The Truth About Herbal Supplements

if you purchasing consumer herbal supplements then you are part of the five billion dollar-a-year American market for them but.

if you purchasing consumer herbal
supplements then you are part of the five billion dollar-a-year American
market for them but after this video you might second-guess continuing doing that I a Canadian group tested forty four
different bottles a popular supplements different herbal supplements sold by 12 different companies and they
have the results they did this technique called but genetic fingerprinting its DNA
barcoding basically they look for these genetic fingerprints on the different substances
and they can figure out what in it and what not it and that what they’ve got knows that all
too often up to 30 the time what it says is on the bottle is not
actually in there and many things it does not say on the bottle or in fact inside a bit things are
generally they found that pills labeled as popular herbs were
often deluded or replaced entirely buy cheap fillers like soybean week and
rice and to give you some specific examples
so out two bottles labeled as saint john’s work which studies have shown may
treat mild depression contained none other than the disorder
but instead the pills and one bottle were made up nothing but rice in another bottle contained only
Alexandrine Cena an Egyptian yellow shrub that is a powerful laxative yeah a lot of things that cause
flatulence and and rashes some things that could they can cause severe allergic reactions
it’s not even on the the label no what I love this help maliciousness
play guys make a mistype site all right now I
don’t know if mcenroe give them anything you know it we’re
gonna fuck with murder all yeah are some great stuff man I get really to
put some popularized with them but the ego and extra step to Miley let’s make this shit up a storm way this
though some laxatives in there all the other institutional yeah x8 Johns wart yeah you’re depressed and
you have the shits I yeah lol I mean a lot of people I think
most people understand that you can’t necessarily trust these label say that a
lot of people they see them as like being like B-twelve it says that the
item in I did anything is all this story yeah it
was a soccer than this is following many previous studies
indicated that what’s on the label might not actually be in there but is the
first when using a DNA barcoding which is much more precise than actually
provides proof that these things are in or not in them and so %uh what people
might be surprised to find out is that while most medicines most actual drugs that
are sold as medicine need to be shown and proven to the FDA
that they are safe and that they actually do what they claim to do the supplements are not in there was a
1994 law in fact that said that unless you can show that they’re
dangerous in some way %uh like a consumer Saikat you sell them
you know the PRU that has anything despite all this claim in the back in
the bottle nobody reads a pays attention to and you
can sell now it’s okay corporations always naturally do the right thing yes
yep so they’ll even say that there’s like 30 self-reporting will happen you if they
don’t do the right thing then then the word I’ll get out no one will
buy their product and will go bankrupt and that Howard yeah the libertarian bragging rights
what Iran’s yeah that’s right and then has all those libertarians are shooting
up a storm I bring markets going right through me I okay look I never believed any other
stuff I mean you re some the labels I found it hilarious like 10 my once read somebody gonna go get
something executive getting sick and I was like like week you would find a native
american plane amid ignored I on a plane I mean yes I what is what is that a and it is very
different I debated complaint I never believed any other stuff except
I miss I’m also soccer and I know I am but I do I don’t know I
get like I do airport right so that’s a different kind apply I
know I have no idea with what I have made a huge losses you
know him well no it makes me feel better I like that you
know he is seeing its I feel like I’m doing something I was going to sit there naked you know
so well and it was invented by Imam see no it’s good yeah doctors you have a better way w/ lefties
I know I’m being an idiot when I use it well I used to buy these things the
because I first moved to LA you know it’s very overwhelming and I did take us
out should provide a year and so I I used to take these have pills that they’re like little capsules
uva hot pepper things whatever cap see in these column whatever and that was shown to life the spur help
your digestive sys ice the pop those all time I wonder what with as probably more
so about a shit for all year because I was all black today I how do I
thought it was cuz I was anxious but it turns out taken is cramming yet
though %uh so don’t worry though tested stepped on
gap nerves the chief science officer for the American botanical Council which is
a nonprofit group that Kercher’s you to use these new tire supplement says: overall I would agree
the quality controls and issue in their bill industry but I think that once represented here
is overblown I don’t think it’s as bad as it looks according to the study on if I’m paying like eighteen dollars
for pills that are filled up with rice I I feel like there’s an issue in
america well then they’re not identifying the exact Brians because
they don’t want to receive a massive lot of pushback from lawyers but this is a big problem and nothing is
going to be done about this I would assume ok walls of course it was gonna be like
on another cause those companies a ton of money and I and hence I won’t
get any political donations from you know others like out what to protect
consumers in america who you think what do you
think we have a democracy know nobody cares in the bill run amok
and showing my consumer donor list worth picking alright I I don’t have one
of those hacer 60 years women do about this big here

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