Zwack Unicum Hungarian Herbal Liquor Review

Unicum again because I’m not properly prepaired Unicum is a Hungarian herbal herbal herbal verbal liqueur it’s an english word.

Unicum again because I’m not properly prepaired
Unicum is a Hungarian herbal herbal herbal verbal liqueur it’s an english word yeah oh this is in english it is an herbal liquor or bitters drunk as a digestive imperative to was
that shirt the signals are threats were a digestive it’s what you drink after the meal yes it pretty much this is something to help
soothe your stomach there was an interesting history with a comb it’s so cool is regarded as one of the
National drinks and hungry what history do you want to come is regarded as one
of the National drinks of hungry it’s made by the black family and an
interesting thing is that during communism yano shellac who is the guy who have the
recipe for unicode young Jewish yeah he was that exile in new york city
looked in New York and entrusted the recipe with somebody and then after i’m
very with no longer a communist be moved back and they started making money going
the way they always had before right after you happen to have a party
goes below is a friend of a car Pacey and finally this was the drink of choice Azul Azul drinking home you sure you
read my notes should we try this if you want to open
this on let’s all do the honors there was an official hearing drink that
is true i will say i love the little plus sign like it is it’s made for
health looks like a little tiny reading like I
feel like I should grab it and throw it right let’s get ready yeah we did we did free this you said it was
recommended to have this in the freezer don’t you remember the first time you
had anything because it becomes made from the herbals it’s pretty close to like use of the
medicine drugs so I when I was probably at fever when I was 8 or something my
mom just stepped in my room with like this bottle you can it there’s alcohol in like officer and then
something going here in this country we’re taking conference and in melting
down might be healthier than methamphetamines yourself way it smells
exactly like Jager yeah both lot of a different place both
bottles are green so if you actually look at the dulce so who came up for a city you’re you
knuckle so we’re going to go back to 1790 according to the bottom it says it right
here on the bottom when was jagermeister invented let’s see ok I saw us on the web that’s low if I ask you a question it’s all right that’s Patrick I found a
library you can go to play sightseers a bitch all right i’m carrying more your chosen
because this is better anyways do it hey chants damage egg big student steak
salad haha shake it shake it shake it shake it
is that the picture now that spicy that’s very good stream league ride the
end but there’s a lot more flavors in it yeah holy crap Yeager is like black
licorice fisting you this is actually welcoming that make
century is very difficult to digest welcome and we have this isn’t that just
can’t happen I don’t know what the herbs are you know
any of their jobs that are in this chair staring at me from 40 different kinds of
herbs first time I had to go what it tastes like to meet somebody
took a bottle of vodka and a house plant and I pour the vodka into the top of the
house plan you and then they let the body to drain out the bottom and then
that’s what I was drinking so is this regular maximum strength
building boom this is a regular and the maximum nice all on board that’s it ok ready 1 2 3 please don’t do that what is it it means hot and it is not a
friendly thing to say to someone thought like good so but it is one of my favorite phrases
who get a lot of horses and hungry they do anyways they freedom thank you for
coming and trying to get salt hold jobs jobs so close i don’t know why i can’t
get right of escalation I that’s probably true anyways thank you
so much for bringing these delicious spirits on it was absolutely fantastic
to try this out guys thanks for watching we’ll catch you soon enough

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