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hello everyone this is PRIYASHA PATHAK featuring on RosehubTv with my WEB SERIES I always try to bring some off.

hello everyone this is PRIYASHA PATHAK featuring on RosehubTv
with my WEB SERIES I always try to bring some
off the track but interesting topics and in that league today’s
topic is TELEKINESIS Now what’s this???? it is a mental ability with
which objects can be moved up to a certain distance..without
touching them for instance…we have seen
such things in various shows that people are bending metals
or spoons…with their mind….. or objects are levitated
…without use of hands…!!! but this topic is far more controversial .
.than being an interesting one It was started in 1914 when HENRY BOLT for
the first time coined the term “PSYCHOKINESIS” after this in 1934
American Parapsychologist G.B. Ryme used this describe that how external objects and events can be
influenced without even touching them and guess what….its
first experiment was on ..whether results of dice can be
influenced or not from our mental ability but reality
such things are possible??? that without touching the
objects..things can be moved?? because most people are against
it..and pass negative comments but its believers says that it is
conceptually and scientifically possible after yearsss of practice…!!! just kidding,, but involves
years of practice with meditation in addition with patience and persistence as with practice our
concentration increases and we become more efficient
in focusing on one object the increased focus creates
a non physical field between our mind and that object with which objects react…and
thus the movement occurs it’s bit difficult to understand
because it is quite rare phenomenon also it is not proved in the
controlled conditions of lab in addition with this…most of
the physics laws are inapplicable to it..!! or this cannot be applied
in some laws of physics it is believed that if we put
EXTRA AND CONTROLLED FOCUS on some object it will create an electromagnetic
field between our brain and that object up to a specific range the electromagnetic waves or signals
travel from our forehead or palm to hit that object..which creates movement the signals which are created..lasts
within a duration of 0.1 to 0.01 seconds..! I is very quick…!!! now, how it will affect our
brain will totally be dependent on how WE PRACTICE sharp activation of mental
processes may increase blood pressure or heart rates..!! even in some cases..traits of
mental stress are also found but according to its believers..if
we practice in a right way than these effects can be controlled THANK YOU GUYS FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO and if you LIKE not forget
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