Treating Schizophrenia with Antipsychotic Medication (1 of 4)

I think the data on whether a psychotic patients should be treated with an antipsychotic is fairly strong. The risks.

I think the data on whether a psychotic
patients should be treated with an antipsychotic is fairly strong. The
risks of being psychotic and the troubles that our patient can get into our
being acutely psychotic are quite severe and can include suicide, so most psychiatrists
would recommend antipsychotic treatment for patient who is suffering
acute episode of psychosis. Now, the duration of treatment with an antipsychotic
could also be discussed here. After a first episode of
illness, some psychiatrist will treat a patient for six months and then cease
medication to see how well the patient does afterwards, but i think that
approach is losing appeal over time. I think most people believe that once a
patient has been diagnosed with schizophrenia that for the most part they
should take medications regularly throughout their lifetime.

4 thoughts on “Treating Schizophrenia with Antipsychotic Medication (1 of 4)”

  1. This is psychopharmaceutical propoganda. The truth is that these drugs alter the brain's structure. Don't take it from me. Think Critically. Read the research. Peter Breggin, Grace Jackson, Find out about Open Dialogue in Finland where "schizophrenia" has been eradicated through psycho-social intervention. No, I am not a scientologist, Nancy Rubenstein Del Giudice

  2. The brain consists of a balance of vitamins and minerals, it doesn't consist of these antipsychtic medications that target the d2 dopamine receptors. It has never been proven that psychosis is due to overproduction of dopamine. Big Pharma put out this theory and continues to perpetuate the lie,so they can sell drugs. When Carl C. Pfeiffer found that schizophrenia was caused by copper,he started curing it by giving zinc to the patients. When they were cured & free of meds, Big Pharma silenced him

  3. Mike59 is the author of Cesspool of madness and makes a habit of getting debate shut down. You are the role model for cult behavior. Thank you for posting my picture on your website when 500 people in three days responded to my petition to tell their lived experience of horrific withdrawal from benzodiazapines. If SCIENCE has become a cult, I plead guilty.Good luck with persecuting people who tell the truth and try to make a difference. It sounds like a very, sad way to live life.

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