Root canal therapy DANGEROUS? – EP 02 The Dental Drive

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  1. After having a root canal and crown done on a tooth about 10 years ago I started feeling a little tinge in it 7 years later. Dentist told me now I needed a bridge. The root canal and crown was the tooths "2nd" life. Then they took me right over to another room and started it. Thought it was strange that they didn't set up another appointment for it. It happened so fast I let them do it. Then they told me I needed another tooth crowned. Did not have it done. The new dentist never ever mentioned anything about the tooth the other dentist wanted to crown. I want to name the place but I won't.

  2. I can't wrap my head around a dentists office giving out cookies…. I've had the same dentist since I was 3 years old and for 33 years he's been giving me the no sugar lecture! Just got it today from him in fact!

  3. Dude don't let your kids eat in there car seat, my daughter started choking on some cheese fish, she almost didn't make it.

  4. Ive never seen you talk of BRIDGES what are your thoughts and how common are they, and are they beneficial.  Ive been losing teeth that have had fillings and crowns, and now they have been damages so much that they had to be extracted. Now I have gaps with no teeth between teeth, I feel that I may lose more, and I am not sure what to do. Can you elaborate. Thanks

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  6. I was sick with inflammation in 2016 and just got better. I just found out my 3 tooth bridge has decay underneath and wants to do a root canal-no way-plus I lost my dental insurance-job and so I just I will have the bridge removed and the tooth pulled and all my thousands of dollars to fix my teeth will move.

  7. My son and I grew a man bun out too. I guess we were John snowin it up! Cancer sucks. Good vid. Audio is 😏 🖖🏼

  8. Have you ever had a patient not get numb ? I just went through this … I'm terrified of going back and on my journey to implants

  9. There are new studies now that may establish a link between root canals with coronary heart disease.

  10. noooooo man buns! especially when kids have a bun . sometimes i dont know if its a boy or a girl

  11. Hi how long after cleaning the canals should the actual root canal procedure be done, because four weeks ago I had my canals cleaned and a temporary filling put in, last week I had it removed and cleaned again, to do the procedure tomorrow, last night and the night before, I got a little pain in the tooth and a bad odor, should I still continue with the procedure. Please reply today if possible

  12. starts at 3:00
    If you're considering a root canal you must read "The Toxic Tooth" first. Do your self a big big favor.
    Or check some videos from Dr Levy -and many others;

  13. I had a root canal over a year ago , and the infecion was still in there after 2 mths. The Endodontist had me on 2 diff antibioitics. but then had me come in for a apeco bcuz the infection was still there , after that , things seemed fine, Got a crown, fast foward a year later , mild tooth ache , same tooth,went to a dentist here in town, had the ct scan of teeth, one of the roots from this tooth #12 had never been touched. Twice he only did the one root, now that root has a small inf, now I have to go back to him, for another root canal? Is it normal to only do one root? Shouldnt you do both? Can they drill in the crown?

  14. I was told my son will need a root canal and I’m so sad and scared for him. I have no clue where to take him. He also wants a fake tooth he is 11 years old but would it be a good idea to get veneers or a crown. Can veneers be removed to place a crown over his fractured tooth when he gets older? I am so scared for him. Help!

  15. There is a possibility to regenerate the tooth pulp so the root does not have to be removed. I read in dental literature that it requires: 1. DISINFECTION and, 2. Protection (cover/crown) so the root can regenerate. Why keep the vitality of the root? Because the vitality of the root provides a structurally supportive base that a dead root cannot. The inner tooth structure, unlike the enamel is alive. That live structure, the dentin, the pulp/root is so much better when it remains vital. Suggestion Dr O, you have the passion for a lot of things, please look into it at some point when you can make this a viable part of your practice. Maybe when you're REALLY wealthy and think, "hmmm, I can afford to seek ways to make this monetarily efficient procedure." Just keep it in the back of your mind cause I know that is how ideas go from idea to fruition. I know if anyone has the curiosity, the passion and drive, it's you.

  16. I enjoy your channel. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge.
    I have a question.
    So my dentist recommended that I get my wisdom teeth pulled (weren’t bothering me) bcuz I occasionally clinched my teeth plus I had a tooth in front that needed a root canal but I chose to get it pulled (due to infection).
    So that’s 5 teeth.
    Since having those 5 teeth removed I now clinch my teeth non stop (3-4 weeks now)
    All this continue? Is there a way that the clinching can be corrected ?

    Thank you

  17. This video was so helpful! I have a question for you. I am 24 years old and I have gotten 3 root canals and 1 retreatment for a root canal. What would you recommend for a person who has gotten a root canal done in 4 of their front teeth? My dentist has told me that I would need to get 4 crowns to make my teeth stronger and to prevent another root canal from happening again. What do you think?

  18. Hello Dr. O. I was recommended to watch this new documentary on Netflix called "Root Cause". Saw it and thought it was quite interesting. Please take a look when you can and I am curious to know your opinion on it? Many thanks and hope to hear back from you. Cheers!

  19. you are an absolute blooming idiot. 2 and half minutes of bull in to a 5 minute confused excuse for what a root canal actually is then back to your confused rambling. you are a rock bottom and typical representation of dentistry as a profession. please quit.

  20. 1:32 Wife 😢😢😢… why does he have to be married?! This dentist is so freakin’ hot 🥵. But please stop giving the baby cookies, do strawberries 🍓 instead, kids luv them!

  21. Q- "Is a root canal safe. A-.No less safe than asking that question while looking and point at the camera while driving a motor vehicle.

  22. hi Doc! Can you recommend a dentist in California for a patient with several pulled teeth and a few root canals. We need to discover any and battle possible cavitation

  23. Iv been to about 5 dentists in my life, im 14, each dentist caused me a problem now im at this new one because they helped my sisters teeth and shes t1d. This one is caused because of a filling that has caused pain for my nerve that cant be changed.
    I really only want to find a dentist that I can trust but so far no luck (England)
    Ps. I went to get a filling at my new dentist which has given me my worst problem yet.

  24. Is it possible for the tooth to become reinfected again from the moisturing in the tooth as its warm in there so bacteria grows? Also. An dentists see infections in the tooth or gum using xrays?

  25. Can you make a video about what makes a great dental assistant? And the qualities a dental assistant should have? I am just starting out my dental assisting career and its not going the best. But I love dentistry and really would like to improve and get another Doctor's perspective! Thanks so much. Your videos are really helpful. God bless

  26. Modern medicine approves of circumcision, and then expectd to be taken seriously ?

    This is a joke.

    Root canal is absurd. Do your research.

  27. i will never step foot inside a traditional dentists or "barber surgeons" as i now call them,

    as nothing has changed from medieval times,

    Dentists can leave the dark side and join the light side,

    you could make more money fixing traditional dentists mistakes,

    others have done it, we never stop learning,

    i am glad i found out about all the problems, but not happy i have to spend years repairing the damage to my health that a traditional dentist did to me,

    it will cost 1000's,

    and that is why i can't trust anything a normal dentist says when they promote toxic mercury fillings,

    if they use mercury the conversation should end and you need to run out of the door,

    and then research holistic dentist,

    i understand you want to create a lifestyle brand but you can still do it the holistic route,

    we support you but people need to be empowered with all the facts, there are plenty of videos of others experiences on you tube,

    they can't all be making it up.

  28. Hi Dr. O! I'am experiencing a tooth pain rn and my dentist told me to undergo in Root Canal Treatment. I already have crowns and they asked me to remove it. What should I do to avoid these treatments and how can I treat this tooth pain ? I need your help 😭

  29. Having a Root Canal have been Known “Now” that they are a cause of having a heart attack and getting a heart disease! Do your research people!!!

  30. Hi doctor I just had a root canal I have a temporary thooth today is my 3 day I’m in pain I can’t even eat soft foods it will hurt is it normal? The pain comes and goes a lot next week I’ll get my crown thanks

  31. WELL DOCTOR I HAVE TO DISAGREE WITH U. , BECAUSE WHAT I HAVE EXPERIENCED INSTANTLY AFTER THE GUTTA PERCHA BURNING INTO MY BRAIN i can write a book . And i have kept a daily record. I was a healthy chick before doing the rct. But after i became a sick puppy.. I ALSO HAVE TO ADMIT SHE my dentist MADE MANY ERRORS ALONG THE WAY .A root canal is only "Save " if your health is not compromised say by stress or other health condition because it will aggravate soon after an RCT.. All other lab parameteres have been well. The tooth is not sterilized fully if only gutta percha is used for sealing the main canals. What about the many tubulars around the main roots. I am a victim of a toxic rootcanal treatment my body could not handle the anaerobic bacteria. And my dentist waited to long for filling up with gutta percha after denerving the tooth. It was more than 2 months. I KNOW MY BODY WELL AND I KNOW WHICH PROBLEMS I DID NOT HAVE BEFORE AND WHICH ONE I STARTED HAVING IMMEDIATELY AFTER. IT SLOWLY ATTACKS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM. I my case i had instanly pain because of this dentist was just cruel and did not have the patient health at heart. It is possible to live years without issues if done correctly and timely but in the end they remove their mask. It is a time-bomb in the mouth and .i would have still kept it if i could and manage the stress better. Having it extracted is not a good option either because the discomfort in the mouth of other moving teeth and the gap is equally bad.

    Check out the presentation by Dr.Jerry Tennant. On teeth as circuit breakers.

  32. 10 miles of tubules and you can disinfect it and fill it with a rubber compound….Weston Price Foundation is the resource to find the truth in regards to the research of this. It's not safe..better to remove it. Money talks. oh by the way..let's remove those wisdom teeth just in case….
    I'm sorry, dentistry is full of holes…let's not forget about sodium fluoride!! … Diet will prevent cavities..and allow teeth to recavitate.

  33. My dentist gave me a choice of root canal or extraction- I chose to have my tooth out 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  34. I just had my root canal tooth removed. Clogged arteries in legs, cataracts removed, then lost my eyesight in one eye. The tooth was black and puss coming out of it. But they are completely safe. Do your homework and never get a root canal. 🙏✌🔁☯️🗝🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  35. I was hoping you would go into the risk factors. I have a root canal and have more pain post root canal than before.

  36. This is another industry propaganda piece. I had direct experience with a root canal done by a dentist that said the same bullshit as this guy. Wound up crippled, unable to stand or walk for almost two years and nearly died from heart problems before I found out it was a root canalled tooth causing it. You can't leave a dead body part inside the body without repercussions. God forbid you put peoples health before your cashflow..

  37. I got a root canal. The dentist had a temporary filling put in while I wait to return for the crown. But before getting the crown my tooth broke and the filling fell out. I went back to the dentist, and now he's saying I'll need a bridge instead. I don't really like the idea of having my other teeth (supporting teeth) cut away for a bridge. What are some other options.

  38. Pepsi ad? Really? Isn't a lot of dental problems due to crap in our diets. Teeth are healthy due to good nutrition besides oral care. Sugarless Pepsi yeah, but what other craps in it.

  39. Can I ask a question sir,I have a one teeth damage the doctor said they want to root canal or remove teeth??? its okay to root canal sir or remove??? Help me sir Then I have a friend also they don't have a teeth, then fix bridge its not permanent right sir?? Actually fix bridge the teet and gums not equal right sir??? What is your advice sir please help me thanks God blessed sir😊😘😍😍😇😇😇


  41. With all due respect, I will NEVER understand why dentists think it is a good idea to give their patients sugar! YES they COULD even WOULD get it somewhere but SHOULD their dentist be giving them sugar or at least attempt to be an EXAMPLE.
    I mean SERIOUSLY (no disrespect intended here) but are you going to provide your son with Marijuana when he is a teen because golly gee wiz he is going to get it somewhere? Obviously since you are feeding cookies to your baby WHILE DRIVING you are young and uneducated in the hazards of many things. ESPECIALLY ROOT CANALS. Please Watch The root cause documentary or better yet WATCH The Roor Cause of the Rise of Cronic Illness IVC & Cronic Illness Symposium
    Ron Hunninghake MD.
    On a positive note you are super handsome & a very personable guy. Your Cute Kid rocks the man bun, but I stopped going to a dentist that I really adored because he baked fresh cookies in his office. Sugar is an addictive substance that is hazardous not only to teeth but to health.

  42. AHH dentistry, the global wide harmful to health epidemic people are not aware of, full of the use of toxic substances and procedures.

  43. My dentist in UK went berserk and did root canal on my tooth with a healthy nerve. When i asked her why did she do a root canal, she said, so it won’t hurt in the future. 😱😱😱

  44. I lost two and have one to be pulled, never eat fruit, Vegetables and starches. Since going full carnivore my teeth have come back to life.

  45. I just got back from getting a root canal and I honestly didn’t think I needed it but I went to two dentist and they said I needed a root canal. But I wasn’t in pain just sensitivity. Now I’m scared

  46. Doc O, I visited a dentist for a front tooth that is really due for RCT. This dentist poriferated my tooth and had a man-made canal. 🙁 Now it is due for MTA first to fix the hole. Should I continue this?

  47. Look up the dentist Dr Hal Huggins about root canal….. you won't want a root canal after listening to him.

  48. Here is your evidence Mr Rockefeller Medicine Man:

    Gerson dental guidelines
    Root Canal Cover Up
    Toxic Tooth

  49. This guy is lying , just like every other dentist I've talked to about my root canal. I finally went to a holistic dentist and he agrees that root canals do in fact cause health issues in some people. The FDA , ADA and many other associations and agencies are hiding the 100% truth from the public.

  50. Please reply
    I did root canal 7/8 months ago and temporary fillings only but now all of it comes out and my teeth becomes hollow and whenever i eat something it stuck over there and going worse.
    Wanna pull out but that doctor referral was out of network
    Help me what to do
    Going worse

  51. ROOT CANALS are leaving dead teeth in the mouth.. Just by definition it is infected. Infected before the "skilled Dentist" or "endodontist" performed the procedure and it is infected thereafter! Routine Root Canals.. only benefits the Dental office. Too much money for the dentist to say no .. They "save" the tooth, but they forgot to tell you , it is a DEAD tooth they saved in your mouth to creating a haven for viruses and bacterias. Unbelievable that there are still dentists wanting to leave a dead tooth in the mouth!

  52. I had a root canal done many years ago on a front tooth (no medical issues) After a couple of years the tooth darkened. Whitening strips were not working, finally went in and went with Internal bleaching. Couldn't be happier with the results.

  53. Hi I have a abcess on my tooth and I'm going to do a root canal … will the abcess come back after the root canal has been done and a crown has been put on the tooth? Thanks

  54. I can tell you from personal miserable experience that root canals are very dangerous. They burned out my thyroid, adrenals and spleen. It wasnt until I met Dr. Jerry Tennant did I find relief from 10 years of misery. You cannot leave a dead organ in the body, I dont care what you say, I lived it. Dentist tell us they are fine, thats what they are taught in school but believe me, they kill.

  55. WAY too much BS in this video… Get To The Point… ( hire an editor). ** Update: I am now at the end of this video and it was an absolute and total waste of time.

  56. I got a rootcanal at 16 I’m 20 now it was infected got it cleaned and rootcanal re-done I take iodine mouthwash, drink ginger tea, and take vitamin c I want to get z implants but I need to be 21 so will I be okay or is it too late now ? Surely a tooth isn’t going to knock the whole human body out of sync surely it can witstand some bacteria in a tooth ? What’s my best option if anyone knows it would really help

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