What is Iridology?

hi I’m Beth Hovis I am with Trinity School of Natural Health and I want to discuss just real briefly.

hi I’m Beth Hovis I am with Trinity
School of Natural Health and I want to discuss just real briefly what is
iridology, or iridology as some people say is the study of the iris and
for thousands of years all the way back to Egyptian time people have studied the
iris and the eyes to determine the health of the body we know that
scientifically there are 28,000 nerve endings going from the eye to the brain
and down the spinal cord and every nerve is connected to an organ or gland or
system of the body so what happens in the body a message is sent back to the
brain and it’s recorded in the eye and so by looking and observing the iris we
can see potential health issues we know that the iris records things back to
four generations and maybe even longer so by observing the iris we can
determine the help of the different systems the glands and the organs of the
body and then we know how we can help support that person’s health by
supporting that organ or gland or body system that is being showcased to us in
the iris modern iridology was developed in Germany in the 1800’s
there’s a story that goes back about a young boy who captured an owl and when
he did he broke the owls leg and then he noticed a mark in the iris of the owl
and he noted that mark that immediately appeared after breaking the owls leg
later von peczely is his last name he went on to study medicine and he
developed iridology as we know it today iridology was used by medical doctors up
until about 1960 and then because of modern technology and lab tests and
computers they kind of let that go by the side but the natural health industry
has known the value of iridology all along and how we can
use it to help our friends and family and even customers and client to
overcome these weaknesses and deficiencies that they might experience
so iridology is a fascinating art and science morning iridology can change the
way you look and think about people’s eyes and their health

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