Take Medication the Right Way

Good morning, Gloria. It’s good to see you after surgery. Are you all right? You seem a little tired. It’s.

Good morning, Gloria. It’s good to see you after surgery. Are you all right? You seem a little tired. It’s the medication they gave me. I started taking it, but I stopped. I don’t like having to take more pills. Can I see your prescriptions? It says here to take 1 pill every 12 hours. What does this one say? Oh dear, this one says to take 2 every twelve
hours. I can’t keep this straight, and I don’t know
why I have to take this medication. I’ll sit here with you for a little bit. Why don’t you call to get answers about why
you’re taking the medication, and for how long you have to take it? Do you think I need to? It’s always good to check with your doctor
when taking medication, especially if you’re not sure about what you need to
take and why. I already take blood pressure medication. It’s hard to remember to take those pills
too. I take medication every day too. My doctor said it’s very important to take
medication as directed, even if I’m feeling well.The medication helps me stay well. Did you know that Kaiser Permanente has a
special tool that can help you keep track of your medications? Really? Look, it’s super easy to use. It’s called the
My KP Meds app. It makes it easy to remember what to take
and when. Even when you’re not at home. You can download information on all the meds
you take. You can set reminders, so you can take the
right medication at the right time. Do you think this can help me keep track of
these pills? Yes! It helps me remember to take mine at the right
times. It’s a great tool. You can clock to call for questions or advice
about your medication. I need that right now. My daughter is going to be so proud of me! You can share your medication list with her.If
you want, you can make notes of what you’ve taken and share it with her. That way she doesn’t worry. Another feature I use to help me keep track
is to take pictures of my medication. That’s a photo of the pills you’re taking? That is so useful! My goodness! If you had told me 20 years ago that we were
going to have amazing tools like this to keep us healthy, I would not have believed it!

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