Spearfishing 🇬🇷 | CATCH and COOK🔥 – SEA BASS with Wild Herbs – Ψαροντούφεκο Λαβράκι Φρικασέ ✅

At Aidipsos I’m going over there once every year because of the hot springs have you ever been there? no.

At Aidipsos I’m going over there once every year because of the hot springs have you ever been there? no but i know about the place it’s totally amazing if you go over there with a girl you will come back with a kid,you have to know that that’s what happened to me I went over there with Ivanna for a weekend and i came back with a dog and a child! so i know now i didn’t know about the kid at that time ofcourse… i should go alone… yeah go over there alone i ll only go looking for seabass it’s funny when you come out of the water and another spearo comes by hey…hello how are you? all good my friend i was just here did you get anything? So what about Syriza(*politics*) you know it was a direct conversation change Along with Manolis,we decided to go for a dive at the South part of Evias gulf Few days after the strong South winds calmed down and against the weather forecast giving heavy rain We will visit four spots in total. Since he’s reeling in… it’s a good day it’s down low it’s a dentex! it was down low a dentex Enjoy it! Nice one man! Nice you said it there are dentex here Having a first good sign we will reach our first spot minutes later. Let’s see what the day has to offer. Will we eat fish? The baitfish moving around nervously makes me feel certain that there’s something bigger feeding around! Just four dives later,a group of males comes in from the deep I will choose the single one fish worth the shot and i’ll take it MAnolis thought at the same time… Will manage to shoot the first proper sized seabass! What have you got there Manolis? Let me see After changing two more spots… My chances of getting a proper seabass start and end right at this spot… When i fish for seabass and especially around posidonia… i avoid moving forward during dives The reason being that many times Seabass hide inside the lurking for baitfish or even stop for a rest… This video gives an excellent example on why you should be static on your dives! and why we call Seabass Ghost fish! They show up suddenly and out of nowhere almost every time! Having already looked at the posidonia on my left for three times I actually freeze watching the seabass coming out of it right next to me! What are you going to do with it Manolis? This is going to be cooked ”Frikase” with wild herbs Nice Let’s see Our fish is ready! So we’ll leave the fish right here To cut down our veggies Cut our leek The normal way Normally the way to do ”Frikase” Start’s the other way around by cooking the meat first when you do it with a kind of meat yes But because the fish Is way easier to cook than a lamp needing two hours to tender up So you start with the veggies you start with the veggies and when they are almost ready just 15min before they ‘re cooked the fish doesn’t need more than 15min The leek first yes because the garlic nly needs seconds es it burns up easily While we shaute our veggies we salt the fish so the salt goes everywhere we have alredy washed our wild herbs throw away the lower hard to chew parts of the herb and leave it like this so it stays on the fork when you eat it adding the second herb the lower parts are already taken out cut it in half put it in and all of these will decrease in size the herbs smell amazing this herb(marathos) is the only one we’ll cut down more When we use wine to cook We make sure the wine is good so our food is good too! Make sure it’s a good wine and not just one you don’t like drinking And wha’s even more important You must use the same wine you drink to cook the food! Unless it’s a very expensive wine So use the same wine Yes,you should use the same one Raphael didn’t even use the Sai that good Yes but im Leonardo i had a different weapon Leonardo What did he have? I think Leonardo had the pole The pole? you have the pole Add some wine You should tell use wich one of the ninja turtles had the pole and who the Sai and who had the… the Nunchucks We have to start from the more basic details… Which where the teenage mutant turtles names? It was Raphael Michelangelo Leonardo it must have been some other artist Raphael,Michelangelo We didnt say Raphael before,it was him Raphael,Michelangelo leonardo and…? we said Raphael already don’t know…we have to think it over The herbs are almost fully boiled So we can now add the fish Let;s do it Submerge it fully Nice Add some pepper First we separate and use the egg white leave the rest for later Start smashing the egg white until it becomes foam-like… And here is our Seabass that’s also like foam(it’s an expression for tender meat) Lke foam! Add the rest of the egg never stop pounding the eggwhite Don’t stop Don’t stop smashing it! Add some of the broth in our smashed egg Adding just a bit at a time right! So it goes up almost to the same temp with our food We don’t use a spoon no more so we don;t break the fish up do it like this Our fish is ready! Our first recipie is ready! Dive safe!!!

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