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53 thoughts on “OZONE THERAPY TREATMENT FOR CANCER : MarkusNews w James Sloane”

  1. That Yogurt has no live cultures due to heat treatments seems not to be true. I permanently use different yogurts from the shops in my yogurt machine and at least there are enough cultures to multiply in my yogurt machine.

  2. Question: Re another way to get ozone: EBOO Ozone Dialysis: Is there an alternative to Heparin (anticoagulant) for vegans? (Nattokinase good enough)? Thanks – really appreciate any help in this area for killing viruses.

  3. for people in or near Phoenix AZ, there are quite a few Naturopaths (they are licensed here) who use the ozone hemotherapy (ozone major) which is the best method… for those that don't know what that is, it is a simple process where blood is taken out, it runs through the ozone machine, cleans and ozonates the blood, then the clean and ozonated blood is put back in. I found a doctor that is offering 10 sessions for $1000 in Goodyear, AZ and a few years ago, the going rate was about 200 just to do a one time… but, other ND's probably offer package deals similar to that. I never really looked into it because I just did not have the money, and have only done a one time treatment here and there over the years, but now I can do a full round. For cancers or healing of many of the more "serious" maladies, you will want to do something like 8 to 10 rounds over the course of about 3 to 4 weeks, which is why they offer the packages of 10. I have a fibroid tumor and am going to be doing the ozone as part of my healing.

    Also note that if you have eye problems, the ozone hemotherapy is supposed to be REALLY good for the eyes. And a few years ago, my eye doctor told me that I was not getting enough oxygen to my eyes and there is an issue with my veins. She said if it continues to get worse, I will go blind. It has a lot to do with my anemia which has a lot to do with my fibroid which has everything to do with the food. I can only assume the ozone therapy will help with this problem as well… but, so will eating right, if the iron is going to the right places.

    Also, thank you Marcus. I will always remember your care and concern. You reached out to me some time ago, urging me to go on the natural food path vs taking hormones for my tumor situation as well as being careful about taking iron supplements… and then you posted a great presentation about iron. I ordered your vitamin C powder, btw. You give good advice and I can see and feel results when I am eating clean and all fresh fruits and veges… I still backslide on my eating, and I am sure this is limiting my progress and I notice a LOT more progress when I am eating raw fresh fruits and veges only.

  4. Ozone therapies whether it be via h202, ozone generators, CD/MMS, etc have definitely had amazing effects for me, but does anyone else have strange side effects from it that I have been experiencing? I'm asking because I have symptoms that I haven't heard anyone else getting. I lose extreme muscle mass- the next day after using ozone therapy, my face will shrink in half as if I lost all of the muscle on my face (not bloating). I get extremely sweaty- I will sweat buckets not doing anything sweat-inducing. I never had a problem with hair thinning as I always had super thick hair but I will lose like 10-20% of my hair. Can anyone else corroborate these symptoms?

  5. James, Dr. Sircus has released a new book on Hydrogen Medicine. He claims mixing hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide together will cure cancer, among a multitude of other ailments. Is he on to something? Thank you in advance for your reply. http://hydrogenmedicine.info/

  6. No way- sounds too dangerous…lucky I listened to this doctor first before trying it- NO vaseline ha? See wouldn't have known that, no one else mentions it. Don't want to risk blowing up though…scary. Will use it another way. You can put a garbage bag around the body and treat through the skin- seems safer to me.

  7. In Germany 10,000 Doctors are using ozone to treat many diseases and conditions over 70 years. If ozone was good for cure cancer in Germany people will not die from cancer. There is no one double placebo study done to prove efficient of ozone. Do not blame USA Government that is against ozone therapy, HHS is giving more that 200 millions dollars for study of any alternative medicine including Ozone, nobody is doing because will prove that ozone doesn't work. Mr. Markus if You follow the advance "ozone therapist ", You will learning from them that in very short time ozone is transforming in ROS (reactive oxygen spices ), read Velio Bocci.Put oxygen or ozone in your blood, it is free radicals.There is so much science about what free radical are doing in your body, simple no good.Mr.Markus is against so many myths about healing diseases but he support
    and created myths about ozone. In the World 26 Countries are using Ozone as a therapy, and still have the same problems
    with cancer and other disease as USA. Simple do not mislead the People

  8. Just discovered you Marcus. Thank you for all the videos. They are awesome. Keep helping us out there with info. It's really a blessing.

  9. Markus I am such a big fan thanks for your efforts I live all your videos and Caras too! I am in Munich I d live to meet when you come to europe. You are my quality ppl I agree with all your contents. lots of peace and love from Germany

  10. I always laugh when I hear people say that natural medicine isn't scientific. If that wasn't the case, it wouldn't work. You just haven't studied it haha 🙂 Then they go on to cite people who don't know what they're doing. All I can do is shake my head 🙂 Can't wait until this guy publishes his book.

  11. Everyone listen to 27:00 – 28:00. This is the best explanation of how ozone kills cancer. This should be FDA approved as an adjunct to immunotherapy and chemo at the very least. However there is new immunology research that James does not touch on.

    I would love to point to (and hear Jame's opinion on) a new study called "Immunological mechanisms of the antitumor effects of supplemental oxygenation" by Hatfield et al that showed good results letting mice with cancer live in a 60% oxygen environment. This would be the equivalent of having a 10L/min high flow oxygen concentrator running on you 24/7. It seems creating a hyperoxic TME via oxygen therapy is advantageous as oxygen is an adenosine antagonist. In fact Sitkovsky (one of the researchers) suggests caffeine taken as a supplement during a cancer protocol will make it more effective because caffeine is the natural adenosine antagonist.

    I know James does not like caffeine intake and thinks oxygen therapy may be ineffective at treating cancer, but I think this research proves both beneficial as cancer adjuncts. I think Sitkovsky is correct when saying “Since the root of all problems is the lack of oxygen in tumors, a simple solution is to give tumors more oxygen,” and the best way to prevent T cell exclusion is to create a hyperoxic (high oxygen) TME that is immunosupportive.

    Here is the best video that puts together what you need for ozone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDf2EzSKGtc&t=1762s James recommends 20 minutes 3x a day 1/10 L/min at 30 gamma. Before getting any of this make sure you can score an oxygen tank at a local welding and industrial gas supplier and iterate you are using it for welding (or get someone who will for you).

  12. James, I've been reading through your material and am fascinated by your take on dealing with cancer. Are you familiar with the work of Dr. Royal Rife. Back in the thirties, I believe, he invented a special microscope that allowed him to observe live pathogens while he was experimenting with a plasma frequency generator he also invented. He learned the resonant frequencies of cancer viruses, and by bombarding them with those frequencies with the plasma generator, he was able to kill the cancer cells and cure several people of cancer. When he refused to sell out to the allopathic medical industry, he was forced into ruin and his work was destroyed by them. He died a poor man. I would like to hear your take on Dr. Rife's work. Thanks.

  13. i want to absorb every information on this video!fantastic!
    does anyone know which brand is better to buy for central Europe?i still need info on how to use it properly,love!!!

  14. Prof. Velio Bocci is often regarded at THE top dog among ozone specialists. He is a medical doctor who published many papers, studies and has designed a few clinical trials on ozone therapy. Parts of his books “Ozone, A new medical drug” and “Oxygen-Ozone Therapy, A critical evaluation” are often repeated as established facts among ozone therapist. And now he was going on record, saying:
    “An early paper by Sweet et al [115] elicited great enthusiasm having shown that ozone selectively inhibits the growth of a variety of human cancer cells in vitro. Unfortunately this approach does not reflect the situation in the patient because ozone as such is never able to reach any cancer cells in vivo. Another hypothetical possibility had been to restore normoxia and apoptosis of tumor cells after the infusion of ozonated blood [91], but clinical experience in pre-terminal patient with hepatic or/and pulmonary metastasis has shown the irreversibility of the cancer. An experimental attempt [116] to insufflate an ozone and oxygen mixture into the peritoneum at an advanced stage of cancer led to a higher survival rate of treated rabbits (i.e. 7/14) versus sham-treated rabbits (i.e. 1/7). In a letter, Bocci [117] have suggested that these anti-tumor effects may be induced via an ozone/oxygen-mediated activation of the body’s immuno-surveillance, which is a real possibility in a virgin animal. Indeed these results are evident only in experimental oncology, particularly in mice and not in humans where, once the cancer is discovered, the immune system is already suppressed. To be objective, there are a number of rather old and uncontrolled clinical studies demonstrating that ozone therapy extends the life expectancy of patients with cancer. This is partly true in the sense that ozonated autohemotherapy improves the quality of life as often observed [46], but is unable to block the tumour progression. “
    “Mechanisms of Action Involved in Ozone Therapy: Is healing induced via a mild oxidative stress?” Velio Bocci, Masaru Sagai, 2011

  15. What if you get the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide already in the 3% solution ??

    What would the proper dropper
    dosage be ??

    Much Thanks !

  16. Thank you for this video. I saw it a couple years ago (when I was dealing more full on with end stage cancer). I just wasn’t able to absorb all the technical talk. Having evolved (however slowly) I came back today and am more able to understand this perspective and terms (no science background until I was alerted by my own diagnosis). I’m ready. Also cancer free. Both you and your friend are super generous in sharing your knowledge (thank you). Being the novice , I’m wondering how people like me get the end of the tube (that’s inserted into the rectum) to be soft…or perhaps a friendlier tip. Yes, it sounds elementary, but I’m probably not the only one. That said, I’ll be going to the website mentioned and hope I can be smart enough to pick the right one (fingers crossed). The oxygen machine might be a bigger challenge.
    Stay candid, stay with the high vibes. You’re awesome. ❤️

  17. He mentions using ozone into the tumor…..where in the hell can i get someone to do this for my wives tumor after surgery failed? CAn i do it at home? bu then he says it can go into a blood vessle!!! Where can we find a doctor who will direct inject ozone into a cancerous lymph node?

  18. Hv or Markus, I am going to get Ozone by IV. I believe I have a severe infection that is affecting my nerves. Do you think a session is worth it or should I just continue with my cheap machine and ozone water and herbs like pau d arco, etc.?

  19. how terrible that Angelina was bullied with wrong information to cut off her breasts. Mutation of one of the most beautiful women on this planet. sad.

  20. Is ozone therapy dangerous? This channel says so and claims there are no studies done to prove it works.

    'Ozone Therapy Debunked – Part 1'

  21. Hey Markus & James, great informative video!
    I've tried to go to Mountainmistbotanicals.com but the page does not exist. Any ideas or redirection? Thanks a lot in advance!

  22. I miss learning from you every day on cz James. That was a great 5 years. Turns out my main problem was ischemic colon, 18" of it was calcified and removed. I've come to the conclusion that I need to get rid of viruses and other pathogens that are blocking my VDRs from getting hormone d and it's depositing calcium in my joints, colon, knees, eustacian tubes and all over my body. Remembering some of your antivirals I make pau d'arco tea like you prescribed boiled over 15 minutes and I take a spoonful of DE in water once a day for a week every month. I just heard from Dr Trevor Marshall's recent video in here that quercetin prevents pathogens from blocking the VDR so I'm starting that. What other anti-pathogen suggestions do you have? Ozone how? Thank You a million times a million James.

  23. You know something i found out really helps w prostate is this;
    In the morning take 4 glasses of Lime or Lemon w peel and chili pepper.
    Mix in blender raw both w water and drink . This will take time to get it down.
    But it gives the best feeling of wholeness and is great 4 prostate.
    Doing this you get all the Vit A you need and Vit C.. This really works great.
    Something else that helps the prostate is to get off the PC and work physical hard work. LOL – Exercise is great to get you off the office chair which will in time restrict the PROS..

  24. Wrong… cancer CANNOT survive in an active oxygen atmosphere. Period. Proven over and over and over…ie.. in about 7k studies and trials.

  25. Very knowledgeable and good info. The only thing I found debatable or contradicting about this video is the vitamin C and Ascorbic acid discussion. Humans and all primates are the only animals that don't make their own vitamin C. We need to get some every day because we don't store it well either. All other animals from single cells to elephants make their own vitamin C. We know we need it but what kind and how much is debatable. In terms of quantity, most theories are based on body weight and lifestyles comparisons to other species. BUT one thing is for sure. The vitamin C that all animals produce is Ascorbic acid. Its unlikely that nature is making the wrong kind of C. I would be interested in Sloane responding to this inconsistency in his thinking. Thanks.

  26. Hey Markus, I urge you to please review that info:

    4:09 – "If it were that easy, we could use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to cure cancer. It doesn't work." Sorry, but it's been proven it does.

    Dr. Thomas Seyfried has proven that hyperbaric oxygen therapy along with other practices, such as the use of a drug capable of minimizing the production of glutamine (one of the fuels for cancer cells), and the ketogenic diet (which reduces the levels of glucose, another fuel for cancer cells), basically demolishes tumors – and, yes, there are tests using only the keto, then adding the HOT (so people know the keto wouldn't be sufficient). Please, Markus, I'd like you to review that information and make a video about it (just like you did when you talked about the alkaline diet in one of your books and then said you updated it with the correct info). Here's one of the multiple videos you can find on Dr. Thomas Seyfried talking about his studies: https://youtu.be/SEE-oU8_NSU?t=2369 – it's timed at the moment he's showing the effects of hyperbaric oxygen in mice tumors.

  27. Sorry. All I had to do was look in the description above re: what equip. To get. I'm too anxious. Apologies. Sigh.

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