Top 3 Treatments For Asthma That Are Not Medication

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  1. I was hoping to hear something I didn't already know, then I saw the air purifier sitting there. Honestly, does any person with asthma not aready know this stuff? 😕

  2. My trigger is my whole environment. My Pulmonologist said I have Hypersensitive Airway Disease. It began with the wildfires. Doctors thought it was Asthma.

  3. I’m 37 now. Diagnosed with asthma around 3 or so. Spent a week in the hospital with a collapsed lung around the age of 12. Spent I don’t know how many evenings at my allergist’s office growing up trying to stave off a trip to the ER. Cold weather, dust, cat/dog hair, and exercise were the greatest threats to my lungs. Needless to say, my asthma has been pretty bad for most of my life.

    All of that changed around the age of 30 when I decided to very gradually take up what was once my mortal enemy: running. Long-story short, I didn’t get rid of my asthma, but I’ve managed to control it so well that it’s been about 7 years since my last aerosol treatment, I don’t walk around with my inhaler any longer (haven’t in years either), and am in the best shape of my life.

    I don’t think it necessarily has to be running, but I can’t recommend enough very SLOWLY introducing routine cardiovascular exercise into your life. My lungs have never been stronger as a result of doing this.

  4. I need a good air cleaner -will have to check that out – have you got something for the virus that may be coming ?????????

  5. My top 3 cures: 1)other people stop burning things, especially wood stoves. 2) other people stop using scents, including dryer sheets 3) other people stop smoking . Can’t do anything about other people

  6. Thank you for sharing. I don’t have healthcare and have to rely on going to the ER almost monthly. I’ve been on steroids, and corticosteroids for almost 10 years. Been trying to switch over to eating plant based and find a good Air purifier. I appreciate the work you guys are doing and the knowledge you share. I will be asking for this book as a birthday present this year.

  7. I was a vegetarian for 19 years and my asthma kept getting worse. When I went keto my asthma almost disappeared and I went off all the maintenance drugs, and now mostly carnivore I rarely touch my inhaler at all.

  8. I haven't been checked for asthma, but up until almost a year ago, usually after eating I would find it difficult to breathe then I'd have a panic attack. It was becoming daily. My cure was a couple of swiggs of really gassy lager (also a relaxent)! If you can burp without a beer, then I'd recommend doing that instead of course! Soft fizzy drinks don't seem to work as well for me.
    Last summer it got really bad. I now know my main triggers are:
    .Potatoes (&potato starch)
    .Anything from the Nightshade family
    .Peppers (All colours)
    .Red meat if it's too chewy/heavy
    .Making sure I don't go too long without eating as it seems to make things worse no matter what I eat afterwards.
    I'm still learning and discover new triggers occasionally, but avoiding these had made a huge difference and I rarely get breathing issues now! I suffered for over 25years!
    Thank you Bob & Brad for all your great tips!😎

  9. I use Wim Hof Method (just the basic breathing) and Bas Rutten's 02 trainer. Works for me.
    I'm also addopting the Blue Zones Diet

  10. My brother grew out of his asthma, I grew into mine. My mom was a very heavy smoker. When I lived in very humid part of Mexico my asthma was a little better. I don't think it's completely accurate to say it's diet caused. But I'll look into it. My triggers are laughing and exercise.

  11. Asthma is so hard to figure out, & I don't think the answers are same for everyone (other than obvious stuff like smoking). I grew up in MD, very severe asthma all the way through high school. When I moved to AZ at 31, I was able to go off all asthma meds (plus my allergies vastly improved, as did my eczema). Yet I've talked to plenty of people who GET asthma when they move to the desert. I had never before heard about food-based options for treating asthma, so that's interesting. Bottom line, you just have to experiment with various factors till you find what works for you. Once in a great while I'll wheeze a little bit, but I'm so glad that my days as a wheezer are gone. 😎

  12. My wife, when she was still my girlfriend, suffered with asthma and carried an inhaler. When she moved in with me, her asthma improved to the point where she didn't own an inhaler for about 20 years. Ironically, she was mostly vegetarian. This was mainly because her parents believe in the traditional cooking methods of overdoing everything and she just didn't like 'well done' meat. When she discover 'rare' meat – her meat consumption went up considerably, she now eats meat most days, sometimes several times a day. I'm not claiming that cured her asthma, but at least in her case it didn't cause it. I actually don't know what the cure wad, I suspect her parents house contained some allergen my house didn't.
    Also – her parents didn't have pets, but I had a cat. Several, over the years. We don't have many carpets, though. Most rooms have wooden floors or tiles. Her parents house was carpeted throughout….

  13. 1. could be, but usually are toxins in plants problem. Eliminating plants completely solved many my problems among others allergies and consequently asthma, GI problems, bloating, …. Of course maybe that person was allergic to casein. I still agree if vegan guru wrote anything into book it might got something accidentally right. 🙂 For majority works much better become carnivore (or regular keto) and reading dr. Paul Saladino or. dr. Shawn Baker books.

  14. I've had severe asthma all my life. Was hoping you had some "magic" exercises to share with us, to help it. Nice video, anyway

  15. You guys are outside your scope of practice. Plant-based bullshit! Some of most hyper-allergenic foods of all are plants. Grains, nuts, legumes, essential oils, and on. No one is allergic to chicken soup. Why? Because the animal is dead, its defences are deactivated (with perhaps the exceptionof the koala bear that eats eucalyptus to make their flesh inedible. It uses plant toxins as a defence. The plant's defences are active when consumed unless they are fermented. You guys should stick to orthopedic exercise.

  16. I was diagnosed with Asthma 5yrs ago, but also had GERD for 15yrs. Recently changed to the Keto diet, GERD went away in a month and so did my Asthma and chronic coughing. Turns out acid reflux causes Asthma like symptoms and coughing/nasal drip.

  17. If you have asthma and your just accepting you have asthma you don't care enough to learn about it. Your asthma is by hormone imbalances from processed food and inflamation from again processed food. I was a devere asthmatic wheezing like a pug. Now nobody believes i had it. Only time it acts up is in 20 below temperatures.

  18. You guys are so awesome, about 70-80% of your videos are so timely as to what is currently going on in my or my family's lives.
    Thank you. ….Keep up the 'G'ood work !

  19. What works for one person may not work for another…try, if it works, fine, if it doesn't try something else. Every Body is different. Keto is good for some, veg is good for others, both together are good for others. These guys are just offering information. What you do with it is up to you. Thanks for the info Bob and Brad, it gives me something to think about.

  20. You must dry the windows in the morning after a cold night with a humidifier running…Be careful with sonic humidifiers. I suggest Exercise untill your out of breath…i know people with asthma know this but maybe the newbies don't.

  21. Thank you for the video. I have Asthma but it is under control now. The air purifier sounds interesting and will have to look up for one.

  22. These suggestions may well be very helpful. But as physical therapists you should be aware of a physical therapy that made a huge difference in my life. I learned from this book (long out of print):

    The author is an actor who was stopped by asthma from his first love, opera, until he learned a breathing exercise that came from yoga in India. I'm not claiming it can cure any severity of asthma, but I have used it to break up asthma attacks without using medication, and to do aerobic exercise outdoors in the cold when that used to be a trigger for me.

  23. Homeopathic remedies exist to treat asthma and related ailments. Antimonium Tartaricum is really something and is made by a company called Boiron in France.

  24. I was diagnosed with asthma as a child. I had severe attacks. Doctors prescribed medications and told us that I shouldn’t exercise home or school. I carried an inhaler with me on my first marathon. I no longer own an inhaler. Cycling with no problems. I do have allergies. I live in North Texas. Great information again…😀.

  25. I've got exercise induced asthma and I'm an avid runner. I found that if I cut out all dairy products from my diet for a few days to a week that my asthma goes away. Dairy causes gut swelling with me and diarrhea if I have too much, so I thought it might contribute to my inflamed lungs. Unfortunately, even though I know my cure I enjoy extra cheesy pizza too much and I deal with my life choices 😂

  26. Best advice ever…Dr. Michael Greger – "How Not to Die". Dr. Greger is "My Doctor" and if any of your listeners are suffering from any of the top 15 killers in the United States, then he should be their Doctor too! I had many ailments disappear after 5 months of being on a strict whole food plant-based diet. To name a few, I had chronic calf issues – couldn't run, arthritis on the big toe of my right foot – foot Dr diagnosed with $500. orthotics, range of motion issues in my neck, high blood pressure, sleep issues, ED, memory issues, skin issues, headaches…all gone! Sub'd, Thumbs Up!

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