What Can Stop Lupus Pain Without Medication: SLE

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5 thoughts on “What Can Stop Lupus Pain Without Medication: SLE”

  1. I have been all over the world and everyone has told me get your things in order yet me still fight with only hope happy someone found away too live god bless

  2. More than tragic that most people with lupus
    are unable to see you due to financial reasons …..
    Unable to function, let alone work.🙁
    However, THANK YOU for what you do!!!!!
    Great to see a genuine healer!
    So tired of seeing uncaring members of
    the traditional medical mafia they call
    doctors these days!
    May God Bless You & your work!

  3. I have suffered from lupus since I was 15, in the UK I have been given nothing, agonising pain and fatigue makes daily life a struggle. Unfortunately I have no money, no finance and in the UK I fear they will never treat the cause on the NHS. Well done for your medical work.

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