I can regenerate anything. I haven’t had anyone come to me that you couldn’t regenerate. I had a spinal bifida.

I can regenerate anything. I haven’t had
anyone come to me that you couldn’t regenerate. I had a spinal bifida case, uh,
born without L4 and L5 – now that’s the lumbar to the kidneys. Three years on [a] raw [food diet]
she has L4 and L5. I’ve had cases of incredible regeneration. Spinal injuries, severe scoliosis… e-everything you can name, your body can regenerate. It’s incredible.
There is a blueprint. [Upbeat music] Hi, I’m Elle and today we’re talking
about… oh no, wait a minute, actually, I’m Gary with Gary Unfiltered
and Elle was nice enough to have me on her channel, so today Elle and I are
going to be exposing “Doctor” Robert Morse who likes to look at jars of urine and
stare at eyeballs for some unknown reason. Thanks so much for being here Gary. For those of you that haven’t heard of the good “Doctor” Robert Morse, he has a 100,000 sub-strong Youtube channel, as well as a clinic in Florida, a
website locked down tighter than Fort Knox and even a British business outpost
for his disciples to buy his detox plans and herbal remedies. Brought up on a farm,
when he was building a house in the 1970s, one of the men that came to work
brought nothing but raw food for lunch. That set Robert on a path to learning
about the so-called power of raw food and fruititarianism, which, as you might
guess, means that you eat nothing but fruit or a mixture of fruit and seeds. This journey led Robert to a Southern Baptist’s orange grove, where he ate
nothing but those oranges for six months. He readily admits that the diet caused
hallucinations, but claims that those hallucinations were really his
connecting with a higher power thanks to the better “chemistry” and “magnetics” of
that kind of diet, because no bizarre lifestyle description is
complete without a religious experience. To put it simply, Robert claims to
believe that the body can heal itself. His core teaching is that disease is a
myth pushed by Big Pharma and the food industry. There are reams of pseudo-scientific information by Robert designed to confuse the vulnerable into
believing that Robert is an expert that can be trusted, but to best explain the
garbage Gary will kindly read the simplest explanation written by one of Robert’s disciples on the Facebook fan page of a
cancer survivor. And it states: I am a detoxification specialist, trained under the world renowned healer Robert Morse ND. Cancer is a natural process the body
goes through when it is overrun with toxins where acids and cells are damaged.
The body encapsulates the damage to keep it from spreading. Children inherit
genetic weaknesses from their parents and toxins when they are hooked up to
their mom’s lymphatic sewer system in the womb, so the parents of children with
cancer are also at risk. People with weak adrenal glands (low corticosteroids) have
a harder time fighting these acids and are more susceptible to
damage, especially in genetic weak areas. Radiation and chemotherapy are
themselves acidic and only add to the damage long-term causing the cancer to
get worse and metastatise. The only way to get rid of cancer is to get rid of
its cause. Animal products (all meats, dairy, eggs)
refined foods (processed junk foods like chips, refined sugar, white bread, caffeine
etc), these all create metabolic acidosis and excess mucus production, which clogs
the lymphatic system, the sewer system of the body. As cellular and metabolic
wastes are trapped, the body becomes acidic, cells are stimulated and
eventually atrophy, beginning with genetically weak areas. This is the cause
of all so-called diseases. Toxins and parasites also play a role in damaging
cells. When we detoxify (clean and energise) the body with fruits and
specific regenerative herbs, our natural G-d-given diet (see Genesis 1:29), our
body is able to restore the damage and heal anything from acne to ALS including
all types of cancer. The media who relies on ad revenue and input from Big Pharma
and the food industry will not give consumers the whole truth for fear of
alienating their biggest supporters and losing their support. I personally know
many people who have healed from various types of cancer, some of them very
advanced, and other incurable diseases through the simple process of
detoxification. Visit to see many of
their stories of regeneration. Now back to you, Elle. Perfect, thank you. But yes, you did hear that correctly. Robert teaches – and then his disciples go
on to teach – that cancer treatment is harmful and that the body can fix itself
using the lymphatic system. I’m no doctor or any kind of medical expert, so I’m going to leave links that explain the lymphatic system to you guys in the
description, but essentially that isn’t how the system works, and that dismissal
of important medical treatment is genuinely dangerous. The way that they insert religious and spiritual beliefs into their so-called
expert knowledge of health and the body is an obvious red flag, but when you
remembered that there are plenty of people out there suffering, feeling lost
and hopeless in their lowest moments, the promise of a miracle without terrifying
medical treatment is an easy way to pull the vulnerable in and part them from
their money. Health fads and diets aren’t new either, and the sad truth is that so-called “alternative medicine” isn’t fully regulated. In fact, in the UK where
our laws tend to be stricter, the only regulations that exist are against herbal remedies that include the use of poisonous plants. As long as the remedies
aren’t marketed as a cure for something, then there’s a massive grey area that’s
perfect for snake oil salesmen. Looking at Roberts beliefs coldly, it seems
pretty obvious that he has no idea what he’s talking about, but he has a cult-like following that hang on to every word that he says. Take for example a Yelp review left on Robert’s Florida clinic. Anyone who gives less than a
five-star rev- Elle, where’s my background? Like, what happened? Ah, don’t this look much more prettier? Thank you, Elle. Anyone who gives less than a
five-star review in my opinion is either looking to blame him for their poor
lifestyle choices in life, haven’t given true health a chance, or they are his
competition looking to attempt to make them look bad.
There is no reason that Doctor Morse has or deserves less than a five-star. He is
one of the select few put on this earth to teach the rest of us about health. If
you are not open to listen, then keep struggling to find the answer [mocking aside] Confucius
say. You won’t find answers if you are not understanding the body. When someone hands you a winning lottery ticket you take it. [Aside] Straight to the bank, I would.
[Reading] Maybe some of you are not ready for the winning ticket, but we will all just
watch you from the mezzanine level and know that some people just don’t want to
win a lottery. It’s just that simple. Back to you, Elle! Those aren’t the words
of a client that’s had a good experience, those are the words of someone that’s
been brainwashed, and like I said before, the cult is spreading. Although Robert is based in Florida, one of his disciples set up a UK branch of his to sell his
remedies in Europe. If you want, you can also spend £1395
on a 14 week detox and book filled with pseudo-science that can be
debunked by teenagers that barely paid attention in biology. But then, there’s the £750 course so that individuals can waste their
money to claim that they have that official pseudo-science certification
from Robert himself, just so there can be more people out there happy to harass
cancer patients and survivors with blatant lies to make more money all
hinged on exploitation. The thing about the UK is that businesses are forced to be completely transparent by law. Robert Morse’s actual US-based website is another story altogether. When you click on that website, nothing meaningful can be read and no products properly shown unless you register as a member. After some
standard “about” words, there’s a helpful section to tell the public how to join. And this is where it starts to get really weird. It seems standard practice
for a pseudo-scientific set of beliefs to talk about how their false truth is
somehow being suppressed. The alarm bells really start to go off with the mention
that freedom of association is protected by two US Constitution amendments,
because as far as I’m aware, that isn’t a normal worry for a random US business.
But what’s really worrying is the next point. It says: “Activities are restricted to the private domain where State and Federal agencies have little or no jurisdiction.” Robert’s business is based in the US. If
illegal activity is going on behind some members-only website, then State and
Federal agencies absolutely have jurisdiction. Why would Robert be paranoid about the authorities looking at his website if there’s nothing illegal going on? To sign up for the website, there’s a standard need for a
name and email address, but then you need to go to a shopping cart page to “buy” the
free membership. Now, on an ordinary website, it’s easy to breeze through
clicking the box to agree what’s presumed to be a standard “Terms and
Conditions” page, but like everything else Robert Morse touches, there’s more than meets the eye. First, the “Membership Terms.” If you want to read through the whole thing – and you should – just pause the video, but I want to get specific. Aside from the manipulative mention of the US
Constitution that’s included to try and state the business itself can’t be held
liable for anything at all, this section is really troubling. According to the
“Membership Terms,” you are not allowed to look at anything on the website unless you’re already part of the cult, or interested in being part of the cult.
You’re not allowed to investigate and you are not allowed to share
anything suspicious that you may find with any regulatory boards.
And then, further down, there’s yet another mention of the US Constitution. At first I was startled by the fact that the word “evil” was included in supposedly legal terms
and conditions, but that’s actually a reference to the now-defunct “Clear and Present Danger Test” in US law, which basically talks about what limits there needs to be on freedom of speech, and was superseded by the “Imminent Lawless
Action” standard in 1969. So not only is Robert Morse ignorant about health, but
he also believes that US standards that haven’t been used in literally 50
years are relevant and will somehow protect him and his cult members from
legal action. The real problem with looking into Robert is that last line, though.
I don’t want to be sued. But like the “Terms and Conditions” state in the very
next section, we can withdraw from the agreement at any time. For any
trigger-happy lawyers, I’ll say again that I looked through the website
because I was interested, agreed to the terms on the website and then used my
rights to withdraw from the agreement and then decided to tell you guys about
it. So, no, I don’t agree that there’ll be any legal proceedings against me and I
have my freedom of speech because there’s no danger involved with my
speech. That good enough, Robert Morse? Perfect. 😉 Of course, there aren’t just the
“Membership Terms,” but also the usual “Terms and Conditions”. There’s more of the standard that I’ll let you pause and read. It shouldn’t be a surprise that
there are more of the same kinds of worrying additions, like the repetition
that you’re not allowed to use the site if you’re going to share the contents
with others who aren’t members or with any kind of Federal or State agencies.
And, of course, the business has absolutely no liability for anything
that happens ever. To finally become a member after agreeing to those
ridiculous terms, Robert then needs your full name, address and phone number
because of course he does. I’m not going to get into arguments with people that
are interested in alternative health because I don’t need the headache. The
thing is for anyone innocent that’s interested in learning more about their
health and think that Robert could help them, even the self-assessment page
states that even before doing anything else at all, they will have to pay $200 for a “personal protocol” that doesn’t even include any herbs! Not just that, but the self-assessment itself is a 12-page goldmine for Robert to exploit
any hint of weakness to try and shill his herbs. Aside from selling those herbs, the $225 for an initial consultation, and another worthless course for $1284, Robert has the audacity to have a
section dedicated for members to donate to him, with a drop down box it goes
from $1 all the way up to $100. The blatant cash crab isn’t the only
offensive part of the website, though. It’s not really a surprise that Robert
is anti-vaccination, but when he remember that the term “allopathy” means
“science-based modern medicine,” Robert is so dangerous that he claims that modern
medicine is harmful and the biggest killer of people today, all to line his
pockets. The cult surrounding him’s so toxic that individual disciples are out
there publishing books that, for example, tell people that they gave themselves
cancer and that with nothing but a change in diet, they can cure themselves. That kind of thinking is a death sentence to the vulnerable. It’s one thing for someone to believe in something that’s wrong and then spread it because they think that they’re doing the right thing. It’s still frustrating, offensive and even dangerous at times, but at least there’s a comfort that
they’re simply ignorant and need education. But, in my opinion, that isn’t
Robert Morse, because Robert Morse has allegedly lied about his credentials to
fool his gullible disciples. On his actual website, Robert gives nothing
about his credentials except for the ND, DSci and MH letters after his name.
ND means neuropathic doctor, Dsci is the incorrect DSc to denote Doctor of
Science, and I’m at least partially sure that MH means Master of Herbs, and no,
that isn’t a joke at his expense. As an interesting side note, 22 US states
regulate naturopathic doctors. Robert practices in Florida, and Florida happens to be one of the states where they’re not regulated at all. Like Gary read out earlier,
the website Grape Gate seems to be an officially sanctioned website
designed to give more people information about Robert, but his credentials there are different. Robert claims have degrees in
naturopathy, naturopathic medicine biochemistry, iridology, herbology,
nutrition and fitness, but is very cagey about where they actually came from.
His two alleged doctorates, one in biochemistry and the other in naturopathy, are claimed to come from Brantridge Forest School in Sussex, England. The problem with that is that the only
surviving mentions of Brantridge Forest school exist in classified ads from
decades ago, which only mention alternative medicine and philosophy-based degrees.
Not only that, but offering a “British degree” suggests that Brantridge could have been offering nothing more than a long-distance certification
mill service to make people look more intelligent than there were.
It’s also on a list of schools that have no accreditations, which I’ll link below.
Much more strangely, on the website Sacred Reality, Robert claims to have his biochemistry degree from Brantridge, but his
naturopathy doctorate changed to a naturopathic medicine doctorate from the
Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine, which is a school that was sued
by the state of Arkansas for selling fake degrees and scamming unsuspecting people.
It seems to me that if Robert had been genuine and found the degrees that
he’d been given were allegedly fake, then he wouldn’t continue to use them as an
excuse to claim that he’s an expert. Instead, he decided to change a story to
use a now-defunct school that can’t be found to hide what looks to be a lack of education.
To me, it looks as though Robert has created a world of
pseudo-science and spirituality to try and con as many people as possible to
give him as much money as possible. The older that he gets, more money is coming from brainwashed disciples that he can sell courses to so that he doesn’t have
to waste time with vulnerable clients himself. The man, in my opinion, is dangerous.
His disciples, in my opinion, are dangerous. And what he teaches about health,
from cancer to autism, is dangerous. So now that you’ve seen the basis of the alleged scam and who Robert Morse and his followers actually are, this is where Gary takes over. Follow the link for Part Two.
I’ll see you there. Like, comment, subscribe, ring the bell, or don’t do any of those things
because I’m not your mother. And, as we say in The Sims… Dag Dag! [Music]


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