What’s the DIFFERENCE? Choosing YOUR Mental Health Professional | Kati Morton

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  1. I wanna be a psychiatrist. even tho I'm still 11, I'm working really hard in 5th grade right now and it's paying off.

  2. Thank you!! Usually I've felt pretty lost when trying to search for help, but this definitely clarifies the field

  3. Whaaat?! I’ve been watching your videos for years and had no idea you went to Pepperdine. I also got my BA in Psych at Pepperdine, looking at grad schools now!

  4. i really want to be a psychiatrist but i want to do more therapy sessions w my clients. As a psychiatrist, can i do therapy as well?

  5. I have a bachelors in psychology and would like to continue my education by pursing my masters. I would like to become a licensed professional counselor but also have to option to work my way up to a Doctorate.
    I love listening to people and helping people navigate life etc. I’ve thought of health/life coaching but I want to do MORE.
    I’m interested in mental health counseling at TTU!
    I have a friend who says LMFT is better than LPC. So I’m confused!!!!

  6. Well,my therapist knew my case is severe. She warned me many times that I have to control my emotions and she didn't want me to see psychiatrist because as long as I'm seeing a therapist I will be fine although it will take time to heal.

  7. I have so many questions. I am about to be a jr in highschool and still have almost no idea what I want to do or what would best fit me. Recently, I've been thinking about something in the psychology field. I definitely want to do something 1 on 1 with someone. I find DID so interesting and really want to learn more. What should i be for that? my parents told me that they would never let me major in psychology. Do you have any tips or do you have any videos about how to find a job? Or if you or someone you know was in a similar situation as me, how they convinced their parents that majoring in psychology isnt as bad as they may think? My parents think that if that's what I majored in I wouldnt be able to find work.

  8. But how the frick do you actually choose someone? How do you find out what people specialize in, do you just call 1000 offices? Ugh

  9. Love the way she said "Twelve short years laterrr" Lmao I'm just now starting and it seems like a lot but I have a passion for helping others so I'm excited about it all. Can't wait to work in this field.

  10. I am planning on getting my associate degree of psychology soon. Can wait to register for classes next month.

  11. If LPC can do the same work as an MFT, then why do we have LPCs? If LPCs and MFTs do the same work as LCSW then why do we have LPCs and MFTs? If LCSWs, MFTs, and LPCs do the same work as a clinical psychologist as it relates to doing therapy, then why do we have LCSWs, MFTs, and LPCs? It is repetitive and confusing for patients. As a psychologist, my opinion is that we should have SW but not LCSW. We shouldn't have MFTs or LPCs. A clinical psychologist can do all the work that LCSWs, MFTs, and LPCs can do and given that we have two extra years of clinical work, most psychologists can do a better job of providing psychotherapy but not all of course.

  12. I been seeing a psychiatrist for a very long time, 7 years! she specialize in adult and child psychiatry. The only difference is she mainly focus on medications! I think it would be great if both psychiatrist and therapist collaborate together for my own mental health recovery. The sessions is less than 30 minutes, I know Doctors are busy and many ill patients needs more help, more than i do. in terms of severity, my condition is not needed an immediate attention. I'm not sure if medications is really needed for me but I think a compassionate therapist is really helpful. Since psychiatrist focus more on clinical and prescribing medications, I think it would be great if i also have a Therapist or a license counsellor! Someone i can reach out anytime of the day like an Online therapist! because the same issues or problems is not being address or solve. may psychiatrist refuses to open up and talked about my situations, we are not getting anywhere! what i need is someone who will give an honest open advice or counselling about everything and my situation. I am not satisfied with how the conversation is being handled. I need someone who could EXPLAIN to me, no arguments about medication, i know how important it is to maintain but i feel that my psychiatrist is not being empathetic and mainly focus on prescribing medications but is not helping me holistically. what is need is someone who will be physically present, or can talk anytime of the day like an Online Therapist, i need someone who will be OPEN HONEST and empathetic, someone who could EXPLAIN to me, not to hide anything or avoid explanations! My psychiatrist Failed to Protect me the best possible way she can, advocating patients rights and protection from local media because i have a mental illness! So if You know someone who could really help me, someone who truelly cares about my illness, welfare and rights. There are plenty of psychiatrist and almost everyone can do the job, but what i need is someone who really cares about me, someone who will protect me! If she don't have anytime for this, i also want to save time and money. This is a matter of Life and death situations! don't neglect or ignore patients suicidal tendencies! I'm sorry but i can't trust someone who refuses to open up and give honest feedback about my situation. i need to see another doctor who could really protect and help me. Thank You so much and Goodbye.

  13. Hello it's me again. The problem is not my situation but the public humiliation that is endlessly going on. I'm very traumatized. I hope you could help me. If your not the right person I hope someone could help me because I'm struggling with my daily life because of the mind blowing and trauma I experienced about the media and humiliation. Thank you ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  14. I had my therapist work with me when I was changing from 1 psychiatrist to another & it really helped me. I made a video about it on my new You Tube channel and I made a video about it & welcome everyone to come watch it interested. I bid u all Peace

  15. You’re literally the best at first I thought I wanted to become a dentist but when I started getting into therapy and learning about it it just really caught my attention and just seemed so fun because I sometimes feel very down I wouldn’t say I’m depressed just I feel alone and theirs no one I can talk to so I want to help people who feel the same way I do I literally only wanted to become a dentist because I thought the had cool buildings as a kid and I didnt know what else to do but therapy is so interesting to me (also totally subbing to you you’re the best!).

  16. This is so helpful for me!! Because I’ve always wanted to be a physiologist but I never rlly knew the difference between all of the other mental health carriers. Now I do

  17. Love your videos! Very helpful and refreshing to get "help" or knowledge from a profressional that is down-to-earth and not speaking to me from their throne lol You're very enlightening and insightful. Try to watch all your videos or clips? I mean are theyre really "videos" anymore? Lol squirrel! Anyways thanks again for your posts. "Next -so-and-so…is maself!" Lol Love it ~carry on

  18. I was with you until you got to the part where psychiatrists give 15-30 minute appointments. Which planet is this on, please? In 20 years with many doctors, I have not been scheduled or given more than 5-10 minutes after the initial appointment. It's a red letter day if the doc even looks up! They ask how everything's going, you say, fine, they make a note to phone in meds and you leave. At this point, I find I prescribe my own meds and they rubber stamp it. Not worth the drive.

  19. When you update this, please add Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. We can prescribe meds, and also do therapy.

  20. This is the best explanation of our mental health professional designations and how similar we all really are, I work with a master level psychologist who cant practice therapy, she has more education than I do but didnt have a clear understanding of credentials and what they qualify people to do as professionals, this video should be standard for anyone who is looking for a career in mental health, very well done, and am now a subscriber. I am a PLMSW, practicing therapist who has not tested and works under direct supervision of an LCSW. I work directly under a psychiatrist in an inpatient behavioral health hospital, and absolutely love what we do.

  21. After about 16 years with teraphy and shrinkos, according to my experince wld not recomend it, why? Well in my situation back in 2006 it was clearly neglect and after violonce with my father the shrinko showed his face, i betreayed me ilike fuckung hell the fuck scammers, then a a new fucking stupid shrinko gave me a wrongful psycosis diagnosis after i barely open my mouth, lost my job, lost my apt, and the fuckung shrinko did not give a flying fuck about that, so i am sorry to say this but fuck you shrinkos!!!!

  22. I'm telling you, the best psychiatrists are the ones that are warm and fuzzy. Just my short interaction with them did more wonders than any antidepressant. More emphasis needs placed on caring about people. Thank you for explaining credentials because my last therapist was a LPC and I'm looking for a new therapist and to me at the time I considered LPC to be the least trained but you have said they are all pretty similar with exception of the psychiatrist. This makes me feel better.

  23. I have a question based on this video. Say I was seeing a LCSW and I was at first doing well and feeling my treatment was making progress. Then came a time where I started telling her I was being followed and that there were people watching my house. Knowing she is already seeing me for PTSD anxiety, and depression. I also tell her I can prove that I am being followed and I can prove there are care watching my house because I have a dash cam and a security system. Her response to me in therapy was what king of car do you drive? What kind of security system do you have? I have very vague answers because these questions not only disturbed me but also made me question weather or not she might be involved given that she was virtually the only person I was talking to. She too should have seen all of my signs and symptoms of BPD but I really don’t think she was interested in helping me. After a major incident involving erratic behavior and a threat of self harm due to issues going on in my life at that time. The police were called on me but never found me cause I hid from them. When I tried to discuss this with the social worker she walked me from her office into the Er and had me emoted for a psychiatric evaluation. While in the lobby I had a massive panic attack and while I was outside trying to catch my breath and it was obvious there was something wrong she sped walked away and said they will be with you in a moment. I felt like I got ditched cause she didn’t want to hear what happened and did t care what was going on with me given our appointment time still had 40 minutes left. She didn’t have any time for me. I saw her one more time asked her about her action outside the Er and her questions about my security system and my car. She said she was not in a hurry and had nothing more to say about the Er. And her questions she felt she was making conversation and I misinterpreted how a social worker would be making conversation like that in response to what I was saying. Either way I told her she fucked me over I knew it and I never saw her again. And yes she works for the VA

  24. I met a wonderful psychiatrist during my inpatient stay and he was all (really good) therapy and talk, we hardly talked about medication at all. I wonder how he did that:)

  25. Don't forget psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, which is what I am. 🙂 It requires a Master's or higher, and we both prescribe meds and do therapy.

  26. Part of this is not completely accurate, you cannot be a school counselor with a 4 year degree, not in the United States. You MUST get a masters degree in school counseling! Also, many school counseling programs require that school counseling candidates take the exact same course work as clinical mental health counseling students, including diagnosing classes, on top of their school specific course work. Clinical mental health counseling students also go on to become licensed professional counselors, you do not need to go to school for psychology to become an LPC. Also, as long as the school counselors graduate program makes them take the same courses as the clinical mental health students, the school counselor is also in line to get their LPC and therefore can provide therapy outside of the school setting. School counselors are just counselors who happen to work in schools, they are NOT less educated.
    A school counseling masters student who will be getting her LPC

  27. I am about to start my clinical psychology masters but I am not sure if this is the right path for me. I experience a lot of social anxiety and difficulty in presentations. I love this field but I don't know which are the necessary skills to actual work in this field.

  28. Hey i have a really important question and im really serious about becoming phycologist as possibly researcher. Im currently a sophomore in highschool and want to look in the mental health field. I don’t know what i would need to study as i am in Saudi Arabia. I’ve heard i would need to study 6 years as a med student and then specialize but that information came from unsure people. Do you or anyone know what I’d actually have to study based on where i live?

  29. Can you do a video about Sports Psychology/Performance Psychology? Specifically more details about the profession in general and how small or big of a niche it is, and its demand, thanks!

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  31. I have an interesting theory, one that involves just what a specialized in, focusing on the more extreme disporders, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorders, and i have done a lot of research, practical applications, alternative treatment programs, and that is exactly is just that perspective. When you have perspective, thats the key, this is how i got a greater understanding after relearning all the dosorders and also coming from a science degree background and then revisiting it all over again and basically, applying the principles to my life and seeing patterns, and then stepping out side personal bias views and seeing both sides of a relationship, it hit me, all of it, and is proven 100% everysingle time. No matter who, where, when, any unique variable doesnt matter, i basically seen a human experiment of observation while also staying nonbias at much as possible, i didnt show favor to anyonr side as to distort the predicted results. And this rational model is starting to be concersation specific, as in predicting what words are going to be said in evey conversation, its basiclly same one over and over, just diffent to each person i interact with. Depends on where they are at for understanding, comprehension, intention, focus, motivation, and what they benefit from interaction. No one really knows what addiction really is, I believe I do, and I'm doing the research and organic chemisty and math ratios in relation to what may be an imbalance. I need your help, to confirm my theories and if my alternative treatment program might work, an end to Addiction.

  32. LPC do therapy in general. Leading group therapy or individual. Adults or children. My M.A is in Counseling with a specialization in children and adolescents. During my Masters program we do some drug and alcohol training but is not the main focus. For licensing I am collecting hours now (you also need supervision which some employers work with you on, other times you have to pay someone to supervise you during your hours) The test sucks but is doable. The passing number changes with each set of test taking. For D&A counseling there are also specialized training and certificates AADC. <3

  33. So would a Licensed Master Social Worker be someone who as accruing the 3000 hours necessary to attain a CSW licensure, or is an LMSW different? I'm asking because I see an LMSW.

  34. Hey Kati! Love your videos but I just want to clear something up super quick. In order to be a school counselor, you must have a master's in school counseling. Most states also require school counselors to be certified teachers as well. Many school counselors have a bachelor's in education and a masters in school counseling.

  35. Thank you so much for this! I've recently changed my career path from wanting to be a teacher to wanting to be a clinical psychologist & this video really helped break down what each profession does & how long they have to go to college for!

  36. Hello Katti! I’m 20 yrs old I have a 1 yr old and I don’t even have a high school diploma. I am very interested in this career, can you talk about the pay ?? Thank you!!

  37. I have a therapist i see weekly, recently saw a psychiatrist but she only wants to see me if i start drugs which sucks cus she seemed genuine. And both tried to convince me to find a general practitioner which prob wont happen. So unfortunately i cant have the perfect trifecta of all 3 😣

  38. I had MFT counselor and when found out his certified technician was having intimacy with now ex, it was shocking and a betrayal. I still want justice but think the licensing and certification boards are rigged as they don't care.

  39. What about a psychologist with just a masters degree? Where do they fall in this list? I've been seeing a psychologist with a masters that's not very nice at times even though she tries. I'm autistic and have adhd. I asked her if she was trained to deal with that and I got no answer. I can't find any good therapist in my area that are trained to help my problems. I just keep getting answers from therapist that say go take a nice walk and my problems will get better, or if you get right with God everything will be okay.

  40. I want to work with people with mental illnesses and psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists. things like that but IDK what field I'm in, and what I need to study.

  41. Where do psychiatric nurse practitioners fit in here? I’ve done some brief research about them, and they seem to be combinations of psychiatrist (they can prescribe meds) LCSW, and LPC.

  42. I’m a psych major, in my third year as an undergrad and I have no idea what any of the fields are in psychology. This video helped me tremendously.

  43. i’ve known for the longest time that i wanted to work in the mental health field (mainly a psychologist) and all though videos like these are helpful, i’m starting to feel like i’d be way too in over my head :’)

  44. I've heard that about psychiatrists here in Australia too but mine spends an hour with me every time and does a lot of work outside those hours too. And everyone else I know with a psychiatrist is the same. I don't know where these time-pressed psychs are but thankfully I don't know them.

  45. I start school 1/22/2020 because i feel it fits my personality and because when kati helped me something clicked and she inspired me to make this my career

  46. Honestly, I couldn't have stumbled on this video at a better time. I want to do something in psychology, but I have no idea which paths to take. Thank you, this was super informative!!

  47. Is there a way to be both a LSW and a Counselor a way to help both in the hospital setting and outside the hospital as well?

  48. in my country a psychiologist has to do 3 years B.A. and 2 years M.A. only… i guess that's why she was so fucking stupid

  49. What do you think about USA tendency in psychology to focus a lot on categorizing, describing and making diagnosis, without often understanding the actual life they have in front of them (like people who overvalue the dsm). Also do you think USA university of psychology should teach students more about a philosophy of Complexity (Bateson, Gilles Deleuze, Michel Foucault), since it is the basis to have a systemic approach to viewing the world and people as made of connections and relations and also fundamental to not reduce a knowledge field to another one, i have also seen people using chemistry for example to explain psychology subjects such as relations and meaning(this is a serious problem to me and has to do with philosophy, so it seems to me that maybe in some universities in the USA all is thought are protocols like technicians). Same for studies about epistemology and philosophy of sciences, since it seemed to me that in the USA some people use quantitative methods of research in a really good way, but dont really know what their basis, what is their limits or why for example in psychotherapy a quantitative method can be problematic etc.
    Sorry for the long comment, i am thinking to move to the USA, but i have these doubts. (:

  50. I Can't Do That. I Can Differentiate A Function Or Integrate A Differential Equation. But, I Can't Talk To People. I Can Tell You The History Of Quantum Mechanics Or Why We Would Never Travel At The Speed Of Light

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