Talkin Aphrodisiacs With Master Herbalist Derek Fleming Part 1 – Libido Secrets

We Have Master Herbalist Derek Fleming as a Special Guest On Our Show Today! I’m your host Denis Manzer. This.

We Have Master Herbalist Derek Fleming as a Special Guest On Our Show Today! I’m your host Denis Manzer. This is all
about the Libido Secrets.. so it’s kind of like I’ve got to just take this
opportunity to ask you some questions Derek! “Absolutely”! It’s kind of a rare
chance to actually meet with this man and this man is probably one of the…
“Masters of the bedroom?” This man has a gigantic amount of knowledge! “Thanks for
having me today! Appreciate being here! Always good to get
together and talk herbs!” So if any of you know the company New Earth Organics this
is probably one of the Calgary’s – well I guess you’re beyond Calgary now!
“Yeah so across the country we do ship a big worldwide little bit is the US but
mostly focusing on our local community! We’re kind of a different business model
if you want to take it from that perspective where we’re about connected
with people! I’m really passing on that knowledge, trying to facilitate like that
Taoist Tonic Herbalist approach! That Daily Tonic Herbalism” And if
any of you have tried any of the New Earth Products for sure there’s a
noticeable side effect… probably I think every single one of your products
Derek could be identified as an Aphrodisiac Herb! Every one! ” Yeah there’s
definitely argument for it for sure!” I for sure felt some tremendous benefits
and I want to ask you what your perspective is on Chinese herbs and how
they help! “Definitely Definitely! Like I think it’s
a whole mission of the herbs that we provide, these tonic herbs, but we really
try to focus on these three treasure tonic herbs right? Three Treasures… Jing, Qi and Shen.
Nourishing, right ? Those treasures and if you’re unfamiliar with the Three
Treasures you can do some research on your own… but we’re talking basically
about how the internal energy start to harmonize with each other!” ” Last episode
we did the metaphor… we talked about the metaphor of
the candle! so you can check it out! Building your Jing , your deep adrenal
reserve!” “Exactly!” “And from that you get a lot of Chi!” “A lot of Chi and like I
always like to say, a lot of vigor! Right?” “Energy!” “Energy… Vigor… and you know
when we talk about vigor people automatically think libido but vigor is so
much more than that!” “Endurance!” “Exactly! Endurance, Energy, Mood…
Right? If You Are Vigorous You Are Happy, you’re switched on, you’re more robust in
life, so yeah so we’re talking specifically today I think in this
episode also about the Jing energy! ” “Oh yeah yeah yeah! Getting Jingy WIth It” “The Foundation! Exactly!”
“Okay well I guess we’ll ask you about a few of the herbs that, well, I have been
really curious about so…” “Sure!” “First one I guess we’ve got it on hand here we
have got some of your Magnificent Elk Antler..” “Excellent!” “Truth be told if you have
this you will “Grow Horny” ( *Bellowing Elk Sound) ! “The Call Of The Elk!” “The Wild Animal Will Come Out Definitely!” “Can you tell us a little bit, like, what are the nutrient values,
what are the medicinal values that are producing this effect?
Why do I feel so good?” ” Yeah! Great question! Great question! Yeah
so Elk Velvet Antler just to clear up a little bit of confusion that a lot of
people think that it’s the velvet on an antler… It’s not! It’s actually the antler
in that stage of “Velveting” is what we like to call it. So it’s when this antler
is velvety is when they like to harvest it and so we take the tips of these
antlers which contain a ton of growth factors and regenerative substances and
levity factors and minerals and the list goes on and on and what I like to say in
terms of a nutrition stem is it’s really like this supercharged bone broth powder
so it’s giving you a ton of nutrition from the get-go so just to clear that up
it’s actually the antler in that time of year and it’s because
that’s the miracle of the antler exactly is there any substance in nature so neat
because every year this giant this animal like well every year they drop
their antlers and then every is in the springtime or they begin to grow back
and yeah if it had any of you seen an elk antler it’s this enormous massive
bone it’s beautiful gorgeous so this product you’re getting the growing tips
hmm exactly yeah in those growing tips are concentrated these concentrate
certain compound and say exactly yeah this chemistry that’s this regenerative
substances like certain growth factors certain unique chemistry like something
called panda Crenn panda crane is a substance that’s known to actually
enhance strength and vigor and actually inside you show ya and studies will
actually show that it increases muscle mass on the human body so these tips in
these antlers in general right are super regenerative super growing substances
even like I’ve said before if you’ve been in any of my talks but these
antlers can be clipped in the season obviously you made me just like you
would clip your fingernails and I’ve seen the videos yeah like apparently you
just need a big basket of dandelion greens and an elk and you have to get
into a giant fortified fence and then you hold the dandelion greens the elk
comes and now it wants those dandelion greens of maoism and that superfood you
clip them like toenails yeah and these elk live to great ages
because we want them to be as older as they can be because then you guys know
respect then you get also creator harvest of exactly more profound
substances and these substances found cause the regeneration of these antlers
in prolific amounts where even can grow back in a season up to six times they
can be clipped holy-moly they’re just so that’s such a
heavy leve factor rejuvenating factor regenerative factors so it was pretty
profound substances how that translates into the human body is a vast
cascade different areas from growing new
stronger more dense bones so there’s you I continue what we’d call it growth
factors definitely yeah among other chemistry you’ll even find there’s
reports of finding uh warmest gold this is like that so very mineral rich but
very chemistry rich I like to say so so would you say that these are just their
steroid but their precursors almost candy yet can be strudel an activity the
interesting thing is we find that when the human body consumes antler one of
the the benefits is proper hormone levels hormone adjustment hormone
building the interesting thing is is that in the amber itself so when we talk
about hormones like testosterone a well known strength vigor libido long do you
have any new tonic hormone we find that these levels start to increase in our
body in a positive manner but yet the antler itself doesn’t have the
testosterone in it it’s these cofactors in this energy
that’s helping our body become fortified in the strongest we can B’s we’re
producing testosterone from like the building material that’s in your exact
so which is it’s definitely different than say people taking testosterone
rejecting testosterone right is that word I cuz going out atrophy
would you see down because you know what that’s like when you’re taking a steroid
Allah says yeah your body will rely on those outside sources and not produce
its own exact same yeah the great benefit of this is your body is
producing its own sources analyst rich Manhattan substance yeah it’s
bringing you up to optimal right so I always like to explain more from an
energetic standpoint especially from the treat 3 treasure standpoint because we
can go blue in the face about chemistry because it’s fascinating but it’s more
about how does this chemistry translate together for you as a human is you as a
body right so when we’re talking about antler we find that it’s actually a
three treasure tonic so it’s got your Jane
your Chi and your shin in there so it’s a one size fits all in terms of building
the treasures when we’re talking about hormones and the testosterone and things
like that we’re talking specifically about the Jing energy so that
foundational vigor energy right that that longevity energy in the body the
interesting thing about this because we’re holistic beings and things
interact is that by building that Jing energy and building those hormones we
also find that Amur has a Shen quality to it as well so Mandler is one of these
substances that you can take at notice like right away you’re feeling more
switched on like I was saying more fortified more directed the ancient you
know thoughts and theories on antler is it’s it’s a really good substance to
take to obtain to to set goals to obtain and achieve those goals Wow it’s giving
you that because if you think of an elk right it’s a big body it’s one of the
big slam beasts we have in the area it’s firmly planted it knows what it wants
right it walks around it gets the job done he’s gonna drive me yeah I’ve put
it in soup and like I put it in a chili once nice then it was that amazing the
Maumee flavor that I like ran to work that day and night like and that’s
another really important thing about the other to talk about it is just that the
Tao how does it help the tendons and ligaments and joints and there’s this
whole thing about how it can totally regenerate broken limbs
yeah so it’s because these regenerative factors and getting back to talking
about the chemistry and we see things like chondroitin these anti-inflammatory
substances so there’s certain growth factors I’m Lucas called EGF which is
known to help build back so Pepa epidermal growth factor mm-hmm builds
back skin right epidermis we think of Skanda but also the cartilage and the
surrounding aspect of our joints right there’s nothing that it’s that internal
skin in the body yeah exactly swig of it exactly so it’s like a one-two punch for
any sort of Jo Payne and this is all actually that join
in inflammatory activities well backed up with scientific research yes some of
them was the interesting stuff out there they’ve actually done it with animals
who are totally unbiased don’t know what they’re having
you know they’ve done it with dogs where they found that it was super
regenerative substance yeah and also dose dependent so if people aren’t
getting that that function right away then they can maybe take a little bit
more or spread that dose out throughout the day but in these studies they found
that antler was more anti-inflammatory than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs whoa so it actually can replace your
NSAIDs right which in save that class right your your ibuprofen and your
tylenol that are knowing that hole in your stomach when you take it yes and
they’re known to be libido killers yeah yeah not life killers there’s something
about your joints and being sexy hey when you have back pain lower back pain
and you feel like getting jiggy yeah well not a cruise I know exactly you
want to be vigorous right yeah and this lower back is directly connected to your
adrenals right exactly yeah it’s one of the symptoms so any sort of lower back
pain knee pain anywhere lower burner they would call it is it signifying that
you have a jing deficiency or you’re low in that vigor energy in the body and
when you’re feeling this pain in your joints it’s really taking away from your
immune system it’s an immune because an immune response right yeah as Emily
this also takes from your hormonal system I mean this is the create
adaptogen herb that protects your body’s organs from the effects of stress and
when you’re protected from stress good things happen your testosterone level
stuff shoot up oh for sure yeah for sure I mean there’s some studies done where
they took police officers and gave them antler they’d have a 400% increase in
testosterone Oh huge amount and you know a lot of people think testily
thinking you know bedroom performance would you get true for sure by
testosterone is yeah yes yeah oh but it’s the testosterone is that youth
preserving hormone in the body it’s like one of the lead longevity hormones in
the body so the higher amounts and this goes for the ladies out there too so
when we think testosterone we think of men specifically but we’re talking about
men and women as women have testosterone as well
oh yes and especially in older age it’s so important for women to maintain
muscle mass exactly when we look at the human body so uh men for example out of
all the testosterone we have only about 2% of it is what we can utilize this
free testosterone now that testosterone can get bound up from toxins certain
process in the body will cause that testosterone aromatize so we want to get
that full on testosterone we want to keep it sustainable over time it tastes
like a mare oh yeah exactly oh that’s great that’s a beautiful thing to say
because antler is one of the only substances we know of in the herbal
kingdom that will regenerate your bone marrow mmm so when we look at gene we
find that jing is represented by a few areas in the body but one of these is
bone marrow so we find this Jing relating substance or building qualities
of antler builds back your bone marrow so it builds back you that’s some of
your most fundamental levels and that’s where our immune cells board all the way
blood cells are born in your bone marrow is our most important reserve of our
immune system well we Zoe this is a powerful of her
video yeah

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