Priyasha Diary | Why most of the people are right handed? | S01E02

hii guys this is Priyasha Pathak on RosehubTv with my all new show I hope that you have watched my.

hii guys this is Priyasha
Pathak on RosehubTv with my all new show I hope that you have
watched my previous video its COOL to use Recycled water and today I’m gonna discuss on the topic WHY most of the people are RIGHT HANDED..?? if we look around we’ll
find most of the people right handed if we look widely around
70-90% people are right handed but we havent thought
why is this soo.. earlier I use to think
that.. we inherit certain things or for anything we have certain genes this left or right-hand preference
might have come from the same way but NO scientists are
yet to discover those genes which tells us about this preference because identical twins
which share the same genes may not share the same hand preference.. one may be righty and the other one lefty so HOW we’ll find the
nature of this preference well according to one study our brain is divided into 2 parts the LEFT HEMISPHERE where things like logical
reasoning,innovation, creative thinking and languages are localised and the RIGHT HEMISPHERE where visual recognition is localised the LEFT hemisphere of the brain
controls the right part of our body and the RIGHT hemisphere of the brain
controls the left part of our body according to another study
we can link this preference with NATURAL SELECTION..!!!! If we study our stone age
we’ll find that our ancestors worked together in a community in
the time of TOOL making process and shared it, so as to
make it available for all at that time our left
hemisphere was more active it directed the right hand
to WORK, WORK AND WORK and that legacy is passed on to us even today’s world things
are made for the righties e.g. think of a coffee mug,
scissors, cameras, mouse and ZIPPERS so my request to all the manufacturers… “STOP THIS DISCRIMINATION” think for the lefties as well…!! we can also think that
since in left hemisphere more of language related things
are localised and stored it gives more order to
right hand to write… and that’s how we all are righties… well this criss-cross thing
is there in lefties as well neither they inherit this left handy trait what they lack is neurological
or preferential bias which righties have for example .. think of the
preference which righties give at the time of brushing, cutting, cooking or giving hii five… but at last to all those
righties who are watching this with me say….I LOVE YOU TOO my left hand…!!! THANK YOU guys for watching this episode and if you like please do not

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