We needed a therapy session… (marriage counselling)

He doesn’t appreciate the small things like all the little things I do and on camera (Music) Yeet! And that.

He doesn’t appreciate the small things like all the little things I do and on camera (Music) Yeet! And that is how you start your morning off right, baby! We’re out here in Los Angeles doing it big if you knew your arm Jake Paul is in the team ten house, and it is lit every single day, bro Make sure you’re smiling make sure you dab it on the hose make sure you are working hard and without further ado Let’s flippin do that thaanngg! Really trying to make that connected to but we’re only chillin in the vip section. There’s one chick though She’s paying on my mind. I’ve seen her in years. Whoa. What is up guys? So we just got out here to camp summer Eagle we’re at some like park right now in Compton, California And it’s a camp for kids in Kindergarten through fifth grade to spend their summer do a bunch of fun activities And grow as individuals, so we’re gonna help out I think and hopefully give back to the community because it’s about getting better every single day and doing good today So I challenge you have to do good as well. You guys watch the vlog it’s heavy right squad squad Yo we’re out here. Say hi Hi, can I be in the video Yeah, you want to be in it He’s in the video. Are you guys Jake Paulers? Yes, Im a Jake Pauler! We just got one up three. We got three it’s done I gotta step my game up. Is anyone from Ohio? It’s like I’m talking to nobody. Dab on them haters. Haha. Is that one of the Martinez Twins? No, that’s his uncle Nathan in the corner Thats uncle Nathan? Yeah He looks weird. I like your house that you have. I like your house. Sign it. Geez. Are you Rich? No, no, no no stay in school. Odds of making it as a youtuber are very slim. It’s really hard out here. Where’s Erica? Why you think she thinks she’s hot? Didn’t you marry her? Yeah! Are you sorry are you I am like not everybody mean? I like you you’re a good supporter fist bump. I watch your videos. I watch your videos.I watch Bizardvark. You watch Bizardvark. What’s the catch phrase? oh, oh, oh bro Are you good bro? It’s too late. I told you that’s okay. So he autumn confused he wants to be into what? I feel bad for him Cool Nathan made it you sign it out again. Oh well. Take it. It’s yours got a quad God you’re a little close, but if you do some vlog up Giuliano signing 1610 one day And you’ll blow up right they will blow up Way was banging yeah, okay? Ethan? I’m sorry, bro. They’re just ugly They’re out here cooking ethan. I’m sorry bro alright kids pay attention You got to do push-ups got a jog you got to do your homework uncle made sense is that right right? Yeah, you like uncle Katie. Yeah, who’s better uncle Nathan or uncle cade? Y’all-y’all just mean it’s equal. That’s my girl Alrighty leaving that event there was so much fun meeting everyone hanging out with them doing some activities and whatnot uncle Nation’s famous now It’s all good another baby was next Yeah Back at the team ten house guys we ran out of space and so now we have a triple bunk bed in our living room put them on Tina’s twin for you guys and max now it’s Gonna be even easier to prank you guys every single morning when I come down here We’re Gonna Build a wolf beautiful wolf your room China It’s just kind of controversial when you say that it’s like it could be taken out of context keep you guys in not Freshmen He was slowly, we should do that Go to somebody like pick him up plum in the toilet and flush it have you done that before? Hey hey hey, hi-yah, other qualities. She’s mad at you ha ha Yeah, max you got it. You kind of broke you’re going down on a penny board so he’s about to eat It well first of all I don’t think this is a good idea second of all he’s good Yeah oh my God, hey, Erica She’s not happy with you anymore. Where are you at traffic bro? Are you coming home? Yeah like Alright, bro. Just get back here. I need to do this therapy session with Erica bro. She hates me Okay, I definitely I’m not going to go into her room and put four holes in the wall right now. I won’t do that Okay, as I jack okay. I’m gonna stay Calm Meanwhile I’m gonna send it back. Just like that. Are you guys really? I’m like a flipping right now. Sorry for your lawn off sending it. It’s illegal to ride a dirt bike on the street I’m still going to send it. Good bike. Yes. I’ll yes. I’m just trying to send that oh Well, thank you. Yo check out this gnarly jump You’re going to send it. Come on. I’ve always going to send a You broke it you didn’t think I was going to send it obviously You want to send it? You can get on the back I pick up chicks. We’re sending it Davo. Are you married? What day of the week he totally wanted me, but like I married one? Timothy Nadine how are things man attention razor? You said you’re here me home in an hour it four hours later things haven’t got caught up in turin I am the best therapist in the world you all have yet one of them. How long have you been doing therapy 20 hours? But like talk to speculation, I’m rising okay You’re like a young blazing. Oh, I’m the new I’m a new face of therapy. Yes, liang. Oh ah There’s a marriage David marriage. Yeah, what’s will? You choose? Oh? Cough drops. It’s very mint. Lemon honey. Get another wish I could just yeah, I Save a marriage. Yo, take did you get to taste there? You are back coupe I’m sorry all right. Let’s do this I’m change there, okay, nice. Thank you. Thank you so much peter, okay? So then you bring me your help a lot yeah here at Americo. Yeah, it’s appeal All right, okay few hundred. Yeah, okay. Is it a lot of couples? Like the flame out in a room. Yeah We’re going to get right into Phase 1 Decompose decompose yeah flag waves to decompose and thus desa shape Yep, plants life. You know plants who symbolize life right marriage is your life Happy wife happy life. So we’re going to be composed plant. We’re going to crush it till is your plan right now It’s just shut the meantime this is where my love and the channel Comes in I’m going to use this thing starting about hand you can only talking to happen if you have this all right now I? Have it you guys can talk. We’re so erica Decompose just really demint out all the things that make you mad now while she does just try to keep your head calm Mind yourself all good things love about her and then you have that don’t like about her And we don’t want her to interrupt that oh yes, so go ahead, okay, checking with the garlic. We do both Well the start Lately he’s been making everything about him the gaben if I’m feeling mad aside like it always goes back to him somehow someway. It’s always It’s my curse he’s yelling at me for not even yelling at him for getting upset when they’re ruining our house both of our uh Both of our names are on the lease I’d like to maybe get another house in the future And I didn’t even get mad when he destroyed things that are in my shower that you can make see into my shower from like that’s why I get mad about and it was idea take another girl on a date yesterday, and I had like I was okay with it because there are cameras and you never knew you were down to Okay, he doesn’t appreciate the small things like all of the little things I do off and on camera He only like matches me and makes me look like I’m a negative But I’m a very positive person and every you sound positive here That’s where I draw a blue sharpie before I go into my own computer So let me hear your son Erica doesn’t appreciate me at all and that Comes from that that comes from taking me for granted You’ve gotta be kidding, okay? You didn’t do anything some year ago now and and they small The small things that get overlooked all the way up to the tasting hi Dylan Mom sharpie the main one of the main thing is my life is vlogging all the time. I watched Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that Okay and and it just and it just it’s upsetting really what about This is the deal is if you don’t before you across the plate Did you got a little sprouts speeding back up in your new baby play, and that’s just going to do the same thing You know you really gotta crush this who hired you I’m one of us in the world watching that’s a place to that There’s a playlist ass with everything sarcastic and the best I’m alright and that Phase 1 Remember where you say oh my God all right you guys are you I’m Ohio Nice again. I’m just going to do my thing boss moving on You got it. Whatever these colors are rendered. So phase 2 plant the seed you got a good seat There’s actually this is yes, this is in barn free business ok big thing on scene. It’s in blue Sharpie Sarcasm crap one more like that no one likes me and are catholic. We’re not sarcastic You positive Ap field not going to make you feel dumb makes you feel unappreciated that you guys may not put your craft It’s your main tactic to hurt the other person my cool. Oh, you’re really not funny. You really take me seriously Sweet dude another two points little pages people just got appreciate what you have I’m focused on the bad stuff yelling could be taken for nagging budget So just instead of yelling once you call me explain and every day we have it What happened got back on a plane in your symbol that’s where the blog comes in blog like one length Ambitious and what we basically just gotta stop being a bunch of pansies So were you going to place a new seeds? How many while you’re there to speak? I want my wife to oh wait eat it for me like if I go to jail, she should be like yeah You with the chip or or if I advise you something I messed up She should be there and have my back through thick and through thin I want to literally wear Succumbing are evans jovie We need to blows wow you got to stop through the bad stuff is I want a in the newsfeed You’re letting the bad thing you see what I do It’s like what? So I’m 7s person myself. I do all of these big things and Help her out and her right in her life. It’s not all about you. That’s why I say I’ll help you out and you just I don’t tell who do you help me out? And I was here and I can appreciate it whenever I never not appreciated it Me young man used to play bowls and our house is nothing. Why are we in this house because of me Not you. No, yeah, no, there’s nothing to tell yeah, she’s with therapy you know I could be like oh if I look Me, me entertaining kids is the reason why we’re in the top ship. I want to put Great. Put holes in your house all you want to but dont put them in my shower. It’s not even your shower. You’re supposed to be showering in my shower. If you were real wife? Well if we are fighting I dont want to be in your shower. I feel like we didnt decompose. I feel like we didn’t either. He feels like everything is still about him always. I don’t that’s why its called team 10, Team 10! Together everyone achives more. Wht am I here? I had Ex-girlfriends didn’t turn out too well and now Ihave a wife. It’s going great. I think with these things, that makes one of us Sarcasm again, I know the biggest thing. I think when fighting with someone so you have something your fighting about right? You keep bringing up what she’s done. She uses that against you to do whatever she wants and then she brings up what you’ve done. And its just an endless rush cycle. Whats gotta happen right here in this session, we’ve done this you’ve decomposed. You have too acknowledge what you dont like about each other and what you want to change what you dont like about each other and what you want to change you have to agree to stop doing them? There’s try to stop and to talk to each other not yell it gets sarcastic and violent It;s got to just be a talk. Talk if we talk about it’s like please don’t like that hurts our feelings You’re a big guy but you’ve got feelings. Shes a pretty girl shes got feelings, they all do. You gotta get in touch with those feelings So when we yalk about what you don’t like you have to in your mind want to get better. My wife doesnt like that! Yeah Yeah, gotta work on your own hopefully when I leave you think about what I said he doesn’t want to get better i’m done fighting. Him I read is falling asleep during therapy Things are going great youve got to stop doing what she doesn’t like.you’ve got to stop doing what he doesn’t like. No more sarcasm Welcome Jake, Hi Erica. How are you guys doing today? You guys hanging out today? Doing anything fun? No, No I was actually fighting with her. Yeah, like five minutes ago. I really care about you. This is a little stain here would you like me to go to ths store and get you a tag pipe. Uhhh some bleach. What do you want, are you hungry? Look at what we got yeah, are you just on a date together because I can leave Going on a date. Yeah, just lovely actually I love this job. I’m really sorry appreciate you I Love you. I won’t put a hole in your wall, and you are in the hole in the wall just not mine You should shower in my room Okay I need like a breather for ten minutes. Okay? Oh, no We wanted a bikini the marriage counseling advice called 1-800 merge Lincoln bio right now a few moments later So that went well yeah yeah, it was cool. Thank you for help. Yeah, you know take Polish I don’t know about this whole marriage thing, but I’m glad because whatever you do in life You just strive to do it at its highest peace to be the best at it and guys I want to give a quick shout out to Stephanie lopez from Pembroke Pines, Florida Stephanie Thank you so much for dropping some arjun becoming a true jake parlor if you already don’t have the mercy link is in the Description Bay Bay and guys today’s post notifications shoutout goes to Tony bar Thank you Tony so much for having my post Certifications turned on guys if you want to post notification shadow all you got to do is turn on my post notifications And comment when you’re done. There’s still a couple days left to win I phone 7 I’m going to be giving out some free March to you guys All you have to do is vote for me and logan for the teen choice awards I’m going for choice YouTuber and Choice music mail Web star Logan is going for choice. Male web star and choice. Comedy star. So vote for us guys link is in the description What am I vlog it bro again? Chance? Thank you so much for hosting any time oh? Jake Polish, we will see you too, ma bro because Every day bro. Please jake pollard’s wet top and check out this new March. Oh That merch is hot boy new items of Merchandise limited time Click the link make sure you’re subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis And if you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now And if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group channel is called team 10 trick See you guys tomorrow

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