Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana | Seniors: Natural Cannabis Healing

Hi, my name Skip Budman the creator of Allow me to start by saying that I’m really glad you.

Hi, my name Skip Budman the creator of Allow me to
start by saying that I’m really glad you are here today! I am 54 years old and hypothetically, I’ve been using marijuana for forty years
now. I am not a doctor, let me make that clear. However I am a
loving husband a father and a grandfather I’m here today to talk about your health and cannabis sativa also known as
marijuana. Please hear me out on this. Just so you
know, nobody’s paying me to do this video However, there are plenty of organizations that would pay me not to do it. You see I want to help you, I want to help
dismiss the lies of a previous generation and administrations.
I’m here to tell you the truth about this god-given medicine. I’m here to help you with your
quality of life and get you to throw away as many of
those prescription drugs as you don’t need. If I can help just one person live a
longer and healthier life, then I’ve accomplished a
goal. If I can help thousands have you with your daily struggles and ailments then I’ve met my calling. I’ve got a
great deal of information I’d like to share with you today and there’s even more listed on this
website to continue your education. We’ve all
been lied to, and rather than place blame in this video, I want to focus on helping you by
opening your eyes to the truth about this miraculous medicine. I have
personally suffered from ADD, numerous anxieties, insomnia, depression even nightmares. Many have you have medical issues I
can’t even begin to imagine. I know you are suffering every single day. Well today I want to put you on a path to a
better life. Give me just a few minutes to your time
and I’m going help you and I’m going to help you be able to help
yourself and better your life and your well-being. On
this website are many, many references to ailments that marijuana
has proven heal or abolish including specific cancers among other
debilitating ailments. These ailments combined with the current prescription drugs you’re now taking
they can kill you. years before your time. Marijuana or cannabis, this natural plant,
has the ability to have so many people and it’s as natural as these chickens in
their eggs. Well over a hundred thousand people a
year die from pharmaceutical drugs, this is tragic. With marijuana there are no warning
labels, they’re are no ugly side effects, it’s not
addictive and you can’t overdose – Nobody in history
has ever died from using and marijuana. That’s zero deaths in thousands of years. You can smoke it, but you don’t have to, if you don’t like
that you can vaporize it, and not inhale the
actual smoke produced from burning it. You can produce edibles from it, even butter
that can be used in baking and cooking and anything you eat. there tinctures, oils and tea’s
produced from these life-saving leaves. Most medical professionals unfortunately discourage you’re using
cannabis, few will even entertain the conversation. That’s because there’s no money in it for them. However, there’s more more medical information
available proving that you can live a better and
healthier life without the use of those prescription
drugs that your body and mind struggle with. Some doctors have ventured
into this area and they have documented unbelievable
medical results. You can find some of them and their
organizations listed below. And there are others too. You don’t have
to believe me, just venture to research a little bit
further and you’re going find what I’m telling you is true. This natural plant is curing cancers yes, I said it CURING CANCERS. Why try cannabis? Well, you’ve got the
answer right there in your medicine cabinet, and you have the answer on how they make you feel every day on those prescription drugs. Don’t miss
this opportunity of a lifetime without investigating for yourself what
medical marijuana can do for you. Believe me, empower yourself. I care about YOU, I do care about how you
feel, and I care about you having your life
back. Oh, and if you’re afraid of getting high from
cannabis? You’re gonna be happy to learn that
there are strains of this plant available that don’t get
you high at all… Unlike the combination of those
prescription drugs are already taking everyday. I hope this information truly helps you. You can lower your
medical costs dramatically, you can improve your health
and your life. There is a better way and you’re now on
your way to deciding for yourself what’s good for
you and your body. Please use this valuable resources that I have listed, write to me, tell me what you’ve done and how you’re feeling how it has improved your life. That is going to help others discover the
wonders of one of God’s greatest gifts to us. If
I can help you further, I will. If it’s not legal where you reside then
it’s up to you to help in changing those laws. Your
vote counts on this. If not for you, than for the others who
NEED this medicine. Watch some of the other videos, see how
you can help yourself, I know, I know there are other loving and
caring people who want to have your around for many many years to come. Don’t give up hope, you have now found a
natural path to a happier healthier life. Please copy this website address
and send it to others, you know friends, relatives, caregivers. The quality education here is free. You’ve got
nothing to lose but some of those prescription drugs. More & more medical studies and data are
coming out every day. I’d like to give a shout out to my wife
for all her help in the production of the segments. I also
want to thank you for listening today, you are worth every minute. Much love and peace my friends

29 thoughts on “Senior Citizens and Medical Marijuana | Seniors: Natural Cannabis Healing”

  1. What are some ways to benefit from the medicinal properties of Cannabis without getting high? What strains are you speaking of? Hemp? I ask because my grandma has lung cancer and is open to trying Cannabis to treat it, but she doesn't like the feeling of being high.

  2. Hey Scott, check out phoenixtears (.ca) and start there. You want him ingesting the solution in this case, not smoking it. Anyone can look up HIGH CBD strains, as they are usually 0-3% THC which is the actual ingredient that gets people high. That is "not getting high" as today's marijuana can range from 10-25% THC. – Hope that helps…

  3. Great video, Skip! Thanks for helping to spread the word about the many healing properties of our beloved cannabis. I really like your chicken coops too.

  4. Thank you Bill – I am glad you could appreciate it. I am on a mission and it is nice to hear how people feel I am doing. Happy New Year!

  5. Great video. Nice beard! It could be noted that THC does not exist in the RAW living plant. The bio-synthetic pathway ends with THCA. No THC = No High. Special plants are not necessary. Only the dehydrated materials begin to decarboxylate.

  6. Experts have indicated the origin of the Hebrew word קַנַּבּוֹס (qannabbôs) kaneh bosm to be cannabis. The error (calamus) occurred in the oldest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible, the Septuagint in the third century BC, and was repeated in the many translations that followed. The Septuagint translators were not botanists, calamus is toxic and may contain hallucinogenic properties, but does not for healing.

    This oil recipe is given in Exodus 30:22-25
    The public has been deceived on many levels. Early Christianity/Judaism was heavily influenced by cannabis. Here's some more info:

    Kaneh Bosm: The Hidden Story of Cannabis in the Old Testament
    The Holy Herb – Kaneh Bosm
    The Anointing One

    Also, the MENORAH, is in the shape of a cultivated marijuana plant. With it's buds all set on fire, and set as a light for the world to see…

  7. i simply cannot get past the fake beard. if you seriously wan to reach "normal", mainstream people with a message about marijuana, you need to attempt to meet them at least midway. your appearance is off-putting and would stop a manistream individual from hearing your message. your mission is commendable….your approach is not the best if you really really want to educate folks who know nothing about marijuana. they need to trust you in order to hear you. they are not going to trust a guy in a fake beard no matter how sincere he is. rethink and make another video with your message but insure more receptivity by looking more recognizable to the mainstream person.

  8. People have believed others based purely on their clothing or Title. Politicians with a suit & tie, Judges with a Robe, Cops with a Uniform, Medical Professionals (?) with their white coats, and even the Monsatans with their sterile lab look. But you know what? ALL of these people have fooled you and lied to you and continue to do so – So if I wear a clown outfit and tell the truth, then it is on you to know the difference.  Maybe YOU are believing in the wrong people.

  9. Brother, were on the same page. Thank You for your work. Check me out,

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