need? I will bring now. Buddha says that a fistful is enough. But take care of one thing: bring them from a house, where no-one has ever died before. The woman was so happy that her son will live again, she was not conscious at all! She ran. She went from this house to that, knocked on all the doors in the village, but everyone said how many ever seeds you want, we can fill sacks with them, load vehicles full and make piles; but our seeds will be of no use, in our house many people have died. Buddha has made such a condition that we do not believe that there can be such a household where no-one has died. By the evening the woman regained consciousness that Buddha has played a joke on her. Where can one find such seeds? In every house someone has died. Has definitely died, the father has died, or the father’s father has the mother has died, or the mother’s mother, someone or the other has died. The reality is that the dead number is bigger than that of the living. Just think, you are there, your wife is there, the child is there, the three of you; but the stream which you come from your father, his father, his father, his father… going back to Adam; then your mother and her mother and her mother and her mother… and going back to Eve. How many people have died! And just you three are left. There is such a long series of deaths! Endless people have died, after all that three of you are left. And you three also are just about to leave. You will not stay long. By the evening she understood the arithmetic. She felt like laughing at herself, I am so crazy! When everyone has to die eventually then how can my son be saved. When everyone has to die what difference does it make if one dies now or later! Dying today or dying tomorrow, what difference does it make! Then it was good that my son died in front of me. I had to bear the sorrow. If I had died the son would have to bear the sorrow. One or the other would have died. It was good that I bore the sorrow, my son died peacefully. She came back, fell at the feet of Buddha. Buddha said: “Where are those seeds?” She said: “You forget about that. And what a joke you played. Was this the time to make jokes? My son died…!”
But now she was laughing and she said please initiate me, because I understand there is only death and only death here. In this ocean of death advise me how to experience the eternal. She did not even look at the body of her son. Buddha initiated her. She became a sannyasin. Now think of the difference. If there was a Christian present he would have said to Buddha: What are you doing? Jesus resurrected Lazarus! Then you are not a real Buddha, prove it and make him live again. And if a Buddhist was present with Jesus and had seen Jesus resurrecting Lazarus he would say: Stop! Buddha had said mustard seeds. And what is this you are doing? Is this the way of a Buddha? What is the point of resurrecting the dead? He will die again. He died once and the trouble is over, now you will force him to die again. And you will confuse people. Instead give the message to Lazarus’ family, that here death occurs to everybody, so recognize what is inside you as soon as possible, before death comes. Do you see any conformity between the two? Have you ever seen two Buddhas conforming? But this has always been your demand. And because of your demand many imitators have been born in this world. Because of your demand so many monks resembling Mahavira exist, who are standing naked, only because until they stand naked you will not consider them as knowledgeable. They have nothing, apart from their nakedness. They are standing naked because only this can earn your respect; only this you honor; only this makes you bow down to their feet. I have no desire to earn your respect, neither any honor from you. I am not here to repeat any Buddha. I will live in my way. I will say my viewpoint. So drop these expectations, do not bring up these names in front of me again and again of Buddha, Mahavira other saints and sages. You bore me by repeatedly bringing up the names of Buddhas other sages and saints. They know themselves. If you ever meet them you can ask them that why you do not use group psychotherapies? I will live my way. I am my own category. I am not a repetition of someone and neither am I interested in it. And then times are changing. Everyday it changes. What was needed those days must have been done by Buddha. What is needed today, I will do. In those days this was not needed. People were simple. People were straightforward. People were rural. Now please think a little. If a woodcutter, who cuts wood in the forest everyday, comes here, then I will not ask him to do dynamic meditation, because he does dynamic meditation the whole day. He cuts wood. You see, if anger comes and you cut some wood one feels lighter afterwards. There will be total peace; as if all enemies were cut down! All his violence is expressed in cutting wood; all his inner fury will come out, all anger comes out. If a woodcutter comes here I will not ask him to do dynamic meditation. I will tell him: do vipassana, sit quietly, sit silently. A man came to the doctor. Doctor checked his pulse, took his temperature with a thermometer. Doctor must have been a Sikh. Nothing was understood from taking the temperature and checking the pulse either. Must have been new. The man said everything is okay, but everyday you should start walking at least a mile, then your health will be okay. Walking a mile is necessary. The man started laughing. The doctor asked: why are you laughing? He said: I am a postman. You give this advice to someone else. From morning to evening I walk, and now you will make me walk another mile? Tell me some way to rest. I am tired and exhausted. Now this trick which worked on others that start walking a mile, it will not work on him, how will it work on a postman? I have heard, Mulla Nasurddin went to the doctor’s house one day. The doctor said, Nasruddin, you will have to change your lifestyle. Drop these few things from food. And drink alcohol not more than once a week and cigarettes… just twice a day, not more than that. Nasruddin returned after three weeks, as the doctor had asked him to. His condition was even worse. Earlier he had walked in by himself, and now both his sons brought him in holding his hands. Doctor said Nasruddin your situation has deteriorated even further, looks like you did not take my advice. He said this is the result of taking your advise. Alcohol was okay, somehow I drank it, but those two cigarettes every day are taking my life. I have never smoked in my life. And now someone who smokes a pack to tell him to smoke two is okay. But someone who never smoked… Nasruddin thought this was the treatment, two must be smoked… ‘Those two cigarettes are taking my life. Doctor, please tell me some other treatment. The alcohol I drank somehow, its okay; but these two cigarettes… I am dying of cough.’ The treatments will be different. They depend on the person. The people buddha was talking to were different. They were farmers working in the fields, woodcutters, laborers, large number of them were simple people. Those simple people had nothing to cathart. Catharsis is needed when something is repressed. Psychotherapy is needed for today’s man, because today’s man has repressed so much, become so cultured that his culture is weighing down like a rock on his chest, it is necessary to remove it. Catharsis is needed. The man has eaten too much; his food needs to be thrown out of the body, because excess food turning into poison. The difficulties have increased as man’s cultured nature has increased. Now think a little. Your body was made to be able to walk at least 10-15 miles a day, that to cut down ten-fifteen would not be difficult, that you could break stones. In the forest man was living in great difficulty… to be able to fight wild animals, to compete with a lion he had neither guns nor swords, to be able confront a tiger with bare hands. Your whole body’s chemistry was made to do all this. But now the situation has changed completely. You do not fight with wild animals. forget about the odd Mohammad Ali, but all the others do not fight with wild animals, neither you break stones, nor are you cutting wood. Working in the office all day sitting behind the table, perhaps selling tickets, or swatting flies sitting in front of the office, or moving files from here to there. And your whole chemistry of the body generates so much energy, generates capacity for so much labor. That whole capacity starts revolving inside you. That whole capacity becomes a disease in you, becomes poison. It needs to be expelled. In psychotherapy its expulsion happens. Then you have become so cultured that neither your laughter is authentic nor your tears are authentic. Someone dies somewhere and you even shed false tears and if somewhere you have to laugh then you even fake that. Mulla Nasruddin went to France. Someone started telling a joke in a French friend’s home. All the French who had come for dinner, were rolling around, laughing a lot. Mulla rolled around even more. The host said Nasruddin, we did not know that you understand the French language! He said: ‘I do not understand the French language, but I have trust in you people that when you are laughing then definitely there must be something. But he said: you are defeating everyone; we are laughing, but you rolling around. He said: when one is laughing then why to be miserly! And my trust is absolute that something funny must have been said.
But this laughter will be false. You are laughing with the trust that surely something funny must have been said! Your laughter is false, your crying is false. In psychotherapy your truths emerge; your authenticity is brought to the surface. And there are so many tensions in your psyche that your psyche has become a knot. In the days when Buddha was talking to people such tensions did not exist. I am talking to the man of the twentieth century. I will have to talk in the twentieth century way. Otherwise I will look outdated, I will not have any meaning.

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