WHY Dry Fasting Is The BOMBπŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£

this is crazy this livestream my computer keeps shutting off hopefully you guys will come back in the chat this.

this is crazy this livestream my
computer keeps shutting off hopefully you guys will come back in the chat this
is the second time that my computer has shut down I don’t know what’s going on
it has to be linked to this live streaming that’s making my computer just
shut off like that I don’t know what’s going on hopefully you guys come back
into the chat I’m sorry that the computer shut off I didn’t disconnect
the chat I don’t know what’s going on with my computer or the live stream but it just stopped the internet can what is
this an Internet can totally see the my computer keeps shutting off for some
reason I don’t know what’s going on Brian this is the second time it’s done
it since I’ve been on my live streaming so I don’t want y’all to think that I’m
just disconnecting the live stream so I keep starting to back up I don’t know
what’s going on you know this is crazy man get into a conversation with people
and then the computer shuts off and I think it has something to do with the
live streaming that I’m doing on the computer cuz my computer hasn’t been
shutting off it’s nothing wrong with my computer so I don’t know what’s going on
I really don’t I hope it doesn’t go up it goes off again I’m just done for the
night I’ll just tomorrow be just another day and stuff oh you’re gonna start a
dry fast on the Saturday for how many days I’m on day three as we speak and stuff
I’m doing a five-day drive fast I’ll be breaking it on a Saturday and then on
Monday of this Monday coming up I’m gonna do a seven-day drive fast I’ve
been prepping myself for seven days so I’ve been doing the five-day you’ll get
to it you’ll get to it because like I said I spot my dry past Saturday so
you’re just fighting yours so you got support I’m gonna be doing live streams
everyday between 7:00 and 8:00 Eastern Standard Time all you need is support
everything else is just the mind thing everything else is just a mind thing you
know that’s why I’m trying to break the the mold of thinking I can only go five
days I’m gonna try to do seven days my ultimate goal is to go eight days I
don’t want to go past 18 I know people that have done ten and twelve days I’m
not trying to do all that but um that’s my ultimate goal is to get to eight days
but imma just jump to seven days on Monday I’m gonna just do a whole street
seven days yeah and you and you’ll be you’re doing it for your 40th birthday
and that’s gonna be a that’s a good gift to yourself dry fast and man it does
wonders it’s amazing dry fast earnest it really is amazing I hope everybody else
come back in the chat I wonder why do you think I cut them off I feel so bad
but they should they should know that it must be something wrong with the
computer yeah I’m gonna tell you something I don’t know if you know about
kidney filtration in the lymphatic system um I talked about that a lot on
my channel but once you get that draining your lymphatic system from the
drive fast you’re gonna feel better watching you do that five-day drive fast
you gonna feel like a new man I’m trying to tell you once you cuz lymphatic waste
cuz there’s two fluids in the body there’s blood and these lymphatic fluids
once you get your lymphatic fluids flow you’re gonna feel like a new man if you
do especially if you do five days you’re gonna feel like a new man I’m telling
you because lymphatic waste is nothing but acid toxins white dead blood cells
waste in the body that’s where everything’s dumped in the lymphatic
system and when you do a dry fast you drain you drain your lymphatic system is
more powerful than even water fasting because you’re giving yourself a
complete break from everything so that’s the best thing you could be doing for
your body right now is the dry fast and stuff I can’t do it water fast every
time I thought out what a fast I get hungry so that’s why I don’t do them I
don’t even bother to do them because I get too hungry
it’s not I don’t know if I actually this before I might sound like a broken down
record but is this your first dry fast Brian you said this was actually how I
found your channel sometimes I get some but not much you sometimes you get
filtration kidney filtration let me tell you something um let me tell you
something the way you you you you get the true amount of kidney filtration in
the urine is you need to take a jar go in it and then put it in the
refrigerator for a couple of hours and all of the sediment will fall to the
bottom sometimes you can’t see it with the naked eye what’s in the urine so
that you might have more filtration than you think you do yes you gotta use drink cucumbers put
cucumbers in all your juices and then you won’t have to worry about the the
hair loss and stuff every time you get off the drive fast make sure that you’re
adding the cucumbers to all your juices you know what I’m saying because I’m
cucumbers are the best thing that you can drink for here okay so but Brian you
said you’ve only done 38 hours I mean three days so you’re gonna do five this
time though hopefully you’re gonna do five I believe you can do five you just
got to push yourself you gotta believe in yourself and anything’s possible I
can remember when I could only do like 38 hours now I do five day drive fast
the cake walks I don’t even I don’t even get weak anymore it’s just it’s just a
regular five day drive fast I don’t get that weekend oh I can’t move
somebody asked me my girl Julie Juicin she asked me um do I take showers I do
soft dry fast I do soft dry fast when I’m still brushing my
teeth and I’m still taking a shower I’m not gonna stop doing that I have to take
showers and I still wash my dishes and if I have to clean my house and put my
hands in water I’m gonna do that too cuz I got OCD I’ll play that dirty stuff
thank you oh you said I’m a lifesaver thank you well what I would do is go to
the supermarket and get cucumbers get like seven for the week and every time
you make a drink don’t just drink cucumber juice cuz you’re not gonna
enjoy it just cucumber juice you know add it in a whole cucumber with um your

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