What causes eye color? | Q&A #1

Hi, welcome to our Q&A session. We get a lot of questions from our customers and today we are going.

Hi, welcome to our Q&A session. We get a lot of questions from our customers and today we are going to answer what causes eye color Our eye color is a genetic trait that is determined by the chemical melanin. The more melanin producing cells we have the darker our eyes will most likely be. Genes melanin and light affect the way that our eyes are perceived and the color they reflect Brown eyes are the most common high color because it is considered the dominant gene A child born of both brown or non brown-eyed parents will most likely have brown eyes And this is most common in Asia and Africa Researches led to brown eyes being better at absorbing UV light and rays from the sun, thought this is not confirmed Ironically blue eyes do not contain any blue pigment. Light that enters the Iris is scattered and perceived to us as blue because blue has the shortest wavelengths of light, just like we see the sky This also applies to green hazel and every other eye color. It is all determined by varying degrees of Melanin and the Collagen structure Finer collagen reflects more light, causing blue eyes and coarser Collagen much less causing green Here’s an eye color fun fact: even if you’re born with blue grey or green eyes you won’t necessarily have them your entire life If your melanin producing cells become active after a few months or years this will create a brown pigment leading you to a darker eye color. Send some more questions our way and take a look at our playlist to see what we’ve already answered. If you’re still left wondering send us a message through Facebook or Twitter or even comment on our YouTube channel; we’d love to give you some more answers Until next time remember to take care of those eyes and from all of us here, be smart and buy smart

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