What’s the Difference Between Conventional & Alternative Medicine?

I’m an alternative doctor. What that means is that i offer alternatives. I”m not anti-medicine. Medicine has done wonderful things..

I’m an alternative doctor. What that means is that i offer alternatives. I”m not anti-medicine. Medicine has done wonderful things. My wife is alive because of medicine. …and I’m very very grateful! However, my wife is not healthy because of medicine. My wife is healthy because we took the live body that we’ve got because of the drugs that she’s on (for which I am grateful) and we took that live body and we found out what else needed to get better. We started putting all the other pieces in place, because keeping her alive wasn’t enough! We had to get the metabolism working better. We had to get to sleep right. We had to get the diet right. We had to get the inflammation down. We had to do all of these other pieces that medicine is not very good. Medicine is really good at acute care. Auto accidents. Broken bones. They’re phenomenal here the United States, best in the world for that! …but the United States is number 30th in the world in healthcare and health outcomes. It’s because most of the diseases of the modern world are chronic illnesses and they are chronic because medicine doesn’t have anything for me. So they stick around. They just keep on growing. Even when medicine can give you a drug that will decrease the symptoms and make it easier for you… all it’s doing is masking the symptoms. As it masks those symptoms, the underlying cause, the real problem that you have, continues and grows and it gives you more symptoms. So even if you can get a drug that helps, you’re still getting sicker and sicker and sicker. That’s why it’s chronic. Because it just keeps getting worse. It spreads throughout the whole body and you have digestive issues and you have hormonal issues and you have fatigue and your metabolism slows down and you have brain fog. You’ve got all the same set of chronic illnesses, all the same kind of chronic symptoms. It’s just some people have it so their digestion is worse than others. They get the “digestive issues” label. Some people have the “hormonal” label. Some people have the “musculoskeletal” labels. The chronically ill people who come in all have the same symptoms… just in varying intensities. They are chronically ill because their whole body’s breaking down. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater. If the drugs are keeping you alive or keeping you functional, that’s great. What we want to address is that underlying cause that’s buried and we go through and help that get healthy. I had a woman come in last week come in and tell me that she was off off of her metformin and off all of her insulin because I ignored her diabetes and I worked on what was actually making her sick in the first place. She’s healthy. She’s not diabetic anymore by any medical standard, as long as she takes care of herself. We address those core cause. That’s what an alternative doctor is. It’s not anti-medicine. It’s pro-finding-the-cause and treat the cause.

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