Portland high school has a full-time therapy dog: Oregon Tails

I just have to laugh that, you know, he’s a dog with a job, and he comes every day. My.

I just have to laugh that, you know, he’s
a dog with a job, and he comes every day. My name is Dana Miller, I’m the French teacher at Franklin High School.
I’m Archie’s mom. He gets to come to work with me . We got him to be a
family pet, but we’ve known that he was too good not to share. He’s always been
calm and gentle and sweet. I went through an organization called Pet Partners to
get him certified at animal assisted interactions. Archie is our service dog, and
he is a love. He comes in every morning and Dana signs in and Archie gets his
treats. Good Archie. You be real good to the kids today. He’s a wonderful dog. I think all schools should have ’em. He sleeps most of the day and the kids come and get him, okay I’m up. The first class of
the day we have the kids that come and they take him for a walk. If some of our
teachers know that kids are struggling with something and they’re like, ‘Hey can
you bring Archie up?’ I had one young man that had an anger problem and he didn’t know how to handle it, so I said go get Archie and you could not believe the
difference. It really helped him a lot. He’s kind of an urban legend. The first
thing you hear is, like, there’s a dog in the classroom. It’s not ‘There’s a dog in the
classroom and he’s going crazy,’ it’s like ‘There’s a dog in the classroom and he’s,
like, there for people.’ When I, you know, kind of became aware of Archie , I was really excited about it and I went home and I wanted to tell my parents like, ‘Oh
my gosh have I told you guys about Archie? Oh he’s so cute, he’s so nice, like,
I want to get to know him better, I just wanna give a big hug,’ and they think I’m
talking about a human boy. Oh yeah, Archie for president. I would have
voted for him and that’s why 14-year-olds can’t vote. My freshman year we did ‘Annie’ the musical, and he played Sandy and every single night
he would spot Ms. Miller in the audience, jump off the stage and run over
to her. Archie is the unofficial mascot at Franklin High School. I truly see the
benefit of it. I mean, it’s a respite for some of our students to just go and be
in Archie’s presence, just to be able to hug him to pet him. Choca cinco. Choca. Yay, good boy. Muy bien, muchacho. So he works here? Yes, he comes every day. He’s part of our community. It’s just so sweet to
see him interact with kids. He’s everybody’s little dose of happiness but
sometimes he’s way more.

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