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Weed smokes better when it’s broken up the chemicals are actually all along the surface of the plant so burning.

Weed smokes better when it’s broken up the chemicals are actually all along the surface of the plant so burning all the
surface area is key. A weed grinder also known as an herb grinder or a pollen sifter is a device that grinds your weed into finer and more uniform tiny little
bits. And if you’re not from New England out there, a grinder is another name for
what do you call those like sub sandwiches. Why would you call a sandwich a grinder
unless you grind it into your mouth to eat it because it’s so delicious. This
makes your bud burn more evenly therefore maximizing efficiency but
making you high. You don’t want a little pellet of cannabis plant that gets
charcoaled on the outside but still intact and unburned on the inside so you break
it up. You can do with your fingers but it leaves your fingers smelling like
weed and the results are very uneven. That’s actually a good smell. And
once it’s all broken and ground up into tiny little bits, it’s a lot easier to
pack into a dugout or joint your pipe or anything that you’re going to smoke out
of into from. It a in dugout in baseball is that we’re like the players come up
and out of? Ya. You could pack a lot of weed in one of those dugouts. This
Green Goddess one is a four piece grinder and the top piece is actually a
magnetic spinning lid and underneath you got the teeth and the second piece forms
the main grinding chamber and has teeth extending upward so the weed is trapped
between the top and the bottom teeth and this is how you grind. And there’s small
holes for the weed to fall into we put that back down and this piece you spin
that off and through those holes gets ground up into those smaller particles.
And this could be used to store it. In this chamber there’s a screen on the
bottom so it allows the pollen or the kief fall through which actually is the
finer particles that are on the surface of the weed to fall through into the
next chamber which unscrews and as you can see this is just a little tool that
comes with it and a little sifting tool. This is the
under part of the screen and from that little bit of weed that I just ground
there’s a little bit of that pollen that fell through the screen this filtered
out extra fine pollen from the weed is basically the finish
product but what’s so important about this stuff? It’s all about the trichomes!
Cannabis has little crystals called trichomes that sit on the plant surface.
These trichomes have all the chemicals THC CBD and the terpenes that give weed
its flavor and scent. Ah! Those crystals can fall through the screen to the
bottom chamber where you can collect all the fallen pollen. This is super potent.
It’s the caviar of weed! After a few grinding sessions you’ll have enough of
this bonus dusty pollen weed to sprinkle over into your next bowl joint,
bone, blunt or anything you want. Grinders come in a few common varieties. Pyramid
shape teeth are the old-school design. They don’t really work that well. Wood
grinders, which are crap, tend to have teeth that are basically just vertical
pins. They don’t do that good of a job. The modern grinder tends to be cut out
of aluminum and their footprint is like a diamond shape if you look straight
down at it from the top. So as the weed comes in contact with the
length of the teeth, it’s a sharp point that slices up the weed. That’s the best
model. Now if you’re looking for a grinder, one thing to pay attention to is
the number of holes and the size of those holes because that’s important. A
lot of grinders overload their chamber with too many small teeth and therefore
there’s not as much negative space left for the holes. They’re either too small
or there are too few or even worse both and if there is not enough holes or the
holes are too small after you’re done grinding it’s not going to allow the
weed to fall through the holes into that other chamber therefore it’s going to
stay in that initial chamber with the teeth and keep going around and around
and jamming the thing up. So if you’re looking for a good grinder that grinds
up weed really well, well check out our website and the link in the description
below. Green Goddess Supply has really high quality stuff including their
grinders. I do like this four piece grinder. I use it to grind and store
my weed but we also sell these novelty grinders the Pokeball and the Deathstar
grinder, which are three piece grinders. They have holes and then a screen so as
it grinds the fine particles of weed fall into the chamber. I like the
Deathstar I’m a Star Wars fan so it’s my vote for that.

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