RAID: Shadow Legends | Couples Therapy | Silent Treatment (Official Commercial)

…soooo, who wants to start? Yeah, I’ll go. He never picks me anymore. I guess my skills just aren’t enough….

…soooo, who wants to start? Yeah, I’ll go. He never picks me anymore. I guess my skills just aren’t enough… or something? Here: watch this. Hey! Hey! HELLO! See what I mean? Nothing! Nothing! Yeah! I get it. Over 300 Champions. Someone’s gonna get hurt. Raid: Shadow Legends.

65 thoughts on “RAID: Shadow Legends | Couples Therapy | Silent Treatment (Official Commercial)”

  1. RAID community: Can you please stop with all the poo up ads, for the love of everything that's unholy.
    Raid: uh what, oh here's an update.
    Raid Community: (YELLING) STOP WITH THE POP UP ADS!!!
    Raid: Here's a commercial.
    Raid Community: Ugh…

  2. Good Video!!!

    I can understand, Athel isn’t even the best of the four champions in the beginning of the game. I took Elhain as my first champion because her atk and her hp are the best of these four champions…

    But there is still dark Athel, my favourite spider dungeon champion 👍🏻😁

  3. Lol, what happened to your game? Diabolist has Alure's picture, less then half of the champion pictures have the correct border, Ice Golem is a champion. Is this some sort of alternate universe or something?

  4. Raid: Shadow Legends. A game where you'll fall behind if you don't spend at least $200. A game that doesn't know how RNG really works. You like your first epic champion? This game will be sure to give you that same epic over and over and over.

    It is a fun game, but it's very apparent that money is their main goal. Being blasted by p2w notices every time you open it up. The reason people spend so much money is because the RNG is terrible. A little here and there in the hopes to get something good. I swear, Plarium is secretly owned by EA.

  5. Over 300 champions, and yet only quarter is usable and for some stages, you need spicific 2 legendaries or epic. Why don't you stop doing expensive ads like this from money you got from unthinking whales and start making the game fun?

  6. Yes it has to be hints for ice golem! He was a champion before, so I’m thinking he is returning?? They couldn’t put him in 2 videos by mistake??

  7. This is what their surplus money from greedy packs goes into. God forbid they improve quality of life by removing silver cost on equipment removal and xp brews usage, removing gem cost on mastery reset or give good chance for double drop on dungeon gear and blue shards.

  8. um21813781 | 21461897 here's my in game ID for the giveaway

    also can you give me the option to change my name I used a joke name thinking i wouldn't like the but im totally in love with the game and im afraid a will get banned for that name
    and if there is already a way please let me know

  9. Hey I use the link of mrbeast that opens the chrome then opens the appstore and I download your game but I didn’t get anything!

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