Thérapie/Therapy – Court-métrage/Shortfilm about madness 2019 (eng-fr sub)

You’re my last hope This girl is upset, and if we can’t make her realize what happened even in front.

You’re my last hope This girl is upset, and if we can’t make her realize what happened even in front of you I think that we will have to find another solution If anything change, if she continues not to understand what happened, What we will do ? At her next consultation, I will explain to her that I can’t continue to take care of her anymore and I think that we will not have the choice… Oh… The hospital… You know that it will be really hard to me to see the gravity of her situation You didn’t explain to me neither her trouble nor the reasons why it appeared Her name is Astrid Tessier and she is 19. And I think that you don’t need to know something else about her for the moment You didn’t tell her the truth ? Of course I did ! Many times ! Sometimes she has the sense of rationality and she sees things as they really are, but it changes nothing and she becomes violent and lost every control… And after she acts as if nothing happened So, I just let some of her out and I hope that she will realise by her own That’s why I wanted your help I am Astrid’s treating physician from birth, maybe in front of someone she didn’t know she will finally tell the truth Oh ! Fuck ! I didn’t see the time If I had stayed dreaming 5 more minutes, I would have been late Wait ! You’re early like every day And your doctor is open-minded, if you are late he won’t blame you You’re probably right You leave house for how many days ? Only for the weekend I’m back in 2 nights And you have your new boyfriend close to you I don’t like when you left home 2 days is not a long time My fathers are waiting for me I left home one weekend a month Astrid… My brother doesn’t go to my parents’s house You understand that they want to see me I understand You can tell them for me I said ‘Hello’ I promise Let’s go, you will be late for real You’re right. See you sunday ? See you ! How are you today ? As everyday. Perfectly Astrid, this is Mrs Dupuis Mrs Dupuis is psychiatrist, she is here today to learn more about you and to etablish a diagnostic about your pathology… So, are you going out right now ? Yes ! Often ! And… nothing special to tell me ? I saw my mother yesterday her weekly visit but she seemed really worried I think that she doesn’t like Eleen when I talk about her, her facial expressions change however, Eleen is my friend since my childhood and my mother truly appreciated this girl at least, i thought… I don’t understand her You know Astrid, your mother has her own troubles She told me that you don’t call her often It’s false ! I told her many things, things really cool because she seemed sad I told her my evening with Eleen from the previous day It was awesome ! I haven’t laughed so hard Astrid ! You need to meet new people ! Eleen is your friend, I know, but…You understand… But I don’t understand the meaning ! I don’t need someone else ! and Eleen either ! We are happy together ! We peacefully wake up in the morning, we drink our cup of coffee, we spend our day laughing, going out, watching movies, when we don’t work obviously ! We live our youth ! I’m sure you have known this too You’re a psychiatrist ? Nice to meet you Mrs Tessier I love your jacket ! I would like to have the same Thank you, that’s kind Astrid, you have to tell your story to Mrs Dupuis I don’t know what to say What is your problem ? I don’t have problem ! Astrid ! Mrs Dupuis only wants to know you ! Tell her your life Astrid ! Eleen My life is Eleen, that’s it So, tell me about Eleen She is beautiful, She is kind, She is always nice to me, She is here for me since the beginning of our friendship She is my friend My only and true friend Keep going Astrid ! We live together for a long time now After my 18 years And since this moment, I’m having the time of my life It’s time to do it ! That’s easy to say it for you Look, you are gorgeous, you’re outgoing, full of confidence Oh god stop it But this is only the truth ! I’d love to be like you It’s time to talk to him ! Yo can’t still stalking him, look at his photos… Seriously girl ! I wouldn’t dare do it I’m the less interesting girl He seems so smart, full of culture and sweet The only thing you really know about him is that he moved in our building 2 months ago Maybe he is an idiot arrogant and unbeara… Impossible ! And whatever ! He still beautiful So you ? Me… I’m not watchable… You’re gorgeous For me, you are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met Look! Do you remember the time when we began our sixth grade ? We thought that our real life will start : spending our free time out with friends, our first boyfriends… I fell in love with the most beautiful guy of our class I can’t remember his name… Karim ! Do you remember ? I didn’t know how to talk to him… I felt so ugly, fool, horrible Astrid, thanks to you I became confident I was making me look good, I began to be more open-minded And finally this little Karim became my boyfriend ! Even if he was only be for 3 days I’m grateful for that I became, thanks to you, a new person It’s why I want to help you ! You really want to help me ? Of course ! Attract him ! What ? I’m serious, You know how to act with boys Me, i’m just ridiculous Astrid ! What are you saying ? I can’t do it ! Do it for me What’s your plan ? Usually, at 4pm, he’s out with his friend at the park, they talk Take a book and sit on the other bench You only have to ignore him and do some things like… touching your hair, caress your book He will follow you and say something like “I’m sure we have already seen each other” Use your smile ! I think he likes smily girls How do you know ? I don’t know, it’s a hunch However, it’s important, you have to be friends real friends ! So that he can come home Obviously ! I need to meet him one day ! What can I say to him ? I don’t know ! He is really cool and open you know ! Don’t worry it will be okay No ! Seriously ! I don’t want to anymore ! Let’s stop the plan I don’t want to see him like that, look at my face ! He will not find me pretty He is only going to see you, i feel so ashamed… This dress doesn’t fit me at all ! I don’t want to meet him this way Please, let’s do something else It wasn’t a good idea… let’s cancel the plan We didn’t do all this for nothing ! Be more confident Astrid ! But please… Hi ! Hi ! how are you ? fine, u ? Perfect ! The path wasn’t too hard ? I almost lost myself ! Come in ! Thanks You can sit down ! Thank you Do you want a drink ? I’d love to Beer, soda…? Beer, please ! Okay ! Oh ! my roomate will be here in few time Okay Nice to meet you So ? I feel I already know you ! Eleen doesn’t stop to talk about you What I have to answer ? I don’t know… A stranger knows everything about you… you’re not afraid ? Afraid ? What for ? No, I’m not ! If it’s your purpose, good luck ! I don’t think it’s my purpose but I don’t know, Your answer gives me doubts, I can change my goal You can try ! What do you like in life ? I thought you knew everything about me ? You’re such a malignant ! I don’t like to tell everything about me the first time I meet someone It’s true ! This provides some mystery Otherwise you will be desinterested about me I would be surprise ! I could not leave this home if you say anything about you That’s blackmail ! Get home safe ! Goodnight ! It was really cool ! Come back whenever you want ! I go to bed, i’m really tired ! Kisses , i love u Me too, goodnight ! Goodnight ! That’s how it ends, that’s it ? I’d say that’s how it begins ! I will see you again ? Probably So, see you soon ! My favorite movies are about romance seeing people loving each other giving their time and life thanks to words and actions That’s so beautiful Since when ? I think that’s when I discovered Titanic, I was 9 I’ve really began to be interested about love stories It fascinated me… I think this film took a huge place in my heart But no film equaled Titanic The movies about romance, I just can’t… There is always a moment I feel embarassed Or I realise that my life, compared to the two lovers one’s is totally deserted and insignificant I can’t believe ! I’m pretty sure you are overbooked, with several girls at your feets, an exciting life… Believe me ! That’s not the case ! I have misjudged you You’d been watching me ? No ! I have noticed you, that’s all ! Be more precise Okay ! I’d been watching you… Why didn’t you want to tell me ? There isn’t any problem i’m flattered ! especially because I like you What type of music do you listen ? Frankly, every type ! I love this song ! Then, we danced After our first kiss of yesterday, I can’t stop thinking about him I’m over the moon… I can’t do without him, and he can’t do without me ! I don’t have any doubts about his love for me Eleen and him, He and Eleen : the 2 people who are keeping me alive I don’t have any problem, and I will have none if they stay close to me Thank you That’s all for today Astrid, you can go Tell me her story ! Her life seems perfect ! Why Astrid’s mother would her daughter to see you ? But all the things she said are her version of events That’s only what is in her brain whereas the truth is more complicated Hello, sorry to interrumpt but I have found your courrier in mine, so Don’t worry, you never interrumpt Hum.. Anyway, excuse me, I have to go No ! You have just arrived ! Do you want a coffee ? Oh no, you know I have to… Just 5 minutes for my sake ! Hum… Okay , sounds good ! Explain to me A girl who seems happy, always with her best friend Eleen They know each other since their childhood At her 18 years, Astrid left her home and moved in with Eleen in Paris They are happy together I’m glad you’re fine You are so sweet… No, that’s just normal And, I was not the only worried in the property I’m relieved You smile, you seem fulfilling In the property…? But one day, everything changed Fabien moved in , she fell in love so fast However, she didn’t know how to talk to him Astrid is really shy When Eleen learnt it, she became odious with Astrid I’d love to be like you Why are you telling me this ? Nothing… That’s only an observation I have to do it Okay, What happens ? I think i’m in love Scuse me ? I’m in love But… with who ? Our new neighbour… I’m sorry ! I know that I had to tell you earlier but… But I don’t care ! You never should have telling me What ? But You don’t know this guy ! Maybe he is an idiot arrogant and unbearable It’s impossible And And whatever ! He still beautiful She tried to persuade her that Fabien wasn’t the right person She debased her, and she liked to That’s the point, He will never want you That’s true, look at him, look at you He wouldn’t even look at you You see when we walk in the street you and me, Everybody’s only looking at me You have to accept it Sweetheart, trust me, you have to forget him Promise me that you will never thinking about him anymore You’re my half Forever Thank me, I saved you a period of sadness I promise Astrid did as if nothing happened But one day, Astrid felt that their friendship was stronger than this How can she address Fabien ? She needed Eleen’s help But… But this is not what happened Listen to me I will never do this I will never do this ’cause you’re fucking not good enough for him How many times I have to tell you ? And we are perfect together, why do you want to ruin everything ? We don’t need anyone But Eleen… I do love him You don’t This is not love You’re going to get that idea out of your head right away This words were horrible and scary It’s after this day Astrid understood that Eleen could be truly violent and malicious if she didn’t act as she wanted There is no reason to be worried, i’m fine Since this tragedy, nobody sleep normally This is so terrible… What tragedy ? You’re scaring me, what’s wrong with you today ? Sorry, please, i’m really clumsy I totally understand that you don’t want to talk about it Fabien… Are you crazy ? No but, forget it, it’s not what I wanted to say, I’m sorry Eleen hurt Astrid but on the other hand Astrid thought it was her fault that it was the result of her behaviour She tried to do as if everything was fine even if it was difficult… It was impossible to her to imagine her life without Eleen, her half So, obviously… But… A wednesday… You told me you’ve turned the page ! You lied to me You continue to think about him He appeared and wow I don’t exist anymore ? Answer, cunt Don’t ever insult me again Eleen If you don’t answer, I’ll smash your head, bitch Eleen, You already know that you are the only one who means to me Without you, I can’t go on, but You can’t stop thinking about him, wanting him And me ? You totally forget me I’m just a fucking accessory I told you that I didn’t want him to come into our life I have repeated it many times Fuck ! What is hard to understand ? Are you dumb ? You’re mine, only mine Don’t ruin our life Our life…? Fuck ! Eleen ! We don’t share a life, we both have one You need to understand that you are not the center of the universe And shit ! You need to understand that someone else can interest me We’re supposed to be friends I just don’t understand you… What are your real feelings ? There are not any feelings anymore This relation was unhealthy, perverse and destructive After this important fight, Astrid never saw Eleen again But…Durin the consultation she said they were inseparable and everything was to the top This is the problem After this, Eleen commited world’s worst act She killed herself 6 months ago I’m serious, I don’t see what are you talking about About Eleen ! Eleen ? Eleen’s suicide What ? Are you drunk ? Listen, I understand that our kiss of yesterday has messed up your head Mine too to be sincere I can’t stop thinking about it but Astrid, we never kissed Wait Are you serious ? We never kissed Astrid ! But I love you but this is not funny anymore This is the first time we really talk You’ve never address me Me either… I never would have to Because I’m in a relationship Astrid ! What ? Maybe you’re confusing me with someone else Don’t worry I can understand I think I would have difficulties to peacefully continue my life if I lost my bestfriend I’m so stupid ! I’m sorry… I never should have talk about it I’m truly sorry… Will you excuse me for a minute ? She is so confused She mixes her imagination, her wishes, the real facts I hope she will realise one day that her madness doesn’t stop growing All this story could be really worrying… I’m convinced that this story could be dangerous. If your brain was good-hearted, I might’ve let you live. If your heart was mine, believe me, I would have continue to love you

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  1. Marine c'est juste magnifique, sublime, éblouissant, puissant, beau, exquis, tout comme toi. Ça m'a réellement transporté. J'ai pas les mots tellement c'est … Bref, j'ai pas les mots. Bravo, félicitations, ton talent ne faut que progresser. Hâte de voir ton prochain court (peut être long) métrage !!! ❤️❤️

  2. Wow ! Super travail ! Je trouve que ce court métrage est hyper bien réalisé et les acteurs sont top . L’histoire est très intéressante j’ai beaucoup aimé , vraiment bravo , l’idée est très innovatrice je ne m’y attendais pas mais je suis surprise dans le bon sens . J’ai hâte de voir de nouveaux courts métrages car ils sont de mieux en mieux réalisés je trouve . 😊

  3. Milenka is a scary bad b*tch OMG !! C'est beaucoup mieux on voit les progrès et l'évolution continue Marine ! Des fois la caméra tremble légèrement, perso ça me dérange mais je sais que c'est pas le cas de tout le monde et c'est pas si grave que ça. L'histoire est prenante, c'est bien joué bien réalisé, Gabriel son rôle lui va tellement bien mdrr et Lucie devrait se lancer dans les make up de films d'horreur. Franchement mon court-métrage préféré pour le moment, l'histoire est plus prenante que la peur au cœur et les musiques aussi sont bien choisies ! Félicitation à vous et à bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures

  4. Super bien ! Petit bémol selon moi aux alentours des 28minutes quand Eleen plaque Astrid contre le mur on y croit pas trop. Elle y met pas assez de force je trouve (je sais c’est pas simple…)

  5. J'ai enfin eu le temps de le regarder dans son intégralité et franchement c'est énorme juste incroyable 👌👌👌👌

  6. Whoua, jute whaou!! J'admire beaucoup ce que tu fais vraiment, ce court métrage était juste top !! ❤️

  7. mdr au debut cest un triangle amoureux y a la meuf au cheveux chatain elle le gas le gas aime la meuf au cheveux rouge et la meuf au cheveux roug elle aime la meuf au cheveux chatain

  8. Coucou Marine ! J'ai enfin pris le temps de tout regarder en entier (je me réservais une aprèm posée pour bien regarder attentivement ton nouveau court-métrage) et bravo !! J'aime beaucoup tes acteurs.trices comme toujours, qui savent très bien hypnotiser le spectateur par l'aura que tu leur donnes à travers tes histoires et tes personnages. J'ai ressenti beaucoup de choses tout le temps : peine joie, peur ! C'est très réussi ! Magnifique <3
    La relation Astrid/Eleen m'a aussi fait penser à celle de Norman/Norma (Psychose, Bates Motel).
    J'espère te revoir bientôt !
    Ton Jbeyyy 😃🎸❤️

  9. Oh mon Dieu Marine c’était exceptionnel attends mais c’était une montagne russe d’émotions la transition entre la première partie et la seconde je l’ai pas vue venir tu m’as fait passer du sourire aux larmes wow j’ai vraiment adoré 😩❤️❤️❤️ t’as beaucoup trop de talent

  10. Woo il y pas longtemps j'ai vu " La Peur Au Cœur" j'ai adoré mais j'avais pas consulté la chaîne… Ban la vous êtes apparu dans mes recommandations je regrette pas… Il étais vraiment super se court-métrages… Ban chapeau 👏🏻

  11. Yo Marine!
    J'adore vraiment, l'histoire est très bien écrite, les acteurs et actrices sont géniaux, on sent beaucoup d'émotions et c'est incroyable de découvrir tout les points de vue (réalité, fantasme, confusion) ça m'a fait penser légèrement à Inception dans l'idée de se perdre entre rêve et réalité, et ne plus pouvoir distinguer la conséquence des actes qui suivent.
    Je l'avais déjà vu, mais j'avais ommis d'y laisser un avis!
    Continue comme ça ma belle, t'es géniale!
    Des bisous!!! <3
    Sonia GK

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