Where does goldenseal grow?

Goldenseal needs 68 to 75 percent shade. It prefers to grow under tall hardwood trees with really loamy soil that.

Goldenseal needs 68 to 75 percent
shade. It prefers to grow under tall hardwood
trees with really loamy soil that you can plunge
your hands into… and just recently, people found out if you make a pH between six and 6.5 through
soil testing that you’ll get a higher alkaloid
content and a better finished product that’s more potent. So you go to woods that are
too acid and modify them by using limestone and get the right ph. The limestone will
be the more traditional fertilizer. Other than that,
goldenseal doesn’t benefit from fertilizers. Just has to
have rich soil. It can actually cause disease if you add
fertilizer – the reason being because it’s a slow-growing perennial herb, and you can’t rush it. It has to grow very
slowly… so if you were to add say miracle-grow for instance, it would
grow too quickly and it would be abnormal for the plant and it just wouldn’t do
well. It likes good drainage but it also likes
moisture so you want to have a place
that’s getting plenty water but it’s gotta be able to drain off. They
won’t grow in a swamp at all. It has to have good drainage.
Okay, today we’re talking about optimal situation to grow goldenseal in the
forest. One tree that you want to avoid is a holly tree because it’s a heavy
surface feeder and the root mass is going to be really thick. You don’t wanna go near that… Another
example would be red maple which is actually a very common tree in
the southeast and then you’ve got, for instance, this tree here is a
blue beech tree and most of the trees in this forest are tulip
popular which is actually ideal. Hickory is another deep-feeding tree. You
want to avoid the trees with shallow root systems. You would
have to watch the acidity around oak trees but the tulip poplar is optimal and you
want to avoid sugar maple and you want to avoid the holly tree as well. This time of year, by being November, the herbs have withered down, but you
can still see you over to my left is Christmas fern is a good indicator plant.
Christmas fern, maidenhair fern and cinnamon fern are
three ferns that are good to grow goldenseal with. Most
other ferns will cause an allopathic reaction, which means they
secrete a chemical from their root that will actually kill the goldenseal. This large poplar tree to my left is one of the
optimal trees for growing goldenseal and then behind me – with the yellow leaves is the beech tree which is
one of the other optimal trees. One of the reasons these trees are so good is that their leaves are thin and they decompose quickly and the soil builds up very quickly as
opposed to an oak forest – it’s very acidic and the oak leaves take a
really long time to decompose.

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  1. What herbs grow well in NE Oklahoma woods (south facing, heavy Pin Oak population shale soil conditions, abundant sandstone)?  Interested in not disturbing a half acre section of woods and dedicate it to Forest Farming.  Thanks in advance…..

  2. Did you say "poplar" trees? And you said sugar maple is no good right? The other person in this channel said ginseng would be good under sugar maple but not oak so I guess I can grow each one under each tree.

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