Turmeric or Medications? Is Turmeric Good for You? (English / Chinese Captions)

thank you there’s a lot of information as you can see I can I’m trying to kind of rush through.

thank you there’s a lot of information
as you can see I can I’m trying to kind of rush through it but it’s important
that everybody’s on the same page and I’m really hoping that you continue
drinking and drinking as much as you can so turmeric, how many of you are on
turmeric? yeah! okay, we have some work together, we have a lot of work today all
right, so the beauty of the supplementation, do you believe we need
supplementation in today’s world? yes and I’ll explain why for those of you who kind of question the aspects! a hundred years ago, even fifty years ago,
the quality of our soil and the quality of our food was much, much better. when I
talk about quality of soil and quality of food, I mean we had a lot more
nutrients in our diet in the food that we consume now, we have much less nutrition
in every plant. so what about, you know, what about stress levels? do we have more
stress, anxiety problems and pollution today than we have 50 or 100 years
ago? so now all these are diet depleted, we also have much more stressful
environments and lifestyle than our grandparents did would you agree, we live
in a very very compromised in some ways environment
it’s an exciting environment it’s fascinating we learn a lot faster, we do
a lot more today and remember than before
but it’s at the expense of drawing many nutrients from our system, and trying to
deal with all of this exposure, so what’s important for us to to deal with this
environment is important that we have nutrient storage, and that means it’s
important for us to eat the highest quality food possible, so the cleaner the
food the more nutrient density the cleaner the food, the less the toxicity,
and if we use supplements we can help the body to deal with all of this
multiple factors: pollution, stress, anxiety, all of this chemicals. we have
more reserves to take and clean the body and help the body manage with all the
stress. so as much as I would like to tell you that you know just eat healthy,
eat the cleanest that you can, and you’re going to be just fine. as a practitioner
I see much everybody that I see is nutrient deficient, blood tests, urine
tests, hair tests, we always do whenever we test every single person is deficient
in something and so when when the body is under stress you know that you’re
consuming four times more nutrients than when the body is a relaxing mode and you
know that your brain consumes its 2% body weight but it consumes 20% of all
of your nutrition so this is a nutrient hog this machine this computer requires
more nutrition than any other per weight than any other bodily organ do we see a
lot of stress people people that can’t deal with stress and people that haven’t
I have mental health conditions today whenever we talk about children with
ADHD and autism and everything like that we’re talking with people was memory
issue fatigue high migraines two dimensional designers or whatever we
have a lot of oxidizing oxidative stress on our brain and our bodies and this is
the first thing they will tell us something’s going on
so when you can when you are poorly managing stress you want to make
sure that you are supplementing you’re taking the highest quality foods first
always make the most from your food and then if needed as applicable you bring
in high quality nutrition so talking about high quality nutrition we’re going
to talk about turmeric i specifically turmeric that’s made by the Japanese
manufacturer kangen water manufacturer Enagic. it’s grown in Okinawa
Japan Okinawa is one of the most beautiful islands on this planet it’s
called a Blue Zone how many do you know it goes on a few of
you so blue zones of the areas where people have the highest the best
longevity and the environment that you know essentially promotes the longevity
of the body so this is where we have the centenarians people that live to a
hundred and over a hundred years old but in population per capita they are the
most the best at survival they have the best longevity so okinawa is one of
those places and so this beautiful supplement has grown in those places is
one of that beautiful island and we’re going to talk about but we are going to
talk about the science of turmeric as a whole so we have this wonderful
substance quality is very important we will quickly cover that but why is it so
important and what can this beautiful plant can offer us so there are over
today over six thousand studies on this substance alone
there will be no drug that will have even one hundreds of that so when you go
to adopt in your eyes doctor what do you think about this substance that I’ve
seen a lot of research I’ve seen I’ve done my own online research and I think
it may be helpful for my condition and the doctor says there’s not enough research they’re wrong and they’re wrong because they
haven’t been taught about this so it’s your job to research natural
alternatives before you try substances that may cause side effects so 600
reasons to remove mean to the world’s most important herbs there’s fantastic
articles that discuss how many organs are benefiting tissues and different
physiological substances in your body that benefit from this so it is truly a
sacred plant and it has 175 distinct beneficial beneficial physiological
effects that we have already witnessed through research not just you know
hypothetical somebody’s opinions okay so it’s the beautiful thing about
substances natural substances as we talked about it
the drugs they have what a lot of side effects they might provide some
physiological reaction and a symptom you know decreasing you know element but the
problem is is that they all have side effects when it comes to turmeric they
think we need to worry about it or not side benefits so there is lots of
beneficial cool beneficial factors you might be taking it for one element but
it causes there’s all this different spectrum of things that it’s doing that
the kind of beneficial so it’s a very it’s helping on cancer
there’s lots of research that amount to drug resistant cancers it radiation
induced damage it really supports that so it’s fantastic for people to go
through radiation people that are exposed to electromagnetic radiation
people that are exposed to you know let’s talk about Fukushima radiation all
of that and then we all are suffering today on planet wide result of that
exposure heavy metal detoxification
turmeric is fantastic curcumin specific and turmeric is fantastic and detoxing
from heavy metals and that’s why because Alzheimer’s is associated with heavy
metal toxicity so that’s why we see incredible research that shows that
Alzheimer’s patient really benefit from taking turmeric so turmeric versus
medication there’s a fantastic fantastic article that’s it shows how science
confirms turmeric as they’re as effective as 14 top medications
so according asteroid’s do we know a lot of people on steroid medication on
different pain medications we do so why not try this first I constantly get
incredible results in my practice giving people to try this incredibly made
supplement I got a call from naturopathic doctor yesterday and
this was a friend of hers taking on 5 turmeric pills got rid of a
migraine that she couldn’t get rid of other things so again there’s lots of
incredible incredible I’ve talked to multiple people and people was after
molecular medicine and people in in medical field at all and I see
phenomenal results at managing inflammation so lipitor I always
mispronounce this the second drug name but it’s a cholesterol medication that
is very widely spread do we have a lot of people in cholesterol medication
today it’s a twenty nine billion dollar industry that I will openly say has a
lot of fraud in it you have to understand cholesterol that your blood
body produces cholesterol for a reason that your brain is made of from
and many tissues most acute issues require cholesterol so do your research
and understand how cholesterol is important for your body and lowering it
how many side effects can you have by using this medication so there are eight
abstracts that show the curcumin is a very effective in dealing with this
condition do some research and maybe give it a give it a try
prozac has and another antidepressants again depression because of nutrient you
know because of toxicity and nutrient deficiencies so again we are
detoxing the breed from heavy metals and we’re providing nutrients so aspirin
blood thinner lots of research that shows that that eat turmeric is a really
good blood thinner naturally without side effects there’s a diabetes drug
really really important turmeric is very successful at curcumin in turmeric is very
successful in managing diabetes and in helping the body to naturally address
the situation so anti-inflammatory one thing you
need to remember about turmeric inflammation turmeric is very anti-inflammatory so
what does it mean what is inflammation every single disease has inflammation
or access inflammation associated with the disease some inflammation normal
like for example a cut on yourself so there’s an inflammation there because the body is
trying to heal itself that’s that’s a good that’s a healthy process but when
it’s a constantly happiness let’s say my arteries are constantly scratched by by
substances they’re not supposed to be my blood let’s say I have a leaky gut and I
have all this proteins and substances get into my blood and keep scratching
that will be inflammation that’s caused daily and that’s an unhealthy
of inflammation the body can’t deal with that inflammation will lead to chronic
conditions okay chemotherapy drug 52 abstracts show how phenomenal turmeric
and curcumin is at addressing cancers so do research in today there’s a lot to be
said about turmeric curcumin in its effect which is very strong even cancers
that are multidrug-resistant so there’s lots of research you can click all these
links I can provide the seminar to those who have it yet but lots of lots of
incredible research on lots of links to play with to go into scientific research
it to validate what I’m saying okay traditional use of turmeric we know
the turmeric has been used for thousands of years in our Veda it’s been used traditionally
Chinese medicine and has been used all around the world
so what’s phenomenal about it has been used in food and diet I highly recommend
that you cook with turmeric then you drink turmeric tea and we have a
fantastic option here chair so we drink turmeric tea we put it in us and our
diet so we creating and we’re giving this nutrients and anti-inflammatories
and antioxidants into every meal its major major use in Asian countries
Southeast Asia India and and multiple different things I would recommend that
you guys also try in opening a pill and apply it on your skin I’ve done that
multiple times when you open your medical great packaging you can take out
the turmeric pill and maybe what you’re faced with a 5.5 / 6 ph and put one of
these and walk around like this for five to ten minutes you might not want your
husband to see it or your wife and and then wash it was a natural soap that
doesn’t have chemicals and it’s a fantastic turmeric mask very antioxidant
nutrient rich mask then you can use a daily routine to keep your skin
healthy to detoxify your skin to feel more vital and look better so as a daily
supplement this is a very very high quality made
supplement as I told you guys it comes from a subtropical high community high
temperatures long duration of sun exposure this is very important for
turmeric as a plant high-quality Sun in a long term sun exposure with high
quality soil a very fertile very well-drained beautiful island very clean
it’s fertilized every time you take it every time you take away from the soil
you have to give back to it would you agree that’s the principle of
our unique agriculture if you take away in your crop rotation you give back to
you fertilize it with substances so the next crop is as vital as the first and
the next one is as vital as the first two okay so we always have to replenish
and so we have to give back to something something that therapeutically helps us
and so that’s what they use they have a really beautifully designed designed
fertilizer and there’s lots of phenomenal the doctors that speak about
the quality of this the the process of the beautiful how many of you would like
to have many supplements that I made with kangen water process was kind of in
water so the beautiful thing about this is we have this organic root stock
beautiful root stock we use organic fertilizer to make sure that soil is
very vital in nutrient dense we use one hundred and eight farmers working
they’re doing everything by hand we use this raw material to then process and
clean it with the eleven pH water it’s kind of imagine gardening with all this
so that’s what we’re having here then we use ozone and 2.5 to disinfect this
beautiful root and substance raw material and then we dry it and package
it with with other elements it does have oils like borage oil and other
incredible oils to provide for bioavailability because curcumin is fat
soluble nutrient. there’s water soluble and there are fat soluble
substances so as a what is a fat soluble substance it’s really important to have
fat in there for highest absorption so it has the high quality fat to provide
for absorption and they’re two different turmeric used
it has other perilla oil flaxseed oil and you guys can look at the packaging
and make sure that it meets your standards I think it will and again the
packaging is fantastic because it’s a medical great packaging protecting it
from any oxidation so every time you popping these they are fresh it’s not
that you’ve open the bottle five months ago and you’re still using
it this is very fresh very good buy available and very unknown protected
from oxidation so this is medical grade on you know the really highest standard
of our supplements and the way it’s packaged I am done

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