What’s the Difference Between Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis? | Hannah Witton

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  1. I've been diagnosed with Crohn's 5+ years ago… I never had any bowel pain because of the inflammation or fistula, which I'm thankful for… but its also a problem because i generally never know if I'm in a flare
    Nice side: I can pretty much eat as much as I want; bad side: My stomach may randomly decide to not like a specific food anymore.
    Havent been able to gain weight for a long while now

  2. I was diagnosed with UC /Proctitis mild. It got worse and lbd team kept uping the meds and nothing worked. Eventually was hospitalised and after two weeks had emergency surgery to remove my colon. Only seven months from diagnosis. A year later l had my rectum removed as the UC became more inflamed. Six months later I'm doing good, no colon, no rectum and no UC.
    What l found out is l had CMV colitis and thats why the med didn't work. By the time they found the cmv virus from a blood test it was too late.

  3. I was diagnosed with UC 4 and a half years ago and still didn't know the differences between Crohn's and UC until this video! Trying to find information online is so difficult and is always overly complicated, so thank you so so much Hannah and Fiona for such an informative and fun video! Lots of love xx

    P.S. since you're YouTube's resident IBD and sex/relationships expert, it would be cool having a video reflecting on sex/intimacy for people with IBD! Maybe discussing things like birth control options (UC played a major part in deciding my birth control, and others might have experienced the same), fertility, pregnancy (like risk of flare ups, etc.), and how you navigate your IBD diagnosis and management with a partner <3

  4. This makes so much more sense. Thank you Hannah. Thank you for helping me become more aware. I love you 💜💜💜💜

  5. big big thanks for making this video learning a lot about why there telling me crohn just have to wait till 30th for whats next in treatment

  6. I had a total colectomy and I have always hated when people say it is a cure. Does it improve your health? Yes, but you now have other challenges that you have to deal with. If I didn't have an ileostomy I would have probably died so I didn't have a choice but if it didn't get to that point I am not sure I would have had the surgery. There are many days where I am glad I did. There are also some days where I wish I could go back.

  7. I’ve had colitis Since I was around 12, Im 19 now. lost my baby at 23 weeks due to this nasty disease two days after I lost my son I Needed emergency surgery to remove my colon as it turned into toxic megacolon I was dying . Had an ileostomy for about six months. I’m now reversed and have a jpouch. It isn’t easy but I get better day by day. Only flaw is I have the WORST gas pains ever that no medicine will help. I feel miserable. I really admire you teach your subscribers about our disease. Not enough awareness is spread around about it . I appreciate this so much as it’s took my life away for 7 years

  8. Thanks Hannah for another informative video. I have had pancolitis for 21 years, and this past August had ileostomy surgery. The only discrepancy I have is although many people believe surgery is a curative even with a total colectomy you can still experience symptoms of ulcerative colitis such as arthritis, osteoporosis, fatigue, uveitis, food intolerances, vitamin deficiencies etc. Looking forward to your next video! 💖

  9. I was diagnosed with UC in May. Ever since then, I'm constantly seeking out more information on IBD and this video was SO, SO helpful. <3 Right now I'm in remission (thanks to the medication I take every day) and I really fret the day it might come back. I have an amazing doctor though, I am very lucky I have him behind me. This illness taught me so much, changed me and my habits (not only in a bad way, thankfully ), and I generally became a lot more connected to my body and my guts, aware of every little thing and sound it makes. 🙂 Thanks for this video Hannah, I loved every second!

  10. Marvelous bit of work, Fiona & Hannah! I personally don’t have either condition but know a few people who are affected. This short video has provided more information than any reading I’ve done. I feel I have a better understanding of the two processes & the subtle but significant differences. Great Job!!

  11. My dad has Crohn's disease and my mum has a form of ibd. Neither of them really talk about it and I'm a bit worried my bowels are genetically done for. This is really fascinating to watch and actually begin to understand why my dad was in hospital for periods of my childhood ✌️

  12. My sister has Crohn's, and was on Prednizone (a steroid) for 22 years, which shocks most medical people she has dealt with, as steroids can have many long-term side effects from prolonged use. She has not had long term problems from it and has four healthy children (and many grandchildren) despite infertility being a potential side effect from it (not a problem for any of my sisters, but some infertility issues have been a problem for some of my nieces).

  13. Fabulous video Hannah – I have been following the Low FODMAP diet for years and for me it was a game changer but isn’t easy to commit to. I have an ileostomy but due to EDS complications and not disease. I learnt so much thank you both xx

  14. got diagnosed with UC in june (had what I now know was a flare from march to october) the only thing that helped me to finaly get throu it was going on a liquid diet for 6 weeks (and meds ofc). I'm now on a low dose of meds and have slowly tried interducing new foods in.

  15. Whilst I'd picked-up on a lot of the info since my Crohn's diagnosis 10 years ago, it was great to see it all put into such a concise and easy to understand package. Thanks to you both for doing the video. 🙂

    Btw Humira injector pens rock.
    Saves many trips to the hospital for infusion drips.

  16. If Fiona started a YouTube channel of guided sleep/meditations, I would watch the [output] out of that! Such a soothing voice.
    Love the crafts and the video Hannah 🙂 signs helped make it even easier to follow

  17. Pretty wonderful presentation . I have been following you for several years. With your p;remission I would like to show it at our Ostomy group…

  18. They took some samples at my last colonoscopy but instead of finding out for sure it was colitis the different doctors disagreed on what it was :/ going with it being UC for now but they said it could be either…

  19. Brilliant information. It's a shame I have had to find out all the information about Ulcerative Colitis watching videos and the Internet instead of my local NHS provider. It seems it really is a post code lottery in the UK as to whether you actually get informative information. It was nearly fourteen months since diagnosis that a gastroenterologist said, have you got the number of the IBD nurses? Crazy. I ended up going private just to see a consultant to try and get the bleeding under control, despite numerous NHS appointments, being fobbed off etc(because at the time I knew nothing about the disease). Certainly not any more!!!
    Keep up the good videos Hannah 👍

  20. Damn this video is so informative!! Also I'm so appreciate of that wonderful nurse and her participation! Too bad I live in the states and our healthcare system suuuuuucks

  21. I don't have this,
    But I 💟it, IT learn a lot
    fro watching this .
    THANK U Hannah,
    That's y I love u.
    Ur never 2 old 2 learn!

  22. I have had Crohn's disease for 30 years and the treatments have improved so much. I have participated in several drug trials. I am currently on Stelara, Eustekimab.
    Great video.

  23. Thanks for bringing awareness to UC and Crohns! I've been diagnosed for nearly 10 years with UC and its great to have a video that can explain what it is to other people in my back pocket!

  24. I've been on Humira for 3 years taking it every other week. Keeping me in remission. I've had Crohn's for nearly 20 years.

  25. Great video! Would you be willing to also do a video on the differences between IBS (irritable bowel) vs IBD (inflammatory bowel)? I think those get conflated or can be confusing for people too

  26. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1985 at 17. I had a colectomy in 1991 then jpouch in 1992. I’ve had a few problems with it but the pros outweigh the cons. I had my daughter in 1995 with the jpouch. I just had loop ileostomy done to repair some issues with my intestine. I’m hoping to have the reversal done in the new year. I am having so many problems with the stoma, it is hell. I watch your videos and a few other ostomates and you are so comfortable with your stomas with very few issues. It’s inspiring.

  27. It is super noble and awesome for you to do this! I trust you the most with explaining the differences; there is so much unreliable things on the internet about this, and I really appreciate your TRUE knowledge. IBD nurses rock! Mine is absolutely amazing. I finally found a video that i can show my friends about this so they understand. ❤️❤️❤️ you have so much support from me and my family, and I hope you are well! Good job fighting, and you are like my idol! Whenever I am feeling down, it is just nice to know that there is someone else out there like me! You have been a big mentor to me and I just wanted to let you know.

  28. I remember the first time I was given steroids for my colitis. It was the first thing that worked and felt like a miracle.

  29. very much love this video, it's informative and she looks very nice. just 1 little thing I would change…that DINGGGGG sound whenever the answer was given have me a headache 😂

  30. I love your chats with other people to help our understanding in such a variety of stuff! Thank you so much for this! It was super useful for understanding when before I heard of you I had no idea of the possibilities and people who have these diseases

  31. I took Azathioprine for two years after I developed Autoimmune Hepatitis. Prednisone for the first year of that as well. 😕 I've been in remission for almost ten years and that was still my only flare. Something like 40% of AH patients only have a single flare so here's hoping it stays that way!

  32. I have UC, PSC and stress related IBS and explaining what all of them involve/cause is so difficult to put across, especially when I have to explain the difference between IBD and IBS… would you be able to make a video explaining the difference between these??

  33. my brother was diagnosed with UC about six months ago. He only went to sort it out after I found out I had with celiac's disease and he thought he might have the same. Thank you for this video, it's good to understand more!

  34. This was a really interesting video, Hannah! I love how you two were able to break it down for those who did not know much about either disease 😊😘

  35. i have crohns and my sister has colitis and i've never truly understood the difference in our diseases. This was sooo great! What an informative and fun video for an important topic 🙂

  36. I don't have either of these but I watch because it's hannah, and because i think it's a good idea to learn about invisible disabilities like these ones.

  37. Sharing this as it’s the best way to explain that I am 1 in the 420 people with UC and exactly what I go through on a daily basis. Yay nurse Fiona for being so clear and informative 😊

  38. Watching this from hospital 😅 I've had Crohn's since I was about 13 (I'm 30 now) but I still learnt a bunch from this video! Glad to see she was so knowledgeable about the variability of symptoms too, because it took me years to get diagnosed partly because I had symptoms that weren't stereotypical Crohn's.

    I have found Humira really good and effective in my case, an amazing drug. Unfortunately I was switched to the biosimilar Imraldi (to save costs for the NHS) which while it thankfully still works is really painful and hard to inject 🙈 hoping they improve it soon!

  39. I want to become a nurse in UK, I really appreciated this video. It was thorough, clear, just loved it! You did a great job.

  40. As a med student studying GI medicine right now, this video is super helpful to remember the finer differences, thank you Hannah!

  41. Man I need to share this video I got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 10/ 7 years ago and still to this day people love to ask questions about what it does to me what it is how it alters my life (of which it really doesn’t) and then after explaining they still don’t get it and go oh so you can’t have gluten?😠😂

  42. I just want to say, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease back in October of this year after suffering from what I was told was IBS for almost two decades. I developed a fistula in my ileum which put me in the hospital. In some way, I'm happy it happened because it led to a solid diagnosis. But, about a year before, I found your channel and it was so helpful to me because even though we have different forms of IBD, I felt like I could really relate to someone and you were so knowledgable. In fact, it was because of your channel that I even suggested UC and CD to my primary who then referred me to a GI specialist. Thank you for your openness and your willingness to share your life with the internet. You're amazing, I love your content and it's just really nice to have a channel to turn to for IBD where I don't feel so alone with everything I'm dealing with right now.

  43. But what about diet? Processed food? Goodness me, have you heard of people cured their illness through diet? Check the carnivore diet, the keto diet. This video is very misleading ti many people who suffer from these horrible illbesses

  44. These videos are so helpful! As a student nurse i don't feel as we get a lot of this information as our placements are sometimes too short to take a lot of information in (As someone who's had a placement in a gastro ward, I never learnt half of this stuff!) so thank you x

  45. My mother has ulcerative colitis and my grandpa has crohn’s so I really liked learning all the differences and similarities

  46. My sister was diagnosed with UC and I got diagnosed with Crohns 6 months later. And hey, ya Im on the IV infusion med. It's interesting.

  47. So glad that you did this topic. I have UC and the fatigue is incredible, in spite of having it reasonably under control. I literally feel your pain.

  48. Recently found out I’ve got crohns.. wouldn’t be so bad but to top it off Im living with cystic fibrosis😬 so to anyone struggling just remember it could be worse!🤣

  49. I lost so much blood over this year I have had 9 blood transfusions with my blood level at a 3 once !! It came to no medication worked I had to have my entire colon removed in June of this year

  50. Never been more bummed to find out about an IBD nurse because this does not exist in my area(USA) at least not in CA

  51. Amazingly informative. Anyone who has no idea about both these diseases should watch this. Having had Crohns for 27 years I already knew heaps about it, but learnt stuff about Colitis. Oh, and fistulas are horrible. I had one connecting from my bowel to my bladder. I had poo and gas (farts) going into my urinary system for almost 5 years before it was sorted. Lots of urinary infections. Soooo horrible. Gah. 🥺

  52. My dad is one of the people who it was hard to tell weather he had UC or Crohn's, when they went to do the colonoscopy to take a biopsy they actually decided they would rush my dad into surgery for an ileostomy. He had his whole large intestine removed as well as his anus sewed up. He ended up with a Crohn's diagnosis. Hes been having a flare for almost 12 months, he cant have steroids as they caused a disease called avascular necrosis, from Too much, he cant have the humeria injection in his tummy anymore as he had a severe allergic reaction, hes on a clear fluid diet right now but hes lost so much weight, its challaging when hes having to restrict! Thanks for sharing all your info!!

  53. my friend was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and was struggling a lot. I didn't understand what it rruly meant and how it was different from other IBDs. This video and others you make about it helped me to better understand what he is going thru <3

  54. Ive just started a Master in Nutrion and Biomedicine, and the day you posted this we had a lecture on Crohns and UC! Love it. Fiona was lovely!

  55. I often mishear lyrics. Before looking it up I always thougt that the line "a girl with kaleidoscope eyes" in Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds was "A girl with colitis goes by" 😂

    Great video, I'm sure it's very helpful to many people!

  56. I have Crohn’s and my mom has ulcerative colitis, her condition is way more severe than mine I have a fairly mild case

  57. Think i was about 15 on my first infliximab aswell. But it was my nurse that geeked out talking about mice.

    Got the totalcolectomy now bit wouldn't call it a cure.
    Also fistula can happen with uc theyre just alot less common. Had to go in for fistula a few times and a few times they had to check i was diagnosed correctly but yup still uc not crohns.

    P. S loved the vid

  58. Hey Hannah, thanks for the great videos. I was recently Diagnosed with Diverticulitis in my large intestine. I’m on a liquid diet for next 6 weeks. Any chance you could do a informative video on Diverticulitis? Keep up the great work

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