Priyasha Diary | Why women love shopping? | S01E04 | Hindi

hello everyone this is Priyasha Pathak featuring on RosehubTv with my all new show and today I’m gonna discuss on.

hello everyone this is
Priyasha Pathak featuring on RosehubTv
with my all new show and today I’m gonna discuss on the topic which is favourite among women SHOPPING….!!!!!! Why Women LOVE Shopping the Most…. we generally come across such questions
that why do we love shopping so much whenever we get time..we take our bags
and go out to shop shopping is not just the
physical attraction for us its something more than it for some it is the necessity
for some it is an adventure and for some shopping is their
way of life shopping is like a birth right for us even if one is feeling low or depressed one word SHOPPING… It may do not have the long term effects but its short term effects are amazing also who are earning it is
the sense of independence for them e.g. we can buy luxurious and branded
clothes, footwear,bags… all with our EARNED money even accouding to Forbes upto 2018 women
are going to contribute 18 trillion $ in the market Globally…!! also, 70-80% purchasing are done by women
more to women power….!!! but for some it is bit
difficult to understand that how something that involves
walking for hours in streets or malls trying around 25 or more clothes and lugging around huge
bags can be soo relaxing I mean who dosen’t want
tops, shoes, sandlas, jeans,,bags,,accessories…. some also tend to think that
our indulgence in malls has to do with an emotional weakness, our inability to resist pretty things or we need to have what
the another woman has all these resaons may be right or wrong because science is also on our side
and has very basic and valid explanation for our shopping itch…!!!! according to one research
our irrational love towards shopping comes from our gene it is one such thing which we have
inherited from our ancestors so its natural that we love to shop the inctinct date us back to the time when men were Hunter and
Women were GATHERS Men looked for a prey, hunted
it, and brought it back and women gathered sweet and BEST
of the lot fruits and veggies so this was the basic instinct years have passed but
basic instinct remained the same so, now if someone thinks that why women
love shopping the most??? remember scince also agrees that we have a genetic instinct
to LOOK FOR THE BEST Its like a treasure hunt,
an adventurous game which we all are playing and at the end getting such thing
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  1. Again an unique information…..although i m victim of sister's shopping habbit…. 😉
    keep going on Priyasha…..all d best…

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