Sex + Food: Highlove’s Love Potion

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53 thoughts on “Sex + Food: Highlove’s Love Potion”

  1. Medicine Elders? Mark learned from people but don't even know what they are called. He is no medicine man just some hipster douche looking for a quick buck.

  2. So basically take every popular herb imaginable, mix it all up into some random witches brew, say it's good for your boner and tah-dah! …

  3. this guy talks so much without saying anything. he such a bullshitter! all his explanations for shit are just like the first thing to pop into his head. hes like, okay next is cinnamon. cinnamon is hot and spicy, so cinnamon gets us all heated up and ready to have sex! okay heres some ginger root, its a root, and basically it affects like, our roots like our legs all the way up to our genitals so its good for sex! rose… roses bloom and it just helps to like open up our heart to highs… or something. its so good for sex! what a fucking idiot.

  4. I would fuck with everyone other than the chef. Damn he's such an annoying turnoff. No wonder he needs an aphrodisiac.

  5. I posted a comment about hipsters mere seconds before switching the tab back and seeing this man. Coincidence? I think not

  6. Palmetto, maca, liquorice root, cacao roots, ginger, roses, tulsi, vanilla, astragalus, cocoa oil, goji, moringa/shatavari/ashgonda, Ci namon

  7. Shit was disappointing and unconvincing , dude was creepy and didn’t know what he was talking about (looks like the dad who kidnaps Ted in the movie), girl looked uncomfortable the whole time , was scared that an orgy or some shit was gonna happen

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