The Mother of Holistic Medicine: Dr. Gladys McGarey

If you could change one thing in the healthcare system today what would you- what would you do? Put the.

If you could change one thing in the
healthcare system today what would you- what would you do? Put the patient back in the center.
Bring the patient back. Because the pat-
we’ve lost that. Can you explain a little bit?
I mean, how do you- You know, you go into the doctor’s
office and sit on the examining table and you’re sort of- you know, you think that you’re in the middle of this,
and probably not… So, how do you put the-
how do you put the patient back in the middle? Well, first of all you know for
one thing in order to have insurance proper- properly dealt with, you have to
have a diagnosis. And the diagnosis has to fit into some kind of a code and so, if you can’t fit the- that patient
into that kind of a code then, what does a doctor do?
You know, you have to find something. For years I struggled with that because
I thought, you know, I’m really not telling the truth here.
Because I know but there’s underlying problems here that are more important than what
I’m putting down here but I have to put this down
because this is what’s understood by the codes, that take up the codes, that pick up… So, where is the patient in that?
You have to put that aside in order to do this. So, we have to
get to the point where what the patient tells me are I observe by working with
the patient is pivotal If I, say for instance I tell a person to
do some kind of medication or something they tell me they get a ride or they
have a reaction to it. If I don’t pay attention to that, that’s really stupid
because that’s where the healing happens is with, what the patient is doing and
how they accept it and how the how they as an individual are dealing with the
disease process; Plus what it is that I’m trying to do for them. So, putting the patient
back into the center of the whole healing process I think is what has to happen.
And that means that life has to come back into it. So, we have to put our focus if a healing procedure enhances life,
like acupuncture, like homeopathy, like herbal medicines, like the stem-cell,
like my hip replacement- if the therapeutic procedure enhances life then
it’s part of living medicine because for that person that makes life better, just like for instance- I had a person-
a patient that was a, she had lung cancer.
And she had all the therapies and so on. She called me up and she said you know
they tell me “I have to have a blood transfusion. I don’t want it” and I said,
“Well, why not?” Well she’s afraid of aids and hepatitis- which is of course silly
because she’s dying of cancer. But you know, when fear steps in, reason steps out. and no matter what I tried to explain to her,
she couldn’t get it. She just, she was just afraid of that
until finally I said to her, “Well maybe…
maybe you could look at it this way. You know what a blood transfusion is? Some person in this world
loved you enough to give their life blood for you. That’s what a life- that’s
what a blood transfusion is. So, when she was able to take her energy off of fear,
and put it on to love, she was able to get the blood transfusion. She didn’t- it didn’t cure her cancer. But she lived another six
months more involved with life, because of the blood transfusion. So, it’s taking the
patient and putting them back in the- in the process instead of just saying
“Well you need a blood transfusion- If you don’t get it, you’re going to- you know, whatever.” You know I actually feel more alive now than when we started the conversation. -So, thank you. Thank you very much
-Oh, thank you. Thank you. for the privilege of getting to
talk with you like this. and I’m so glad that Natural Partners can help share your message. And I’m so grateful to you for, making Natural Partners, Magical
-Isn’t life wonderful? whatever magical way it is. Yes it is…

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